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31-12-2014 Atherogenic risk factors and hearing thresholds
03-02-2014 A study of classroom acoustics and school teachers' noise exposure, voice load and speaking time during teaching, and the effects on vocal and mental fatigue
10-01-2014 Recent and long-term occupational noise exposure and salivary cortisol level


31-12-2013 Occupational noise exposure and the risk of stroke
14-11-2013 Classroom acoustics and hearing ability as determinants for perceived social climate and intentions to stay at work
11-01-2013 Occupational noise exposure and the risk of hypertension


05-01-2012 Effects of classroom acoustics and self-reported noise exposure on teachers' well-being


02-09-2011 Determinants of noise annoyance in teachers from schools with different classroom reverberation times


23-09-2010 Systemic steroid reduces long-term hearing loss in experimental pneumococcal meningitis
18-03-2010 Intratympanic steroid prevents long-term spiral ganglion neuron loss in experimental meningitis


20-08-2009 Non-auditory health effects among air force crew chiefs exposed to high level sound


01-10-2008 Developmental neurotoxicity of Propylthiouracil (PTU) in rats: Relationship between transient hypothyroxinemia during development and long-lasting behavioural and functional changes
01-05-2008 Hazards to hearing from combined exposure to toluene and noise in rats
01-05-2008 The risk of tinnitus following occupational noise exposure in workers with hearing loss or normal hearing
01-04-2008 Hospital contacts for noise-related hearing loss among Danish seafares and fishermen - a population-based cohort study


01-12-2007 Hvad gør lyd til støj?
01-11-2007 No evidence for enhanced noise induced hearing loss after prenatal stress or dexamethasone
01-09-2007 Ototoxicity of organic solvents - from scientific evidence to health policy
01-06-2007 Trait anxiety and modeled exposure as determinants of self-reported annoyance to sound, air pollution and other environmental factors in the home
01-03-2007 Does erythropoietin augment noise induced hearing loss?


01-12-2006 Hearing loss and cochlear damage in experimental pneumococcal meningitis, with special reference to the role of neutrophil granulocytes
01-01-2006 A system for measuring distortion product otoacoustic emissions at ultra-sonic frequencies in rodents
01-01-2006 Sanseprojektet


01-12-2004 Attenuation of the bacterial load in blood by pretreatment with granulocyte-colony-stimulating factor protects rats from fatal outcome and brain damage during steptococcus pneumoniae meningitis


01-01-2003 Noisechem: an European commission research project on the effects of exposure to noise and industrial chemicals on hearing and balance


01-09-2002 NoiseChem: an European Commission research project on the effects of exposure to noise and industrial chemicals on hearing and balance


01-11-2001 Effect of long-term, low-level noise exposure on hearing thresholds, DPOAE and suppression of DPOAE in rats
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