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15-05-2018 The effect of occupational lifting on hypertension risk: Protocol for a project using data from the Copenhagen City Heart Study
14-05-2018 Long-term sickness absence from combined factors related to physical work demands: prospective cohort study [Epub ahead of print]
08-05-2018 Occupational exposure during handling and loading of halloysite nanotubes GÇô A case study of counting nanofibers
07-05-2018 Precarious work among young Danish employees - a permanent or transitory condition? [Epub ahead of print]
07-05-2018 Managing preventive occupational health and safety activities in Danish enterprises during a period of financial crisis
07-05-2018 A within-country study of leadership perceptions and outcomes across native and immigrant employees: Questioning the universality of transformational leadership
30-04-2018 Body silhouettes as a tool to reflect obesity in the past
30-04-2018 Content and quality of workplace guidelines developed to prevent mental health problems: results from a systematic review [Epub ahead of print]
26-04-2018 Comparison of geometrical layouts for a multi-box aerosol model from a single-chamber dispersion study
20-04-2018 Night work and hypertensive disorders of pregnancy: A national register-based cohort study [Epub ahead of print]
17-04-2018 Update of an occupational asthma-specific job exposure matrix to assess exposure to 30 specific agents [Epub ahead of print]
13-04-2018 Assessment of indoor air quality problems in office-like environments: Role of occupational health services
13-04-2018 Is fatigue after work a barrier for leisure-time physical activity? Cross-sectional study among 10,000 adults from the general working population [Epub ahead of print]
10-04-2018 Air-liquid interface in vitro models for respiratory toxicology research: Consensus workshop and recommendations
10-04-2018 Quality of leadership and workplace bullying: The mediating role of social community at work in a two-year follow-up study
09-04-2018 Cardiorespiratory fitness and the metabolic syndrome: Roles of inflammation and abdominal obesity
09-04-2018 Is perception of safety climate a relevant predictor for occupational accidents? Prospective cohort study among blue-collar workers [Epub ahead of print]
09-04-2018 Occupational exposures and 20-year incidence of COPD: The European Community Respiratory Health Survey [Epub ahead of print]
03-04-2018 Association between objectively measured static standing and low back pain - a cross-sectional study among blue-collar workers [Epub ahead of print]
03-04-2018 Can high social capital at the workplace buffer against stress and musculoskeletal pain?: Cross-sectional study
23-03-2018 Influence of strength training intensity on subsequent recovery in elderly
23-03-2018 Working hours and all-cause mortality in relation to the EU Working Time Directive: a Danish cohort study [Epub ahead of print]
22-03-2018 Meat and fiber intake and interaction with pattern recognition receptors (TLR1, TLR2, TLR4, and TLR10) in relation to colorectal cancer in a Danish prospective, case-cohort study
22-03-2018 Prolonged sitting at work is associated with a favorable time course of low-back pain among blue-collar workers: a prospective study in the DPhacto cohort [Epub ahead of print]
22-03-2018 Sinonasal adenocarcinoma following styrene exposure in the reinforced plastics industry [Epub ahead of print]
22-03-2018 Persistent social inequality in low intake of vegetables among adolescents, 2002-2014 [Epub ahead of print]
20-03-2018 Neck/shoulder function in tension-type headache patients and the effect of strength training
20-03-2018 A three-generation study on the association of tobacco smoking with asthma
20-03-2018 Long working hours and depressive symptoms: systematic review and meta-analysis of published studies and unpublished individual participant data
19-03-2018 The general ventilation multipliers calculated by using a standard Near-Field/Far-Field model
19-03-2018 Particle release and control of worker exposure during laboratory-scale synthesis, handling and simulated spills of manufactured nanomaterials in fume hoods
19-03-2018 Polycystic ovary syndrome, body mass index and hypertensive disorders in pregnancy
19-03-2018 Cleaning at home and at work in relation to lung function decline and airway obstruction
12-03-2018 Consistent use of assistive devices for patient transfer is associated with less patient-initiated violence: Cross-sectional study among health care workers at general hospitals [Epub ahead of print]
12-03-2018 Inter-rater reliability of direct observations of the physical and psychosocial working conditions in eldercare: An evaluation in the DOSES project
12-03-2018 Danish Observational Study of Eldercare work and musculoskeletal disorderS (DOSES): a prospective study at 20 nursing homes in Denmark
28-02-2018 The association between team-level social capital and individual-level work engagement: Differences between subtypes of social capital and the impact of intra-team agreement
26-02-2018 Physiological reactions to long-term fishing in the Barents Sea
26-02-2018 Impact of di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate metabolites on male reproductive function: A systematic review of human evidence [Epub ahead of print]
26-02-2018 Operationalizing a model to quantify implementation of a multi-component intervention in a stepped-wedge trial
26-02-2018 Effect of physical exercise on musculoskeletal pain in multiple body regions among healthcare workers: Secondary analysis of a cluster randomized controlled trial
26-02-2018 Indoor air humidity, air quality, and health - An overview
23-02-2018 Leadership and capacity building in international chiropractic research: introducing the chiropractic academy for research leadership (CARL)
23-02-2018 Factors associated with high physical exertion during manual lifting: Cross-sectional study among 200 blue-collar workers
20-02-2018 Shoulder and arm muscle activity during elastic band exercises performed in a hospital bed [Epub ahead of print]
20-02-2018 Diagnosis, monitoring and prevention of exposure-related non-communicable diseases in the living and working environment: DiMoPEx-project is designed to determine the impacts of environmental exposure
19-02-2018 Differing associations for sport versus occupational physical activity and cardiovascular risk [Epub ahead of print]
19-02-2018 Shift work is associated with reduced heart rate variability among men but not women
06-02-2018 A cohort study on self-reported role stressors at work and poor sleep: does sense of coherence moderate or mediate the associations?
06-02-2018 Genetic polymorphisms associated with psoriasis and development of psoriatic arthritis in patients with psoriasis
02-02-2018 Pulmonary exposure to carbonaceous nanomaterials and sperm quality
01-02-2018 Objectively measured physical activity of hospital shift workers
25-01-2018 Dermal uptake and percutaneous penetration of organophosphate esters in a human skin ex vivo model
25-01-2018 Source identification of individual soot agglomerates in Arctic air by transmission electron microscopy
23-01-2018 Differences in heart rate reserve of similar physical activities during work and in leisure time - A study among Danish blue-collar workers
23-01-2018 Retrospectively assessed psychosocial working conditions as predictors of prospectively assessed sickness absence and disability pension among older workers
23-01-2018 Survival of LA-MRSA in dust from swine farms
16-01-2018 Primary genotoxicity in the liver following pulmonary exposure to carbon black nanoparticles in mice
15-01-2018 Optimal cut-off points for the Short-Negative Act Questionnaire and their association with depressive symptoms and diagnosis of depression [Epub ahead of print]
12-01-2018 Social identity, safety climate and self-reported accidents among construction workers
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