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23-05-2016 What is the effect on obesity indicators from replacing prolonged sedentary time with brief sedentary bouts, standing and different types of physical activity during working days? A cross-sectional ac
23-05-2016 Validity and reliability of elastic resistance bands for measuring shoulder muscle strength [Epub ahead of print]
03-05-2016 Occupational and leisure-time physical activity and workload among construction workers - a randomized control study [Epub ahead of print]
03-05-2016 Take a stand!-a multi-component intervention aimed at reducing sitting time among office workers-a cluster randomized trial [Epub ahead of print]
02-05-2016 Self-reported occupational physical activity and cardiorespiratory fitness: Importance for cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality [Epub ahead of print]
26-04-2016 Prediction of objectively measured physical activity and sedentariness among blue-collar work using survey questionnaires [Epub ahead of print]
26-04-2016 Manual therapy for tension-type headache related to quality of work life and work presenteeism: Secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trial
19-04-2016 Positive effects of 1-year football and strength training on mechanical muscle function and functional capacity in elderly men [Epub ahead of print]
19-04-2016 Familial risk of chronic musculoskeletal pain and the importance of physical activity and Body Mass Index: Prospective data from the HUNT study, Norway
15-03-2016 Association of objectively measured occupational walking and standing still with low back pain: a cross-sectional study [Epub ahead of print]
08-03-2016 A comparison of hamstring muscle activity during different screening tests for non-contact ACL injury [Epub ahead of print]
08-03-2016 Temporal patterns of sitting at work are associated with neck-shoulder pain in blue-collar workers: a cross-sectional analysis of accelerometer data in the DPHACTO study [Epub ahead of print]
04-03-2016 The effect on work ability of a tailored ergonomic learning program
29-02-2016 Are hypertensive women at additional risk of ischaemic heart disease from physically demanding work? [Epub ahead of print]
25-02-2016 Are temporal patterns of sitting associated with obesity among blue-collar workers? A cross sectional study using accelerometers
09-02-2016 Effects on muscle strength, maximal jump height, flexibility and postural sway after soccer and Zumba exercise among female hospital employees: a 9-month randomised controlled trial [Epub ahead of pri
04-02-2016 Social support modifies association between forward bending of the trunk and low-back pain: Cross-sectional field study of blue-collar workers
01-02-2016 High-intensity preoperative training improves physical and functional recovery in the early post-operative periods after total knee arthroplasty: a randomized controlled trial [Epub ahead of print]
01-02-2016 School education, physical performance in late midlife and allostatic load: a retrospective cohort study [Epub ahead of print]
15-01-2016 Physical workload and risk of long-term sickness absence in the general working population and among blue-collar workers: prospective cohort study with register follow-up


31-12-2015 Importance of mind-muscle connection during progressive resistance training
31-12-2015 The consequence of combined pain and stress on work ability in female laboratory technicians: A cross-sectional study
31-12-2015 Patterns of forearm muscle activity and task parameters change during a repetitive sub-maximum forceful wrist flexion task
31-12-2015 Cortisol, health, and coping in patients with nonspecific low back pain
31-12-2015 Mind the gap: The effect of keyboard key gap and pitch on typing speed, accuracy, and usability, Part 3
11-12-2015 Core muscle activity during the clean and jerk lift with barbell versus sandbags and water bags
07-12-2015 Football training in men with prostate cancer undergoing androgen deprivation therapy: activity profile and short-term skeletal and postural balance adaptations
03-12-2015 Associations between wage system and risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders among construction workers
03-12-2015 Prolonged sitting is associated with attenuated heart rate variability during sleep in blue-collar workers
01-12-2015 Physical exercise at the workplace prevents deterioration of work ability among healthcare workers: cluster randomized controlled trial
26-11-2015 Effects of slackline training on postural control, jump performance and myoelectrical activity in female basketball players
23-11-2015 Efficacy of recreational football on bone health, body composition, and physical functioning in men with prostate cancer undergoing androgen deprivation therapy: 32-week follow-up of the FC prostate r
23-11-2015 Effect of workplace- versus home-based physical exercise on muscle response to sudden trunk perturbation among healthcare workers: A cluster randomized controlled trial
20-11-2015 Electromyographic comparison of elastic resistance versus machine exercise for high-intensity strength training in chronic stroke patients
16-11-2015 Heavy lifting at work and risk of retinal detachment: A population-based register study in Denmark
09-11-2015 Large strengthening effect of a hip-flexor training programme: a randomized controlled trial [Epub ahead of print]
09-11-2015 Does physical exposure throughout working life influence chair-rise performance in midlife? A retrospective cohort study of associations between work and physical function in Denmark
09-11-2015 Sleep problems and computer use during work and leisure: Cross-sectional study among 7800 adults
05-11-2015 Ischaemic heart disease among workers in occupations associated with heavy lifting
23-10-2015 Reliability of mechanical trunk responses during known and unknown trunk perturbations
23-10-2015 Core muscle activity, exercise preference, and perceived exertion during core exercise with elastic resistance versus machine
20-10-2015 Participatory intervention with objectively measured physical risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders in the construction industry: study protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trial
20-10-2015 Central sensitization and perceived indoor climate among workers with chronic upper-limb pain: Cross-sectional study
08-10-2015 Differences between work and leisure in temporal patterns of objectively measured physical activity among blue-collar workers
08-10-2015 Effect of individually tailored biopsychosocial workplace interventions on chronic musculoskeletal pain and stress among laboratory technicians: Randomized controlled trial
29-09-2015 Organizing workplace health literacy to reduce musculoskeletal pain and consequences
28-09-2015 Effects of evidence-based prevention training on neuromuscular and biomechanical risk factors for ACL injury in adolescent female athletes: a randomised controlled trial [Epub ahead of print]
22-09-2015 Is aerobic workload positively related to ambulatory blood pressure? A cross-sectional field study among cleaners
14-09-2015 Shift work and serum 25-OH vitamin D status among factory workers in Northern Italy: Cross-sectional study
07-09-2015 Strength training to contraction failure increases voluntary activation of the quadriceps muscle shortly after total knee arthroplasty: A cross-sectional study
27-08-2015 Dose-response association between leisure time physical activity and work ability: Cross-sectional study among 3000 workers
20-08-2015 Self-reported previous knee injury and low knee function increase knee injury risk in adolescent female football [Epub ahead of print]
14-08-2015 Physical exercise at the workplace reduces perceived physical exertion during healthcare work: cluster randomized controlled trial
13-08-2015 Effect of physical exercise on workplace social capital: Cluster randomized controlled trial
07-07-2015 Properties of the Tampa Scale for Kinesiophobia across workers with different pain experiences and cultural backgrounds: A rasch analysis
07-07-2015 Aerobic exercise reduces biomarkers related to cardiovascular risk among cleaners: effects of a worksite intervention RCT
08-06-2015 Temporal changes in occupational sitting time in the Danish workforce and associations with all-cause mortality: results from the Danish work environment cohort study
26-05-2015 A multifaceted workplace intervention for low back pain in nurses' aides: a pragmatic stepped wedge cluster randomised controlled trial
21-04-2015 Does training frequency and supervision affect compliance, performance and muscular health? A cluster randomized controlled trial
21-04-2015 Muscle activity during unilateral versus bilateral battle rope exercises
13-04-2015 Is objectively measured sitting time associated with low back pain? A cross-sectional investigation in the NOMAD study
13-04-2015 Neck and shoulder muscle strength in patients with tension-type headache: A case-control study
10-04-2015 Validation of five minimally obstructive methods to estimate physical activity energy expenditure in young adults in semi-standardized settings
10-04-2015 The relation of ambulatory heart rate with all-cause mortality among middle-aged men: A prospective cohort study
09-04-2015 Neuronal nitric oxide synthase is dislocated in type I fibers of myalgic muscle but can recover with physical exercise training
17-03-2015 Physical capacity and risk for long-term sickness absence: A prospective cohort study among 8664 female health care workers
23-02-2015 Health-related fitness profiles in adolescents with complex congenital heart disease
23-02-2015 Association between objectively measured sitting time and neck-shoulder pain among blue-collar workers
06-02-2015 Self-reported cardiorespiratory fitness: prediction and classification of risk of cardiovascular disease mortality and longevity-a prospective investigation in the copenhagen city heart study
02-02-2015 Sedentary work-associations between five-year changes in occupational sitting time and body mass index
02-02-2015 Validity of the Acti4 method for detection of physical activity types in free-living settings: comparison with video analysis
20-01-2015 Associations of subjective vitality with DNA damage, cardiovascular risk factors and physical performance


31-12-2014 Does aerobic exercise improve or impair cardiorespiratory fitness and health among cleaners? A cluster randomized controlled trial
31-12-2014 Does workplace health promotion reach shift workers?
31-12-2014 Prevalence of work-related musculoskeletal symptoms of the neck and upper extremity among dentists in China
31-12-2014 Effect of individually tailored biopsychosocial workplace interventions on chronic musculoskeletal pain, stress and work ability among laboratory technicians: randomized controlled trial protocol
31-12-2014 Multisite musculoskeletal pain predicts medically certified disability retirement among Finns
31-12-2014 Postural control and shoulder steadiness in F-16 pilots: a randomized controlled study
31-12-2014 Process evaluation of workplace interventions with physical exercise to reduce musculoskeletal disorders
31-12-2014 Algogenic substances and metabolic status in work-related Trapezius Myalgia: a multivariate explorative study
19-12-2014 Effects of the workplace health promotion activities soccer and zumba on muscle pain, work ability and perceived physical exertion among female hospital employees
15-12-2014 Are forward bending of the trunk and low back pain associated among Danish blue-collar workers? A cross-sectional field study based on objective measures
13-11-2014 Musculoskeletal health and work ability in physically demanding occupations: study protocol for a prospective field study on construction and health care workers
13-11-2014 When intervention meets organisation, a qualitative study of motivation and barriers to physical exercise at the workplace
30-10-2014 High occupational physical activity and risk of ischaemic heart disease in women: The interplay with physical activity during leisure time
28-10-2014 Acute effect of topical menthol on chronic pain in slaughterhouse workers with carpal tunnel syndrome: triple-blind, randomized placebo-controlled trial
06-10-2014 Exercise and ankle sprain injuries: a comprehensive review
30-09-2014 Lasting effects of workplace strength training for neck/shoulder/arm pain among laboratory technicians: natural experiment with 3-year follow-up
30-09-2014 Effect of strength training in addition to general exercise in patients on sick leave due to non-specific neck pain. A randomized clinical trial
11-09-2014 Soccer and zumba as health-promoting activities among female hospital employees: a 40-weeks cluster randomised intervention study
09-09-2014 Muscle activation during push-ups with different suspension training systems
05-09-2014 Heavy lifting at work and risk of ischemic heart disease: protocol for a register-based prospective cohort study
05-09-2014 Exercise performance and cardiovascular health variables in 70-year-old male soccer players compared to endurance-trained, strength-trained and untrained age-matched men
28-08-2014 Evaluation of elastic bands for lower extremity resistance training in adults with and without musculo-skeletal pain
25-08-2014 Association of physical workload and leisure time physical activity with incident mobility limitations: a follow-up study
25-08-2014 Effect of football or strength training on functional ability and physical performance in untrained old men
18-08-2014 Bench press and push-up at comparable levels of muscle activity results in similar strength gains
12-08-2014 Hours lying down per day and mortality from all-causes and cardiovascular disease: the HUNT Study, Norway
07-08-2014 Does rare use of assistive devices during patient handling increase the risk of low back pain? A prospective cohort study among female healthcare workers
07-08-2014 High injury incidence in adolescent female soccer
13-06-2014 Adoption of workplaces and reach of employees for a multi-faceted intervention targeting low back pain among nurses' aides
03-06-2014 The effects of high-intensity versus low-intensity resistance training on leg extensor power and recovery of knee function after ACL-econstruction
03-06-2014 The interactions between pain, pain-related fear of movement and productivity
03-06-2014 Face validity of the single work ability item: comparison with objectively measured heart rate reserve over several days
22-05-2014 Association between neck/shoulder pain and trapezius muscle tenderness in office workers
22-05-2014 Effect of video-based versus personalized instruction on errors during elastic tubing exercises for musculoskeletal pain: a randomized controlled trial
22-05-2014 Effect of workplace- versus home-based physical exercise on pain in healthcare workers: study protocol for a single blinded cluster randomized controlled trial
22-04-2014 Reliability of a simple physical therapist screening tool to assess errors during resistance exercises for musculoskeletal pain
14-04-2014 Time-wise change in neck pain in response to rehabilitation with specific resistance training: implications for exercise prescription
10-04-2014 High-intensity strength training improves function of chronically painful muscles: case-control and RCT studies
08-04-2014 Effect of two contrasting interventions on upper limb chronic pain and disability: a randomized controlled trial
04-04-2014 Lumbar motion changes in chronic low back pain patients
01-04-2014 Specific and cross over effects of massage for muscle soreness: randomized controlled trial
01-04-2014 Roller massager improves range of motion of plantar flexor muscles without subsequent decreases in force parameters
27-03-2014 Demand-specific work ability, poor health and working conditions in middle-aged full-time employees
27-03-2014 Effect of training supervision on effectiveness of strength training for reducing neck/shoulder pain and headache in office workers: cluster randomized controlled trial
04-03-2014 Social class differences in physical functions in middle-aged men and women
03-03-2014 Workplace strength training prevents deterioration of work ability among workers with chronic pain and work disability: a randomized controlled trial
18-02-2014 High intensity physical exercise and pain in the neck and upper limb among slaughterhouse workers: Cross-sectional study
20-01-2014 Effectiveness of hamstring knee rehabilitation exercise performed in training machine vs. elastic resistance: Electromyography evaluation study
10-01-2014 Validity of the Acti4 software using ActiGraph GT3X+accelerometer for recording of arm and upper body inclination in simulated work tasks


31-12-2013 Help preferences among employees who wish to change health behaviors
31-12-2013 Reduced neck-shoulder muscle strength and aerobic power together with increased pericranial tenderness are associated with tension-type headache in girls: a case-control study
31-12-2013 Effects of recreational soccer in men with prostate cancer undergoing androgen deprivation therapy: study protocol for the 'FC Prostate' randomized controlled trial
31-12-2013 The combined relationship of occupational and leisure-time physical activity with all-cause mortality among men, accounting for physical fitness
31-12-2013 Effect of brief daily resistance training on occupational neck/shoulder muscle activity in office workers with chronic pain: randomized controlled trial
31-12-2013 Reliability and measurement error of sagittal spinal motion parameters in 220 chronic low back pain patients using a 3D measurement device
19-12-2013 Is Borg's perceived exertion scale a useful indicator of muscular and cardiovascular load in blue-collar workers with lifting tasks? A cross-sectional workplace study
19-12-2013 Perceived loading and muscle activity during hip strengthening exercises: comparison of elastic resistance and machine exercises
10-12-2013 Prevention of low back pain and its consequences among nurses' aides in elderly care: a stepped-wedge multi-faceted cluster-randomized controlled trial
26-11-2013 Comparison of objectively measured and self-reported time spent sitting
19-11-2013 Habituating pain: questioning pain and physical strain as inextricable conditions in the construction industry
12-11-2013 Selective activation of intra-muscular compartments within the trapezius muscle in subjects with Subacromial Impingement Syndrome. A case-control study
12-11-2013 Effects on presenteeism and absenteeism from a 1-year workplace randomized controlled trial among health care workers
11-11-2013 EMG evaluation of hip adduction exercises for soccer players: implications for exercise selection in prevention and treatment of groin injuries
11-11-2013 Do soccer and Zumba exercise improve fitness and indicators of health among female hospital employees? A 12-week RCT
11-11-2013 Should physical activity recommendation depend on state of low back pain?
05-11-2013 Implementation of specific strength training among industrial laboratory technicians: long-term effects on back, neck and upper extremity pain
11-10-2013 Neuromuscular control of scapula muscles during a voluntary task in subjects with Subacromial Impingement Syndrome. A case-control study
04-10-2013 Test-retest repeatability of strength capacity, aerobic power and pericranial tenderness of neck and shoulder muscles in children - relevant for tension-type headache
01-10-2013 Patient transfers and assistive devices: prospective cohort study on the risk for occupational back injury among healthcare workers
01-10-2013 Detection of physical activity types using triaxial accelerometers
27-09-2013 Relationships between field performance tests in high-level soccer players
27-09-2013 Chronic neck pain: risk factors, consequences and solutions
13-09-2013 Physical exercise, body mass index and risk of chronic arm pain: longitudinal data on an adult population in Norway
20-08-2013 Effect of scapular function training on chronic pain in the neck/shoulder region: a randomized controlled trial
20-08-2013 Do self-reported psychosocial working conditions predict low back pain after adjustment for both physical work load and depressive symptoms? A prospective study among female eldercare workers
16-08-2013 Effect of brief daily resistance training on rapid force development in painful neck and shoulder muscles: randomized controlled trial
08-08-2013 Physical activities at work and risk of musculoskeletal pain and its consequences: protocol for a study with objective field measures among blue-collar workers
08-08-2013 Does workplace health promotion in Denmark reach relevant target groups?
05-08-2013 Cardiovascular health effects of internet-based encouragements to do daily workplace stair-walks: randomized controlled trial
21-06-2013 Does a history of physical exposures at work affect hand-grip strength in midlife? A retrospective cohort study in Denmark
18-06-2013 Performance effects of 6 weeks of anaerobic production training in junior elite soccer players
18-06-2013 Acute effects of massage or active exercise in relieving muscle soreness: randomized controlled trial
07-06-2013 A 24-h assessment of physical activity and cardio-respiratory fitness among female hospital cleaners: a pilot study
30-05-2013 Assessing the effect of self-positioning on cognitive executive function
27-05-2013 Increased neck muscle activity and impaired balance among females with whiplash-related chronic neck pain: a cross-sectional study
13-05-2013 The association between leisure time physical activity and coronary heart disease among men with different physical work demands: a prospective cohort study
30-04-2013 Independent effect of physical workload and childhood socioeconomic status on low back pain among health care workers in Denmark
18-04-2013 Participatory ergonomic intervention versus strength training on chronic pain and work disability in slaughterhouse workers: study protocol for a single-blind, randomized controlled trial
12-04-2013 Early coordinated multidisciplinary intervention to prevent sickness absence and labour market exclusion in patients with low back pain: study protocol of a randomized controlled trial
09-04-2013 Dose-response of strengthening exercise for treatment of severe neck pain in women
09-04-2013 Physical fitness as a predictor of herniated lumbar disc disease - A 33-year follow-up in the Copenhagen male study
01-03-2013 Imaging two-dimensional mechanical waves of skeletal muscle contraction
01-03-2013 Effect of specific resistance training on musculoskeletal pain symptoms: dose-response relationship
05-02-2013 Does the benefit on survival from leisure time physical activity depend on physical activity at work? A prospective cohort study
22-01-2013 Kettlebell swing targets semitendinosus and supine leg curl targets biceps femoris: An EMG study with rehabilitation implications
22-01-2013 Eccentric strengthening effect of hip-adductor training with elastic bands in soccer players: A randomised controlled trial
22-01-2013 Percieved physical exertion during healthcare work and prognosis for recovery from long-term pain in different body regions: Prospective cohort study
21-01-2013 Occupational heavy lifting and risk of ischemic heart disease and all-cause mortality
21-01-2013 Occupational and leisure time physical activity in contrasting relation to ambulatory blood pressure
21-01-2013 Occupational physical activity, metabolic syndrome and risk of death from all causes and cardiovascular disease in the HUNT 2 cohort study
21-01-2013 Muscle activity during knee-extension strengthening exercise performed with elastic tubing and isotonic resistance
21-01-2013 Does work-site physical activity improve self-reported psychosocial workplace factors and job satisfaction? A randomized controlled intervention study
18-01-2013 Muscle activity during leg strengthening exercise using free weights and elastic resistance: Effects of ballistic vs controlled contractions


31-12-2012 Does an exercise intervention improving aerobic capacity among construction workers also improve musculoskeletal pain, work ability, productivity, perceived physical exertion, and sick leave? A random
31-12-2012 Cardiorespiratory fitness, cardiovascular workload and risk factors among cleaners; a cluster randomized worksite intervention
31-12-2012 Lifetime occupational physical activity and musculoskeletal aging in middle-aged men and women in Denmark: retrospective cohort study protocol and methods
16-11-2012 Yo-yo IR2 testing of elite and sub-elite soccer players: Performance, heart rate response and correlations to other interval tests
13-11-2012 Central adaptation of pain perception in response to rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pain: Randomized controlled trial
09-11-2012 Patient handling and risk for developing persistent low-back pain among female healthcare workers
09-10-2012 Level of self-reported neck/shoulder pain and biomechanical workload in cleaners
02-10-2012 Swiss ball abdominal crunch with added elastic resistance is an effective alternative to training machines
28-09-2012 Perceived physical exertion during healthcare work and risk of chronic pain in different body regions: Prospective cohort study
27-09-2012 Effects of kettlebell training on postural coordination and jump performance: A randomized controlled trial
03-09-2012 Effect of body mass index and physical exercise on risk of knee and hip osteoarthritis: longitudinal data from the Norwegian HUNT study
03-09-2012 The greatest risk for low-back pain among newly educated female health care workers; body weight or physical work load?
03-09-2012 Threshold of musculoskeletal pain intensity for increased risk of long-term sickness absence among female healthcare workers in eldercare
28-08-2012 Influence of frequency and duration of strength training for effective management of neck and shoulder pain: A randomised controlled trial
28-08-2012 Does self-assessed physical capacity predict development of low back pain among health care workers? A 2 year follow-up study
17-08-2012 Weight loss among female health care workers - a 1-year workplace based randomized controlled trial in the FINALE-health study
28-06-2012 Dose-response relation between perceived physical exertion during healthcare work and risk of long-term sickness absence
19-06-2012 Does occupational lifting and carrying among female health care workers contribute to an escalation of pain-day frequency?
11-06-2012 Following ergonomics guidelines decreases physical and cardiovascular workload during cleaning tasks
11-06-2012 Design and rationale for the PREVAIL study: Effect of e-Health individually tailored encouragements to physical exercise on aerobic fitness among adolescents with congenital heart disease - a randomiz
11-06-2012 Risk for low back pain from different frequencies, load mass and trunk postures of lifting and carrying among female healthcare workers
11-06-2012 Influence of self-efficacy on compliance to workplace exercise
14-05-2012 Spreadning of chronic pain between body regions: Prospective cohort study among health care workers
01-05-2012 Implementation of physical coordination training and cognitive behavioral training interventions at cleaning workplaces - secondary analyses of a randomised controlled trial
12-04-2012 The relationship between low back pain and leisure time physical activity in a working population of cleaners - a study with weekly follow-ups for 1 year
29-03-2012 The effect of strength training, recreational soccer and running exercise on stretch-shortening cycle muscle performance during countermovement jumping
22-03-2012 Increasing work-time influence: Consequences for flexibility, variability, regularity and predictability
24-02-2012 Effect of specific resistance training on forearm pain and work disability in industrial technicians: Cluster randomised controlled trial
23-02-2012 Occupational and leisure time physical activity: Risk of all-cause mortality and myocardial infarction in the Copenhagen City Heart Study. A prospective cohort study
19-01-2012 Risk factors for ischaemic heart disease mortality among men with different occupational physical demands. A 30-year prospective cohort study
19-01-2012 Strength training increases the size of the satellite cell pool in type I and II fibres of chronically painful trapezius muscle in females
19-01-2012 Changed activation, oxygenation, and pain response of chronically painful muscles to repetitive work after training interventions: A randomized controlled trial
19-01-2012 Muscle activation strategies during strength training with heavy loading versus repetitions to failure
19-01-2012 Scapular muscle activity from selected strengthening exercises performed at low and high intensity
19-01-2012 Evaluation of muscle activity during a strandardized resistance training bout in novice individuals


20-12-2011 Perceived psychological pressure at work, social class, and risk of stroke. A 30-year follow-up in Copenhagen male study
24-11-2011 The impact of work-related psychosocial stressors on the onset of musculoskeletal disorders in specific body regions: A review and meta-analysis of 54 longitudinal studies
22-11-2011 Effects on musculoskeletal pain, work ability and sickness absence in a 1-year randomised controlled trial among cleaners
17-11-2011 Effect of individualized worksite exercise training on aerobic capacity and muscle strength among construction workers - a randomized controlled intervention study
15-11-2011 Does muscle strength predict future musculoskeletal disorders and sickness absence?
15-11-2011 A prospective cohort study on musculoskeletal risk factors for long-term sickness absence among healthcare workers in eldercare
27-10-2011 Implementation of neck/shoulder exercises for pain relief among industrial workers: A randomized controlled trial
13-10-2011 A randomized controlled trial among cleaners - Effects on strength, balance and kinesiophobia
22-09-2011 Physical work demands and physical fitness in low social classes - 30-year ischemic heart disease and all-cause mortality in The Copenhagen Male Study
16-09-2011 Effects of intensive physical rehabilitation on neuromuscular adaptations in adults with poststroke hemiparesis
16-09-2011 Neck pain and postural balance among workers with high postural demands - a cross-sectional study
15-09-2011 Prevalence and anatomical location of muscle tenderness in adults with nonspecific neck/shoulder pain
02-09-2011 Diet, physical exercise and cognitive behavioral training as a combined workplace based intervention to reduce body weight and increase physical capacity in health care workers. A randomized controlle
23-08-2011 Participation of Danish and immigrant cleaners in a 1-year worksite intervention preventing physical deterioration
12-08-2011 Pressure pain sensitivity maps, self-reported musculoskeletal disorders and sickness absence among cleaners
07-07-2011 Physical fitness and perceived psychological pressure at work. 30-year ischemic heart disease and all-cause mortality in The Copenhagen Male Study
27-06-2011 Physical exercise, body mass index, and risk of chronic pain in the low back and neck/shoulders: longitudinal data from the Nord-Trøndelag health study
27-06-2011 Occupational physical activity and mortality among Danish workers
24-06-2011 Protocol for shoulder function training reducing musculoskeletal pain in shoulder and neck a randomized controlled trial
07-06-2011 Effect of brief daily exercise on headache among adults - secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trial
10-05-2011 The health paradox of occupational and leisure-time physical activity
01-04-2011 Changes in the spatio-temporal organization of the trapezius muscle activity in response to eccentric concentrations
07-03-2011 The relation between neuromuscular control and pain intensity in fibromyalgia
01-02-2011 Influence of psychosocial work environment on adherence to workplace exercise
16-01-2011 Acute fatigue impairs neuromuscular activity of anterior cruciate ligament-agonist muscles in female team handball players
16-01-2011 The effect of delayed onset of muscle soreness on habitual trapezius activity
16-01-2011 Distribution of myogenic progenitor cells and myonuclei is altered in women with vs. those without chronically painful trapezius muscle
16-01-2011 Health disparities between immigrant and Danish cleaners
10-01-2011 The effect of recreational soccer training and running on postural balance in untrained men
06-01-2011 Effectiveness of small daily amounts of progressive resistance training for frequent neck/shoulder pain: Randomised controlled trial


13-12-2010 Kettlebell training for musculoskeletal and cardiovascular health: a randomized controlled trial
02-11-2010 Functional recovery following musculoskeletal injury in hospital workers
07-10-2010 Physical work demands, hypertension status, and risk of ischemic heart disease and all-cause mortality in the Copenhagen Male Study
01-10-2010 Protocol for work place adjusted intelligent physical exercise reducing musculoskeletal pain in shoulder and neck (VIMS): a cluster randomized controlled trial
30-09-2010 Occupational musculoskeletal and mental health: Significance of rationalization and opportunities to create sustainable production systems - A systematic review
17-09-2010 Active biofeedback changes the spatial distribution of upper trapezius muscle activity during computer work
16-09-2010 Advanced biofeedback from surface electromyography signals using fuzzy system
06-09-2010 Long work hours and physical fitness: 30-year risk of ischaemic heart disease and all-cause mortality among middle-aged Caucasian men
31-08-2010 Are low back pain and low physical capacity risk indicators for dropout among recently qualified eldercare workers? A follow-up study
17-08-2010 Muscle activity during functional coordination training: Implications for strength gain and rehabilitation
17-08-2010 Successful reach and adoption of a workplace health promotion RCT targeting a group of high-risk workers
15-06-2010 Effect of physical training on pain sensitivity and trapezius muscle morphology
14-06-2010 The impact of self-reported exposure to whole-body-vibrations on the risk of disability pension among men: a 15 year prospective study.
10-06-2010 Effect of cycling on oxygenation of relaxed neck/shoulder muscles in women with and without chronic pain
19-04-2010 Fitness, work and leisure-time physical activity and ischaemic heart disease and all-cause mortality among men with pre-existing cardiovascular disease
19-04-2010 Physical demands at work, physical fitness, and 30-year ischaemic heart disease and all-cause mortality in the Copenhagen Male Study
08-04-2010 Effect of intensive outpatient physical training on gait performance and cardiovascular health in people with hemiparesis after stroke
12-03-2010 Altered neuromuscular control mechanisms of the trapezius muscle in fibromyalgia
12-03-2010 Worksite interventions for preventing physical deterioration among employees in job-groups with high physical work demands: Background, design and conceptual model of FINALE
02-03-2010 Muscle activation and perceived loading during rehabilitation exercises: Comparison of dumbbells and elastic resistance
19-01-2010 Do fear-avoidance beliefs play a role on the association between low back pain and sickness absence? A prospective cohort study among female health care workers
18-01-2010 Systematic evaluation of observational methods assessing biomechanical exposures at work
18-01-2010 Recreational soccer can improve the reflex response to sudden trunk loading among untrained women
18-01-2010 Myostatin expression during human muscle hypertrophy and subsequent atrophy: increased myostatin with detraining
05-01-2010 Short-term effects of implemented high intensity shoulder elevation during computer work


22-12-2009 Effects of load and contraction velocity during three-week biceps curls training on isometric and isokinetic performance
15-12-2009 Muscle oxygenation and glycolysis in females with trapezius myalgia during stress and repetitive work using microdialysis and NIRS
10-12-2009 Prognostic factors for long-term sickness absence among employees with neck-shoulder and low-back pain
08-12-2009 Effect of contrasting physical exercise interventions on rapid force capacity of chronically painful muscles
03-12-2009 Local NSAID infusion inhibits satellite cell proliferation in human skeletal muscle after eccentric exercise
23-11-2009 The impact of ergonomic work environment exposures on the risk of disability pension. Prospective results from DWECS/DREAM.
10-11-2009 Changes in physical performance among construction workers during extended workweeks with 12-hour workdays
03-11-2009 Psychological well-being as a predictor of dropout among recently qualified Danish eldercare workers
30-10-2009 Early and late rate of force development: differential adaptive responses to resistance training?
09-10-2009 Effect of physical exercise interventions on musculoskeletal pain in all body regions among office workers: A one-year randomized controlled trial
02-10-2009 Identification of athletes at future risk of anterior cruciate ligament ruptures by neuromuscular screening
28-09-2009 The predictive effect of fear-avoidance beliefs on low back pain among newly qualified health care workers with and without previous low back pain: a prospective cohort study
01-09-2009 Perceptions of possibilities of returning to work with chronic musculoskeletal disorders
01-09-2009 The effect of worksite physical activity intervention on physical capacity, health, and productivity: A 1-year randomized controlled trial
20-08-2009 Voluntary activation of trapezius measured with twitch interpolation
20-08-2009 Duration of differential activations is functionally related to fatigue prevention during low-level contractions
20-08-2009 Effects of eccentric exercise on trapezius electromyography during computer work with active and passive pauses
09-06-2009 Experimental pain leads to reorganisation of trapezius electromyography during computer work with active and passive pauses
26-05-2009 Coordinated and tailored work rehabilitation: A randomized controlled trial with economic evaluation undertaken with workers on sick leave due to musculoskeletal disorders
26-05-2009 Differences between day and nonday workers in exposure to physical and psychosocial work factors in the Danish eldercare sector
24-04-2009 What characterizes cleaners sustaining good musculoskeletal health after years with physically heavy work?
24-04-2009 Active pauses induce more variable electromyographic pattern of the trapezius muscle activity during computer work
23-04-2009 The use of EMG biofeedback for learning of selective activation of intra-muscular parts within the serratus anterior muscle. A novel approach for rehabilitation of scapular muscle imbalance
17-04-2009 A one-year randomized controlled trial with different physical-activity programs to reduce musculoskeletal symptoms in neck and shoulders among office workers
27-02-2009 Integrating ergonomics into production system development - the Volvo Powertrain case
20-01-2009 The effects of neuromuscular training on knee joint motor control during sidecutting in female elite soccer and handball players


19-12-2008 Selective activation of neuromuscular compartments within the human trapezius muscle
19-12-2008 Stress reactions to cognitively demanding tasks and open-plan office noise
01-12-2008 Effect of physical training on function of chronically painful muscles: a randomized controlled trial
01-12-2008 Rapid muscle activation and force capacity in conditions of chronic musculoskeletal pain
01-12-2008 Increased proportion of megafibers in chronically painful muscles
01-09-2008 The assessment of muscle strain with surface electromyograms during simulated mushroom picking
01-09-2008 The influence of biofeedback training on trapezius activity and rest during occupational computer work: a randomized controlled trial
01-08-2008 Muscle activation during selected strength exercises in women with chronic neck muscle pain
01-08-2008 Work organisation constructs and ergonomic outcomes among European forest machine operators
01-08-2008 Gender differences in workers with identical repetitive industrial tasks: exposure and musculoskeletal disorders
01-07-2008 Low back injury risk during repositioning of patients in bed: the influence of handling technique, patient weight and disability
01-05-2008 A randomized controlled intervention trial to relieve and prevent neck/shoulder pain
01-04-2008 The role of physical fitness as risk indicator of increased low back pain intensity among people working with physically and mentally disabled persons
01-04-2008 Risk factors of occupational MSDs and potential solutions: past, present and future
01-04-2008 A search for risk factors of upper extremity disorders among forest machine operators: A comparison between France and Norway
01-03-2008 Ocular surface area and human eye blink frequency during VDU work: the effect of monitor position and task
01-01-2008 Effect of two contrasting types of physical exercise on chronic neck muscle pain
01-01-2008 Risk factors for hand-wrist disorders in repetitive work
01-01-2008 Neuromuscular activation in conventional therapeutic exercises and heavy resistance exercises: Implications for rehabilitation
01-01-2008 Muscle size, neuromuscular activation, and rapid force characteristics in elderly men and women: effects of unilateral long-term disuse due to hip-osteoarthritis
01-01-2008 Torque-velocity characteristics and contractile rate of force development in elite badminton players
01-01-2008 Torque-EMG-velocity relationship in female workers with chronic neck muscle pain


01-12-2007 Poorer elbow proprioception in patients with lateral epicondylitis than in healthy controls: a cross-sectional study
01-12-2007 Effort-reward imbalance and incidence of low back and neck injuries in San Francisco transit operators
01-11-2007 Back muscle response to sudden trunk loading can be modifed by training among healthcare workers
01-11-2007 Relationship between efficiency and pedal rate in cycling: significance of internal power and muscle fiber type composition
01-10-2007 The association of socioeconomic status and psychosocial and physical workplace factors with musculoskeletal injury in hospital workers
01-10-2007 Locomotor diseases among male long-haul truck drivers and other professional drivers
01-09-2007 A case study of serial-flow car disassembly: ergonomics, productivity and potential system performance
01-09-2007 Time - A key issue for musculoskeletal health and manufacturing
01-08-2007 Work related neck-shoulder pain: a review on magnitude, risk factors, biochemical characteristics, clinical picture and preventive interventions
01-06-2007 Eye blink frequency during different computer tasks quantified by electrooculography
01-06-2007 Validity and reliability of self-assessed physical fitness using visual analogue scales
01-04-2007 Diagnostic distribution of non-traumatic upper limb disorders: vibrotactile sense in the evaluation of structured examination for optimal diagnostic criteria
01-02-2007 Multilevel analysis of individual and contextual factors as predictors of Return to Work


01-12-2006 The effects of shoulder load and pinch force on electromyographic activity and blood flow in the forearm during a pinch task
01-09-2006 Work design and the labouring body: examining the impacts of work organization on Danish cleaners' health
01-09-2006 Anatomy and biomechanics of the back muscles in the lumbar spine with reference to biomechanical modeling
01-09-2006 Forebyggelse og håndtering af lænderygbesvær
01-09-2006 Measuring the physical demands of work in hospital settings: design and implementation of an ergonomics assessment
01-07-2006 Effects of electromyographic and mechanomyographic biofeedback on upper trapezius muscle activity during standardized computer work
01-06-2006 The effect of sustained low-intensity contractions on supraspinal fatigue in human elbow flexor muscles
01-06-2006 Mechanomyography for studying force fluctuations and muscle fatigue
01-03-2006 Quantitative ultrasound tissue characterization in shoulder and thigh muscles - a new approach
01-03-2006 Vibrotactile sense in patients with different upper limb disorders compared with a control group
01-01-2006 Increased levels of interstitial potassium but normal levels of muscle IL-6 and LDH in patients with trapezius myalgia
01-01-2006 Evaluation of models used to study neuromuscular fatigue
01-01-2006 Neuromuscular assessment of the elderly worker, NEW: a multidisciplinary European research project
01-01-2006 Neuromuscular assessment in elderly workers with and without work related shoulder/neck trouble: the NEW-study design and physiological findings


01-12-2005 Mortality and morbidity among bridge and tunnel construction workers who worked long hours and long days constructing the Great Belt Fixed Link
01-12-2005 Physical workload, work intensification, and prevalence of pain in low wage workers: results from a participatory research project with hotel room cleaners in Las Vegas
01-11-2005 Muscle strength and aerobic capacity in a representative sample of employees with and without repetitive monotonous work
01-11-2005 Prolonged standing at work and hospitalisation due to varicose veins: a 12 year prospective study of the Danish population
01-10-2005 Comparison of the electromyographic activity in the upper trapezius and biceps brachii muscle in subjects with muscular disorders: a pilot study
01-10-2005 Comparative assessment of study groups of elderly female computer users from four European countries: questionnaires used in the NEW study
01-08-2005 Lumbar position sense acuity during an electrical shock stressor
01-06-2005 Short latency stretch reflex in human lumbar paraspinal muscles
01-04-2005 Intramuscular pressure and tissue oxygenation during low-force static contraction do not underlie muscle fatigue
01-03-2005 Self-reported workplace related ergonomic conditions as prognostic factors for musculoskeletal symptoms: the "BIT" follow up study on office workers
01-02-2005 Voluntary low-force contraction elicits prolonged low-frequency fatigue and changes in surface electromyography and mechanomyography
01-02-2005 Perceived work demands, felt stress, and musculoskeletal neck/shoulder symptoms among elderly female computer users. The NEW study
01-02-2005 The effect of delayed-onset muscle soreness on stretch reflexes in human low back muscles
01-02-2005 Movement of the upper body and muscle activity patterns following a rapidly applied load: the influence of pre-load alterations
01-02-2005 The role of back muscle endurance, maximum force, balance and trunk rotation control regarding lifting capacity
01-01-2005 Physiological profile and activity pattern of young soccer players during match play
01-01-2005 Training can modify back muscle response to sudden trunk loading
01-01-2005 Intra-abdominal pressure and activation of abdominal muscles in highly trained participants during sudden heavy trunk loadings
01-01-2005 Activity patterns of wrist extensor muscles during wrist extensions and deviations
01-01-2005 Sympathetic outflow enhances the stretch reflex response in the relaxed soleus muscle in humans
01-01-2005 Understanding work related musculoskeletal pain: does repetitive work cause stress symptoms?


01-12-2004 Interstitial muscle lactate, pyruvate and potassium dynamics in the trapezius muscle during repetitive low-force arm movements, measured with microdialysis
01-12-2004 Computer users' risk factors for developing shoulder, elbow and back symptoms
01-12-2004 Increase in muscle nociceptive substances and anaerobic metabolism in patients with trapezius myalgia: microdialysis in rest and during exercise
01-12-2004 An observation instrument for the description and evaluation of patient transfer technique
01-12-2004 Physical workload, ergonomic problems, and incidence of low back injury: a 7.5-year prospective study of San Francisco transit operators
01-11-2004 Surface mechanomyogram amplitude is not attenuated by intramuscular pressure
01-11-2004 The psychosocial work environment and musculoskeletal disorders: design of a comprehensive interviewer-administered questionnaire
01-11-2004 Increase in interstitial interleukin-6 of human skeletal muscle with repetitive low-force exercise
01-10-2004 Adaptation to sudden unexpected loading of the low back - the effects of repeated trials
01-10-2004 Muscle tissue oxygenation, pressure, electrical, and mechanical responses during dynamic and static voluntary contractions
01-09-2004 The European project 'Neuromuscular assessment in the elderly worker' (NEW): achievements in electromyogram signal acquisition, modelling and processing
01-06-2004 Pedalling rate affects endurance performance during high-intensity cycling
01-06-2004 Validation of a commercial software package for quantification of computer use
01-05-2004 The influence of production systems on physiological responses measured in urine and saliva
01-04-2004 The effect of mental stress on heart rate variability and blood pressure during computer work
01-04-2004 Trunk motion characteristics during different patient handling tasks
01-01-2004 Physical workload during use of speech recognition and traditional computer input devices
01-01-2004 A physiological counterpoint to mechanistic estimates of "internal power" during cycling at different pedal rates
01-01-2004 Fast development of high intra-abdominal pressure when a trained participant is exposed to heavy, sudden trunk loads
01-01-2004 Physiological responses to four hours of low-level repetitive work
01-01-2004 Intramuscular pressure and EMG relate during static contractions but dissociate with movement and fatigue
01-01-2004 The effect of physical and psychosocial loads on the trapezius muscle activity during computer keying tasks and rest periods


01-12-2003 The shape of the force-elbow angle relationship for maximal voluntary contractions and sub-maximal electrically induced contractions in human elbow flexors
01-11-2003 Risk factors in the onset of neck/shoulder pain in a prospective study of workers in industrial and service companies
01-11-2003 Socioeconomic status, occupation, and risk of hospitalisation due to coxarthrosis in Denmark 1981-99
01-11-2003 Regulatory actions to prevent work-related musculoskeletal disorders - the use of research-based exposure limits
01-11-2003 Prognosis of shoulder tendonitis in repetitive work: a follow up study in a cohort of Danish industrial and service workers
01-10-2003 The influence of production systems on self-reported arousal, sleepiness, physical exertion and fatigue-consequences of increasing mechanization
01-09-2003 Evidence of long term muscle fatigue following prolonged intermittent contractions based on mechano- and electromyograms
01-09-2003 Measures of low back function: a review of reproducibility studies
01-08-2003 Development of neck and hand-wrist symptoms in relation to duration of computer use at work
01-07-2003 Incidence of injury and physical performance adaptations during military training
01-06-2003 Biomechanical model predicting electromyographic activity in three shoulder muscles from 3D kinematics and external forces during cleaning work
01-06-2003 Muscle performance following fatigue induced by isotonic and quasi-isometric contractions of rat extensor digitorum longus and soleus muscles in vitro
01-05-2003 Muscle activity during computer-based office work in relation to self-reported job demands and gender
01-05-2003 Biomechanical analysis of the effect of changing patient-handling techinque
01-03-2003 Risk factors predicting hip pain in a 5-year prospective cohort study
01-01-2003 Using mouse and keyboard under time pressure: preference, strategies and learning


01-12-2002 The effect of different surfaces on biomechanical loading of shoulder and lumbar spine during pushing and pulling of two-wheeled containers
01-11-2002 Physical capacity influences the response of insulin-like growth factor and its binding proteins to training
01-10-2002 Physical workload during manual and mechanical deboning of poultry
01-10-2002 Musculoskeletal symptoms and duration of computer and mouse use
01-10-2002 Muscle fibre type, efficiency, and mechanical optima affect freely chosen pedal rate during cycling
01-10-2002 Crank inertial load affects freely chosen pedal rate during cycling
01-09-2002 Measures of low back function: a review of reproducibility studies
01-09-2002 Effect of mental and physical demands on muscular activity during the use of a computer mouse and a keyboard
01-09-2002 Effects of mental and physical demands on heart rate variability during computer work
01-09-2002 Work-related psychosocial, physical and individual factors associated with musculoskeletal symptoms in computer users
01-09-2002 Increase in spinal stability obtained at levels of intra-abdominal pressure and back muscle activity realistic to work situations
01-09-2002 A dynamic 3D biomechanical evaluation of the load on the low back during different patient-handling tasks
01-09-2002 Intra-abdominal pressure increases during exhausting back extension in humans
01-09-2002 Risk factors for neck-shoulder and wrist-hand symptoms in a 5-year follow-up study of 3,990 employees in Denmark
01-09-2002 Musculoskeletal problems as a result of work organization, work tasks and stress during computer work
01-06-2002 Vibrotactile sense and mechanical functional state of the arm and hand among computer users compared with a control group
01-05-2002 Assessment of postexercise muscle soreness by electromyography and mechanomyography
01-05-2002 Development of muscle fatigue as assessed by electromyography and mechanomyography during continuous and intermittent low-force contractions: effect of the feedback mode
01-04-2002 Physical, psychosocial, and individual risk factors for neck/shoulder pain with pressure tenderness in the muscles among workers performing monotonous, repetitive work
01-03-2002 Muscle activity and cardiovascular response during computer-mouse work with and without memory demands
01-03-2002 Exposure assessment of upper limb repetitive movements: a consensus document developed by the Technical Committee on Musculoskeletal Disorders of International Ergonomics Association (IEA) endorsed by
01-02-2002 Risk of shoulder tendinitis in relation to shoulder loads in monotonous repetitive work
01-01-2002 Dynamic loads on the upper extremities during two different floor cleaning methods
01-01-2002 Mechanomyography and electromyography force relationships during concentric, isometric and eccentric contractions
01-01-2002 Physical exposure assessment in monotonous repetitive work - the PRIM study
01-01-2002 Motor unit activity during stereotyped finger tasks and computer mouse work
01-01-2002 Motor-unit recruitment and firing patterns, and their role in development of chronic muscular pain: analysis methods, mechanisms and models
01-01-2002 Reliability of isometric muscle strength tests for the trunk, hands and shoulders
01-01-2002 An analysis of motor unit firing pattern during sustained low force contraction in fatigued muscle
01-01-2002 Doublets in motor unit activity of human forearm muscle during simulated computer work
01-01-2002 Evaluation of physical workload standards and guidelines from a Nordic perspective
01-01-2002 Blood flow and oxygen uptake increase with total power during five different knee-extension contraction rates


01-12-2001 The effect of short-term strength training on human skeletal muscle: the importance of physiologically elevated hormone levels
01-12-2001 Cancer incidence among Danish workers exposed to trichloroethylene
01-12-2001 Sudden movements of the spinal column during health-care work
01-11-2001 Assessment of work postures and movements using a video-based observation method and direct technical measurements
01-11-2001 Evaluation of intra-muscular EMG signal decomposition algorithms
01-11-2001 Aerobic power and muscle strength among young and elderly workers with and without physically demanding work tasks
01-11-2001 Influence of memory demand and contra lateral activity on muscle activity
01-10-2001 Work environment factors, health, lifestyle and marital status as predictors of job change and early retirement in physically heavy occupations
01-08-2001 Motor unit recruitment in the trapezius muscle with special reference to coarse arm movements
01-08-2001 Inclusion of analytical and biological variation in study design
01-08-2001 Mechanical load on the low back and shoulders during pushing and pulling of two-wheeled waste containers compared with lifting and carrying of bags and bins
01-08-2001 Training-induced changes in peritendinous type I collagen turnover determined by microdialysis in humans
01-05-2001 Performance and muscle activity during computer mouse tasks in young and elderly adults
01-05-2001 Estimation of low back loading on nurses during patient handling tasks: the importance of bedside reaction force measurement
01-05-2001 Arbejdsbelastninger, køn og alder blandt personer med anmeldte pludselige løfteskader, 1998
01-05-2001 An investigation of how acute muscle pain modulates performance during computer work with digitizer and puck
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