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31-12-2013 Help preferences among employees who wish to change health behaviors
31-12-2013 Reduced neck-shoulder muscle strength and aerobic power together with increased pericranial tenderness are associated with tension-type headache in girls: a case-control study
31-12-2013 Effects of recreational soccer in men with prostate cancer undergoing androgen deprivation therapy: study protocol for the 'FC Prostate' randomized controlled trial
31-12-2013 The murine lung microbiome in relation to the intestinal and vaginal bacterial communities
31-12-2013 Study protocol for examining job strain as a risk factor for severe unipolar depression in an individual participant meta-analysis of 14 European cohorts
31-12-2013 Few items in the thyroid-related quality of life instrument ThyPRO exhibited differential item functioning
31-12-2013 Benchmarks for interpretation of score differences on the SF-36 health survey for patients with diabetes
31-12-2013 The combined relationship of occupational and leisure-time physical activity with all-cause mortality among men, accounting for physical fitness
31-12-2013 NanoRiskCat: a conceptual tool for categorization and communication of exposure potentials and hazards of nanomaterials in consumer products
31-12-2013 Effect of brief daily resistance training on occupational neck/shoulder muscle activity in office workers with chronic pain: randomized controlled trial
31-12-2013 Visualizing transitions between multiple states? Illustrated by analysis of social transfer payments
31-12-2013 Reliability and measurement error of sagittal spinal motion parameters in 220 chronic low back pain patients using a 3D measurement device
31-12-2013 Occupational noise exposure and the risk of stroke
19-12-2013 Development and evaluation of a crosswalk between the SF-36 physical functioning scale and Health Assessment Questionnaire disability index in rheumatoid arthritis
19-12-2013 Difference in method of administration did not significantly impact item response: an IRT-based analysis from the Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS) initiative
19-12-2013 A comparison of health-related quality of life (health utility) between insulin degludec and insulin glargine: a meta-analysis of phase 3 trials
19-12-2013 Carbon black nanoparticle intratracheal instillation does not alter cardiac gene expression
19-12-2013 Is Borg's perceived exertion scale a useful indicator of muscular and cardiovascular load in blue-collar workers with lifting tasks? A cross-sectional workplace study
19-12-2013 Perceived loading and muscle activity during hip strengthening exercises: comparison of elastic resistance and machine exercises
17-12-2013 Health-related quality of life (HRQL) for individuals with self-reported chronic physical and/or mental health conditions: panel survey of an adult sample in the United States
17-12-2013 HapMap-based study identifies risk sub-region on chromosome 19q13.3 in relation to lung cancer among Chinese
12-12-2013 Labour market transitions of young workers in Nordic and southern European countries: the role of flexicurity
10-12-2013 Prevention of low back pain and its consequences among nurses' aides in elderly care: a stepped-wedge multi-faceted cluster-randomized controlled trial
09-12-2013 How do employees prioritise when they schedule their own shifts?
09-12-2013 Characterization of volcanic ash from the 2011 Grimsvotn eruption by means of single-particle analysis
03-12-2013 Adjuvant and inflammatory effects in mice after subchronic inhalation of allergen and ozone-initiated limonene reaction products
03-12-2013 Method of administration of PROMIS scales did not significantly impact score level, reliability, or validity
03-12-2013 Multi-scale analysis of the occurrence of Pb, Cr and Mn in the NIST standards: urban dust (SRM 1649a) and indoor dust (SRM 2584)
26-11-2013 Comparison of objectively measured and self-reported time spent sitting
26-11-2013 Transcriptomic analysis reveals novel mechanistic insight into murine biological responses to multi-walled carbon nanotubes in lungs and cultured lung epithelial cells
26-11-2013 A multi-wave study of organizational justice at work and long-term sickness absence among employees with depressive symptoms
22-11-2013 Genotoxicity evaluation of nanosized titanium dioxide, synthetic amorphous silica and multi-walled carbon nanotubes in human lymphocytes
19-11-2013 Habituating pain: questioning pain and physical strain as inextricable conditions in the construction industry
19-11-2013 Organizational interventions: a research-based framework for the evaluation of both process and effects
15-11-2013 Risk of cryptorchidism among sons of horticultural workers and farmers in Denmark
14-11-2013 Classroom acoustics and hearing ability as determinants for perceived social climate and intentions to stay at work
12-11-2013 The Symptom Checklist-core depression (SCL-CD6) scale: psychometric properties of a brief six item scale for the assessment of depression
12-11-2013 Associations of job strain and lifestyle risk factors with risk of coronary artery disease: a meta-analysis of individual participant data
12-11-2013 Interactions between diet, lifestyle and IL10, IL1B, and PTGS2/COX-2 gene polymorphisms in relation to risk of colorectal cancer in a prospective Danish case-cohort study
12-11-2013 Quality of modern Nordic working life - Investigating three related research perspectives and their possible cross-fertilization
12-11-2013 Can we use near-miss reports for accident prevention
12-11-2013 Selective activation of intra-muscular compartments within the trapezius muscle in subjects with Subacromial Impingement Syndrome. A case-control study
12-11-2013 Effects on presenteeism and absenteeism from a 1-year workplace randomized controlled trial among health care workers
11-11-2013 EMG evaluation of hip adduction exercises for soccer players: implications for exercise selection in prevention and treatment of groin injuries
11-11-2013 Do soccer and Zumba exercise improve fitness and indicators of health among female hospital employees? A 12-week RCT
11-11-2013 Should physical activity recommendation depend on state of low back pain?
11-11-2013 Validating abbreviated measures of effort-reward imbalance at work in European cohort studies: the IPD-Work consortium
05-11-2013 Implementation of specific strength training among industrial laboratory technicians: long-term effects on back, neck and upper extremity pain
05-11-2013 Micro- and nanostructural characteristics of particles before and after an exhaust gas recirculation system scrubber
05-11-2013 Attempts to reduce exposure to fungi, beta-glucan, bacteria, endotoxin and dust in vegetable greenhouses and a packaging unit
05-11-2013 Occupational safety climate and shift work
01-11-2013 Polymorphisms in genes related to inflammation, NSAID use, and the risk of prostate cancer among Danish men
01-11-2013 Offspring IgE responses are influenced by levels of maternal IgG transferred in early life
01-11-2013 The predictive value of mental health for long-term sickness absence: the Major Depression Inventory (MDI) and the Mental Health Inventory (MHI-5) compared
01-11-2013 Exposure assessment of four pharmaceutical powders based on dustiness and evaluation of damaged HEPA filters
25-10-2013 Assessing lung inflammation after nanoparticle inhalation using 2-deoxy-2-[F]fluoro-D-glucose positron emission tomography imaging
25-10-2013 Pulmonary toxicity of perfluorinated silane-based nanofilm spray products: solvent-dependency
24-10-2013 Improving the psychosocial work environment at multi-ethnic workplaces: a multi-component intervention strategy in the cleaning industry
24-10-2013 Validation of freezing tissues and cells for analysis of DNA strand break levels by comet assay
24-10-2013 Exposure to aerosols during high-pressure cleaning and relationship with health effects
11-10-2013 Neuromuscular control of scapula muscles during a voluntary task in subjects with Subacromial Impingement Syndrome. A case-control study
04-10-2013 Psychosocial job strain and risk of adverse birth outcomes: a study within the Danish national birth cohort
04-10-2013 An association study between the norepinephrine transporter gene and depression
04-10-2013 Test-retest repeatability of strength capacity, aerobic power and pericranial tenderness of neck and shoulder muscles in children - relevant for tension-type headache
01-10-2013 Effect of the Danish return-to-work program on long-term sickness absence: results from a randomized controlled trial in three municipalities
01-10-2013 Patient transfers and assistive devices: prospective cohort study on the risk for occupational back injury among healthcare workers
01-10-2013 Detection of physical activity types using triaxial accelerometers
30-09-2013 Job strain and cardiovascular disease risk factors: meta-analysis of individual-participant data from 47,000 men and women
30-09-2013 Low ABCB1 gene expression is an early event in colorectal carcinogenesis
30-09-2013 Pressure pain sensitivity: A new method of stress measurement in patients with ischemic heart disease
30-09-2013 Do psychosocial working conditions modify the effect of depressive symptoms on long-term sickness absence?
30-09-2013 Particle-induced pulmonary acute phase response correlates with neutrophil influx linking inhaled particles and cardiovascular risk
27-09-2013 Relationships between field performance tests in high-level soccer players
27-09-2013 Chronic neck pain: risk factors, consequences and solutions
24-09-2013 Variation in the sodium-dependent vitamin C transporter 2 gene is associated with risk of acute coronary syndrome among women
24-09-2013 Unge som målgruppe i arbejdsmiljøarbejdet - fordele og ulemper
24-09-2013 Bioaccumulation and ecotoxicity of carbon nanotubes
20-09-2013 Association between polymorphisms in glutathione peroxidase and selenoprotein P genes, glutathione peroxidase activity, HRT use and breast cancer risk
13-09-2013 Physical exercise, body mass index and risk of chronic arm pain: longitudinal data on an adult population in Norway
13-09-2013 Inducing physiological stress recovery with sounds of nature in a virtual reality forest - Results from a pilot study
10-09-2013 Exploring and expanding the category of young workers according to situated ways of doing risk and safety - A case study in the retail industry
10-09-2013 Occupational allergic contact dermatitis diagnosed by a systematic stepwise exposure assessment of allergens in the work environment
10-09-2013 Association between variants of PRDM1 and NDP52 and Crohn's Disease, based on exome sequencing and functional studies
20-08-2013 In utero exposure to nanosized carbon black (Printex90) does not induce tandem repeat mutations in female murine germ cells
20-08-2013 Effect of scapular function training on chronic pain in the neck/shoulder region: a randomized controlled trial
20-08-2013 Do self-reported psychosocial working conditions predict low back pain after adjustment for both physical work load and depressive symptoms? A prospective study among female eldercare workers
19-08-2013 Social relations and smoking abstinence among ever-smokers: a report from two large population-based Danish cohort studies
19-08-2013 Perceived job insecurity as a risk factor for incident coronary heart disease: systematic review and meta-analysis
16-08-2013 Black tattoo inks induce reactive oxygen species production correlating with aggregation of pigment nanoparticles and product brand but not with the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon content
16-08-2013 Effect of relative humidity on the aerosolization and total inflammatory potential of fungal particles from dust-inoculated gypsum boards
16-08-2013 Effect of brief daily resistance training on rapid force development in painful neck and shoulder muscles: randomized controlled trial
16-08-2013 Are environmental characteristics in the municipal eldercare, more closely associated with frequent short sick leave spells among employees than with total sick leave: a cross-sectional study
16-08-2013 Aberrant DNA methylation of miR-219 promoter in long-term night shiftworkers
16-08-2013 Evaluation of a role functioning computer adaptive test (RF-CAT)
08-08-2013 Physical activities at work and risk of musculoskeletal pain and its consequences: protocol for a study with objective field measures among blue-collar workers
08-08-2013 Does workplace health promotion in Denmark reach relevant target groups?
05-08-2013 Selenium supplementation for patients with Graves' hyperthyroidism (the GRASS trial): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial
05-08-2013 Cardiovascular health effects of internet-based encouragements to do daily workplace stair-walks: randomized controlled trial
28-06-2013 Sleep duration and ischemic heart disease and all-cause mortality: prospective cohort study on effects of transquilizers/hypnotics and perceived stress
21-06-2013 Association of sleep disturbances with reduced semen quality: a cross-sectional study among 953 healthy young Danish men
21-06-2013 Does a history of physical exposures at work affect hand-grip strength in midlife? A retrospective cohort study in Denmark
20-06-2013 Erfaringer fra det store TTA-projekt
20-06-2013 Effects of lung exposure to carbon nanotubes on female fertility and pregnancy. A study in mice
20-06-2013 Study of ozone-initiated limonene reaction products by low temperature plasma ionization mass spectrometry
18-06-2013 Performance effects of 6 weeks of anaerobic production training in junior elite soccer players
18-06-2013 Acute effects of massage or active exercise in relieving muscle soreness: randomized controlled trial
18-06-2013 High-quality and -quantity DNA extraction from frozen archival blood clots for genotyping of single-nucleotide polymorphisms
18-06-2013 FADS genotype and diet are important determinants of DHA status: a cross-sectional study in Danish infants
11-06-2013 Fungi, b-glucan, and bacteria in nasal lavage of greenhouse workers and their relation to occupational exposure
07-06-2013 A two-year follow-up study of salivary cortisol concentration and the risk of depression
07-06-2013 A 24-h assessment of physical activity and cardio-respiratory fitness among female hospital cleaners: a pilot study
07-06-2013 Maternal occupational exposure to asthmogens during pregnancy and risk of asthma in 7-year-old children: a cohort study
07-06-2013 Is there time enough? Temporal resources and service performance in the Danish home care sector
04-06-2013 Looking neat on the street. Aesthetic labor in public parking patrol
30-05-2013 Effort-reward imbalance at work and risk of long-term sickness absence in the Danish workforce
30-05-2013 Assessing the effect of self-positioning on cognitive executive function
28-05-2013 Psychosocial work environment factors and weight change: a prospective study among Danish health care workers
27-05-2013 Increased neck muscle activity and impaired balance among females with whiplash-related chronic neck pain: a cross-sectional study
21-05-2013 Interaction between obesity and the NFKB1 - 94ins/delATTG promoter polymorphism in relation to incident acute coronary syndrome: a follow up study in three independent cohorts
21-05-2013 The case for research into the zero accident vision
13-05-2013 The association between leisure time physical activity and coronary heart disease among men with different physical work demands: a prospective cohort study
30-04-2013 Independent effect of physical workload and childhood socioeconomic status on low back pain among health care workers in Denmark
18-04-2013 Improving safety in small enterprises through an integrated safety management intervention
18-04-2013 Participatory ergonomic intervention versus strength training on chronic pain and work disability in slaughterhouse workers: study protocol for a single-blind, randomized controlled trial
12-04-2013 Early coordinated multidisciplinary intervention to prevent sickness absence and labour market exclusion in patients with low back pain: study protocol of a randomized controlled trial
09-04-2013 Dose-response of strengthening exercise for treatment of severe neck pain in women
09-04-2013 Work stress and risk of cancer: Meta-analysis of 5700 incident cancer events in 116 000 European men and women
09-04-2013 Methylation alterations at imprinted genes detected among long-term shiftworkers
09-04-2013 Development of an item bank and computer adaptive test for role functioning
09-04-2013 Work-unit measures of organisational justice and risk of depression - a 2-year cohort study
09-04-2013 Physical fitness as a predictor of herniated lumbar disc disease - A 33-year follow-up in the Copenhagen male study
09-04-2013 Workplace bullying and sleep difficulties: a 2-year follow-up study
09-04-2013 Acute airway effects of airborne formaldehyde in sensitized and non-sensitized mice housed in a dry or humid environment
09-04-2013 Pulmonary instillation of low doses of titanium dioxide nanoparticles in mice leads to particle retention and gene expression changes in the absence of inflammation
01-03-2013 Work-life balance among shift workers: results from an intervention study about self-rostering
01-03-2013 Chronic lower respiratory diseases among demolition and cement workers: a population-based register study
01-03-2013 Effectiveness of a coordinated and tailored return-to-work intervention for sickness absence beneficiaries with mental health problems
01-03-2013 Self-reported work ability in long-term breast cancer survivors. a population-based questionnaire study in Denmark
01-03-2013 An exploratory study of migrant workers and safety in three European countries
01-03-2013 Imaging two-dimensional mechanical waves of skeletal muscle contraction
01-03-2013 Effect of specific resistance training on musculoskeletal pain symptoms: dose-response relationship
05-02-2013 Does the benefit on survival from leisure time physical activity depend on physical activity at work? A prospective cohort study
05-02-2013 Systematic review: diet-gene interactions and the risk of colorectal cancer
05-02-2013 The relationship between self-efficacy and help evasion
24-01-2013 Maternal inhalation of surface-coated nanosized titanium dioxide (UV-Titan) in C57BL/6 mice: effects in prenatally exposed offspring on hepatic DNA damage and gene expression
22-01-2013 Kettlebell swing targets semitendinosus and supine leg curl targets biceps femoris: An EMG study with rehabilitation implications
22-01-2013 Eccentric strengthening effect of hip-adductor training with elastic bands in soccer players: A randomised controlled trial
22-01-2013 Percieved physical exertion during healthcare work and prognosis for recovery from long-term pain in different body regions: Prospective cohort study
22-01-2013 In vitro assessment of engineered nanomaterials using a hepatocyte cell line: Cytotoxicity, pro-inflammatory cytokines and functional markers
22-01-2013 Distribution of subjective health complaints, and their association with register based sickness absence in the Danish working population
22-01-2013 Encounters between workers sick-listed with common mental disorders and return-to-work stakeholders. Does workers' gender matter?
22-01-2013 Gene expression profiling to identify potentially relevant disease outcomes and support human health risk assessment for carbon black nanoparticle exposure
22-01-2013 Engineered nanomaterial risk. Lessons learnt from completed nanotoxicology studies: potential solutions to current and future challenges
21-01-2013 Occupational heavy lifting and risk of ischemic heart disease and all-cause mortality
21-01-2013 Occupational and leisure time physical activity in contrasting relation to ambulatory blood pressure
21-01-2013 Measuring and predicting the emission rate phthalate plasticizer from vinyl flooring in a specially-designed chamber
21-01-2013 Genotoxicity of polyvinylpyrrolidone-coated silver nanoparticles in BEAS 2B cells
21-01-2013 Occupational physical activity, metabolic syndrome and risk of death from all causes and cardiovascular disease in the HUNT 2 cohort study
21-01-2013 Impact of polymorphic variation at 7p15.3, 3p22.1 and 2p23.3 loci on risk of multiple myeloma
21-01-2013 Muscle activity during knee-extension strengthening exercise performed with elastic tubing and isotonic resistance
21-01-2013 Does work-site physical activity improve self-reported psychosocial workplace factors and job satisfaction? A randomized controlled intervention study
21-01-2013 Sleep disturbances and fatigue: Independent predictors of sickness absence? A prospective study among 6538 employees
21-01-2013 Antidepressant use and associations with psychosocial work characteristics. A comparative study of Swedish an Danish gainfully employed
18-01-2013 Muscle activity during leg strengthening exercise using free weights and elastic resistance: Effects of ballistic vs controlled contractions
18-01-2013 Job strain as a risk factor for leisure-time physical inactivity: An individual-participant meta-analysis of up to 170,000 men and women
17-01-2013 Healing a vulnerable self: Exploring return to work for women with mental health problems
17-01-2013 Recent trend in risk assessment of formaldehyde exposures from indoor air
15-01-2013 Visibility and social recognition as psychosocial work environment factors among cleaners in a multi-ethnic workplace intervention
15-01-2013 Alcohol dehydrogenase and aldehyde dehydrogenase gene polymorphisms, alcohol intake and the risk of colorectal cancer in the European prospective investigation into cancer and nutrition study
15-01-2013 Daily sperm production: application in studies of prenatal exposure to nanoparticles in mice
11-01-2013 Occupational noise exposure and the risk of hypertension
07-01-2013 Human reference values for acute airway effects of five common ozone-initiated terpene reaction products in indoor air
07-01-2013 Gas chromatography interfaced with atmospheric pressure ionization-quadrupole time-of-flight-mass spectrometry by low-temperature plasma ionization
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