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01-02-2016 Workplace social capital and risk of long-term sickness absence. Are associations modified by occupational grade? [Epub ahead of print]


08-10-2015 Implementation of the Danish return-to-work program: process evaluation of a trial in 21 Danish municipalities
21-04-2015 A participatory physical and psychosocial intervention for balancing the demands and resources among industrial workers (PIPPI): study protocol of a cluster-randomized controlled trial
17-03-2015 Physical capacity and risk for long-term sickness absence: A prospective cohort study among 8664 female health care workers
02-02-2015 Stability of return to work after a coordinated and tailored intervention for sickness absence compensation beneficiaries with mental health problems: results of a two-year follow-up study


31-12-2014 Prediction of future labour market outcome in a cohort of long-term sick-listed Danes
26-06-2014 Increased risk of long-term sickness absence, lower rate of return to work, and higher risk of unemployment and disability pensioning for thyroid patients: a Danish register-based cohort study
11-03-2014 A multisite randomized controlled trial on time to self-support among sickness absence beneficiaries. The Danish national return-to-work programme
03-03-2014 Sick leave patterns as predictors of disability pension or long-term sick leave: a 6.75-year follow-up study in municipal eldercare workers
25-02-2014 Do psychosocial job demands and job resources predict long-term sickness absence? An analysis of register-based outcomes using pooled data on 39,408 individuals in four occupational groups
18-02-2014 Does affective organizational commitment and experience of meaning at work predict long-term sickness absence? An analysis of register-based outcomes using pooled data on 61,302 observations in four o


31-12-2013 Visualizing transitions between multiple states? Illustrated by analysis of social transfer payments
10-12-2013 Prevention of low back pain and its consequences among nurses' aides in elderly care: a stepped-wedge multi-faceted cluster-randomized controlled trial
26-11-2013 A multi-wave study of organizational justice at work and long-term sickness absence among employees with depressive symptoms
14-11-2013 Classroom acoustics and hearing ability as determinants for perceived social climate and intentions to stay at work
12-11-2013 Effects on presenteeism and absenteeism from a 1-year workplace randomized controlled trial among health care workers
01-11-2013 The predictive value of mental health for long-term sickness absence: the Major Depression Inventory (MDI) and the Mental Health Inventory (MHI-5) compared
01-10-2013 Effect of the Danish return-to-work program on long-term sickness absence: results from a randomized controlled trial in three municipalities
30-09-2013 Do psychosocial working conditions modify the effect of depressive symptoms on long-term sickness absence?
16-08-2013 Are environmental characteristics in the municipal eldercare, more closely associated with frequent short sick leave spells among employees than with total sick leave: a cross-sectional study
08-08-2013 Does workplace health promotion in Denmark reach relevant target groups?
20-06-2013 Erfaringer fra det store TTA-projekt
30-05-2013 Effort-reward imbalance at work and risk of long-term sickness absence in the Danish workforce
12-04-2013 Early coordinated multidisciplinary intervention to prevent sickness absence and labour market exclusion in patients with low back pain: study protocol of a randomized controlled trial
01-03-2013 Effectiveness of a coordinated and tailored return-to-work intervention for sickness absence beneficiaries with mental health problems
05-02-2013 The relationship between self-efficacy and help evasion
22-01-2013 Distribution of subjective health complaints, and their association with register based sickness absence in the Danish working population
22-01-2013 Encounters between workers sick-listed with common mental disorders and return-to-work stakeholders. Does workers' gender matter?
21-01-2013 Sleep disturbances and fatigue: Independent predictors of sickness absence? A prospective study among 6538 employees
17-01-2013 Healing a vulnerable self: Exploring return to work for women with mental health problems


31-12-2012 Does an exercise intervention improving aerobic capacity among construction workers also improve musculoskeletal pain, work ability, productivity, perceived physical exertion, and sick leave? A random
31-12-2012 Does job satisfaction predict early return to work after coronary agioplasty or cardiac surgery?
30-10-2012 Why are they leaving? Causes of actual turnover in the Danish eldercare services
02-10-2012 Exposure to disturbing noise and risk of long-term sickness absence among office workers: A prospective analysis of register-based outcomes
02-10-2012 A one-item workability measure mediates work demands, individual resources and health in the prediction of sickness absence
28-09-2012 To what extent do single symptoms from a depression rating scale predict risk of long-term sickness absence among employees who are free of clinical depression?
27-09-2012 Work-related factors and early retirement intention: a study of the Danish eldercare sector
03-09-2012 Threshold of musculoskeletal pain intensity for increased risk of long-term sickness absence among female healthcare workers in eldercare
24-08-2012 Does psychosocial well-being mediate the association between experiences of acts of offensive behaviour and turnover among care workers? A longitudinal analysis
21-08-2012 Why do people with suboptimal health avoid health promotion at work?
28-06-2012 Dose-response relation between perceived physical exertion during healthcare work and risk of long-term sickness absence
11-06-2012 Enterprise size and return to work after stroke
08-05-2012 Transitions between sickness absence, work, unemployment, and disability in Denmark 2004-2008
08-05-2012 Time trend analysis of return to work after stroke in Denmark 1996-2006
26-04-2012 The association between health and sickness absence among Danish and non-Western immigrant cleaners in Denmark
10-02-2012 Implementation of a coordinated and tailored return-to-work intervention for employees with mental health problems
19-01-2012 The Danish national return-to-work program - aims, content, and design of the process and effect evaluation
19-01-2012 Health, work, and personal-related predictors of time to return to work among employees with mental health problems
05-01-2012 Low heart rate variability is associated with extended pain-related sick leave among employed care-seekers
05-01-2012 Effects of classroom acoustics and self-reported noise exposure on teachers' well-being


22-11-2011 Effects on musculoskeletal pain, work ability and sickness absence in a 1-year randomised controlled trial among cleaners
15-11-2011 Does muscle strength predict future musculoskeletal disorders and sickness absence?
15-11-2011 A nationwide prospective cohort study on return to gainful occupation after stroke in Denmark 1996-2006
15-11-2011 A prospective cohort study on musculoskeletal risk factors for long-term sickness absence among healthcare workers in eldercare
31-10-2011 Meta-synthesis of qualitative research on return to work among employees with common mental disorders
06-09-2011 Cancer as the cause of changes in work situation (a NOCWO study)
19-08-2011 The association between psychosocial work environment, attitudes towards older workers (ageism) and planned retirement
18-08-2011 Return to work among employees with long-term sickness absence in eldercare: a prospective analysis of resgister-based outcomes
12-08-2011 Pressure pain sensitivity maps, self-reported musculoskeletal disorders and sickness absence among cleaners
12-08-2011 Work environment as predictor of long-term sickness absence: Linkage of self-reported DWECS data with the DREAM register
11-08-2011 Acts of offensive behaviour and risk of long-term sickness adsence in the Danish elder-care services: a prospective analysis of register-based outcomes
11-08-2011 Job demands, job resources and long-term sickness absence in the Danish eldercare services: a prospective analysis of register-based outcomes
23-06-2011 Bullying and employee turnover among healthcare workers: a three-wave prospective study
21-06-2011 Direct and indirect effects in a survival context
17-06-2011 One-year prospective study on the effect of workplace bullying on long-term sickness absence
17-06-2011 Does collective efficacy moderate the associations between physical work load and intention to leave or sickness absence?
17-06-2011 Enterprise size and risk of hospital treated injuries among manual construction workers in Denmark: a study protocol
10-05-2011 Sickness absence associated with shared and open-plan offices - a national cross sectional questionnaire survey
05-04-2011 The attribution of work environment in explaining gender differences in long-term sickness absence: results from the prospective DREAM study
07-03-2011 Do lifestyle factors and general health predict dropout among recently qualified eldercare workers? A two-year follow-up study
13-01-2011 Study protocol to a nationwide prospective cohort on return to gainful occupation after stroke in Denmark 1996 - 2006
06-01-2011 Do positive psychosocial work factors protect against 2-year incidence of long-term sickness absence among employees with and those without depressive symptoms? A prospective study


16-12-2010 Do positive work-related states mediate the association between psychosocial work characteristics and turnover? A longitudinal analysis
13-12-2010 Predictors of return to work in employees sick-listed with mental health problems: findings from a longitudinal study
16-11-2010 A prospective cohort study on severe pain as a risk factor for long-term sickness absence in blue- and white-collar workers
15-10-2010 Return to work among employees with common mental disorders: Study design and baseline findings from a mixed-method follow-up study
15-10-2010 Impact of burnout and psychosocial work characteristics on future long-term sickness absence. Prospective results of the Danish PUMA study among human service workers
02-09-2010 Clinical and non-clinical depressive symptoms and risk of long-term sickness absence among female employees in the Danish eldercare sector
31-08-2010 Are low back pain and low physical capacity risk indicators for dropout among recently qualified eldercare workers? A follow-up study
13-08-2010 Disability retirement among workers involved in large construction projects
14-06-2010 The impact of self-reported exposure to whole-body-vibrations on the risk of disability pension among men: a 15 year prospective study.
19-04-2010 Predicting flow at work: investigating the activities and job characteristics that predict flow states at work
19-01-2010 Do fear-avoidance beliefs play a role on the association between low back pain and sickness absence? A prospective cohort study among female health care workers
05-01-2010 The fraction of disability pensions attributable to smoking and obesity. Results from a 15-year follow-up study
05-01-2010 Positive work-related states and long-term sickness absence: A study of register-based outcomes


22-12-2009 Do psychosocial work environment factors measured with scales from the Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire predict register-based sickness absence of 3 weeks or more in Denmark?
10-12-2009 Prognostic factors for long-term sickness absence among employees with neck-shoulder and low-back pain
23-11-2009 The impact of ergonomic work environment exposures on the risk of disability pension. Prospective results from DWECS/DREAM.
03-11-2009 Psychological well-being as a predictor of dropout among recently qualified Danish eldercare workers
23-10-2009 Differences in sickness absence in Sweden and Denmark: the cross national HAKNAK study
23-10-2009 Multidimensional intervention and sickness absence in assistant nursing students
10-09-2009 The impact of job satisfaction on the risk of disability pension. A 15-year prospective study.
10-09-2009 Course, diagnosis, and treatment of depressive symptomatology in workers following a workplace injury: A prospective cohort study
01-09-2009 Perceptions of possibilities of returning to work with chronic musculoskeletal disorders
26-05-2009 Socio-economic differences in the association between sickness absence and mortality: the prospective DREAM study of Danish private sector employees
26-05-2009 Coordinated and tailored work rehabilitation: A randomized controlled trial with economic evaluation undertaken with workers on sick leave due to musculoskeletal disorders
28-04-2009 Predicting long-term sickness absence and early retirement pension from self-reported work ability
28-04-2009 Interventions to improve occupational health in depressed people (review)
24-04-2009 Work injuries and disability
03-03-2009 Self-reported occupational skin contact with cleaning agents and the risk of disability pension
13-01-2009 Self-reported noise exposure as a risk factor for long-term sickness absence


01-10-2008 Conceptual framework of sickness absence and return to work, focusing on both the individual and the contextual level
01-08-2008 Shift work and sickness absence
01-07-2008 Resources and quality of care in services for the elderly
01-05-2008 A 15-year prospective study of shift work and disability pension
01-04-2008 Associations between psychological demands, decision latitude, and job strain with smoking in female hotel room cleaners in Las Vegas
01-04-2008 Explaining the social gradient in long-term sickness absence: a prospective study of Danish employees
01-04-2008 Job insecurity, chances on the labour market and decline in self-rated health in a representative sample of the Danish workforce
01-04-2008 Severe depressive symptoms as predictor of disability pension: a 10-year follow-up study in Denmark
01-01-2008 Who is at risk for long-term sickness absence? A prospective cohort study of Danish employees
01-01-2008 Self-reported sickness absence as a risk marker of future disability pension. Prospective findings from the DWECS/DREAM study 1990-2004
01-01-2008 High cost-benefit of early team-based biomedical and cognitive-behaviour intervention for long-term pain-related sickness absence


01-12-2007 Effort-reward imbalance and incidence of low back and neck injuries in San Francisco transit operators
01-12-2007 The contribution of the psychosocial work environment to sickness absence in human service workers: results from a 3-year follow-up
01-10-2007 The association of socioeconomic status and psychosocial and physical workplace factors with musculoskeletal injury in hospital workers
01-09-2007 Stress - en guds gave eller et satanisk mesterværk?
01-09-2007 Indflydelse i vidensarbejdet - kan man få for meget af det gode?
01-09-2007 From conflict to shared development: social capital in a tayloristic environment
01-08-2007 Health status, work limitations, and return-to-work trajectories in injured workers with musculoskeletal disorders
01-08-2007 Analyzing sickness absence using statistical models for survival data
01-07-2007 Does self-efficacy predict return-to-work after sickness absence? A prospective study among 930 employees with sickness absence for three weeks or more
01-06-2007 The impact of health behaviour on long term sickness absence: results from DWECS/DREAM
01-05-2007 Trapezius muscle rest time during standardised computer work - A comparison of female computer users with and without self-reported neck/shoulder complaints
01-04-2007 Owner attitudes and self reported behavior towards modified work after occupational injury absence in small enterprises: A qualitative study
01-04-2007 Prioritizing occupational injury prevention in the construction industry: injury severity or absence?
01-04-2007 Using action research to improve health and the work environment for 3500 municipal bus drivers
01-03-2007 Predictors of disability pension over a 10-year period for men and women
01-03-2007 Lange og skæve arbejdstider - kan øget indflydelse bedre balancen?
01-03-2007 Prospective analysis of disability retirement as a consequence of injuries in a labour force population
01-02-2007 Multilevel analysis of individual and contextual factors as predictors of Return to Work
01-02-2007 Selvrapporteret stress og risiko for brystkræft - sekundærpublikation


01-12-2006 Prospective study of physical and psychosocial risk factors for sickness absence
01-12-2006 Depressive symptoms and the risk of long-term sickness absence: a prospective study among 4747 employees in Denmark
01-12-2006 Multilevel analysis of workplace and individual risk factors for long-term sickness absence
01-12-2006 Interventions to improve occupational health in depressed people (Protocol)
01-09-2006 Psychosocial work environment predictors of short and long spells of registered sickness absence during a 2-year follow-up
01-09-2006 Fysisk belastende arbejde øger risikoen for langtidssygefravær - sekundærpublikation
01-09-2006 Psychosocial work environment and incidence of severe depressive symptoms: prospective findings from a 5-year follow-up of the Danish Work Environment Cohort Study
01-09-2006 Measuring the physical demands of work in hospital settings: design and implementation of an ergonomics assessment
01-06-2006 Physical work environment risk factors for long term sickness absence: prospective findings among a cohort of 5357 employees in Denmark
01-04-2006 Psychosocial work environment and registered absence from work: estimating the etiologic fraction
01-03-2006 Return to work among sickness-absent Danish employees: prospective results from the Danish Work Environment Cohort Study/National Register on Social Transfer Payments
01-03-2006 Burnout as a predictor of self-reported sickness absence among human service workers: prospective findings from three year follow up of the PUMA study
01-03-2006 Burnout among employees in human service work: design and baseline findings of the PUMA study
01-01-2006 Psychosocial work characteristics as predictors for burnout: findings from 3-year follow up of the PUMA study
01-01-2006 Psychosocial work environment exposures as risk factors for long-term sickness absence among Danish employees: results from DWECS/DREAM
01-01-2006 Who retires early and why? Determinants of early retirement pension among Danish employees 57-62 years


01-12-2005 Workplace levels of psychosocial factors as prospective predictors of registered sickness absence
01-12-2005 Physical workload, work intensification, and prevalence of pain in low wage workers: results from a participatory research project with hotel room cleaners in Las Vegas
01-10-2005 Psychological distress, fatigue and long-term sickness absence: prospective results from the Maastricht Cohort Study
01-05-2005 Work-related pain and injury and barriers to workers' compensation among Las Vegas hotel room cleaners
01-05-2005 Job strain, iso-strain, and the incidence of low back and neck injuries. A 7.5-year prospective study of San Francisco transit operators
01-05-2005 Integrating qualitative research into occupational health: a case study among hospital workers
01-01-2005 Impact of the psychosocial work environment on registered absence from work: a two-year longitudinal study using the IPAW cohort


01-12-2004 Physical workload, ergonomic problems, and incidence of low back injury: a 7.5-year prospective study of San Francisco transit operators
01-11-2004 The psychosocial work environment and musculoskeletal disorders: design of a comprehensive interviewer-administered questionnaire
01-11-2004 Predicting the two-year course of unexplained fatigue and the onset of long-term sickness absence in fatigued employees: results from the Maastricht Cohort Study.
01-08-2004 Comprehensive health promotion interventions at the workplace: experiences with health circles in Germany
01-08-2004 Work environment and smoking cessation over a five-year period
01-08-2004 The Healthy Bus project in Denmark: need for an action potential assessment
01-08-2004 Anxiety and depression in the working population using the HAD Scale: psychometrics, prevalence and relationships with psychosocial work characteristics
01-06-2004 Evaluation of salivary cortisol as a biomarker of self-reported mental stress in field studies
01-01-2004 Associations between repetitive work and endocrinological indicators of stress


01-11-2003 Work-related violence as a predictor of fatigue: a 5-year follow-up of the Danish work environment cohort study
01-11-2003 Risk factors in health, work environment, smoking status and organizational context for work disability
01-11-2003 The effect of work environment and heavy smoking on the social inequalities in smoking cessation,
01-07-2003 Incidence of injury and physical performance adaptations during military training
01-07-2003 Work schedules and fatigue: a prospective cohort study
01-07-2003 Antecedents and consequences of work-family conflict: a prospective cohort study
01-05-2003 Hvor længe holder en medicinsk sandhed?
01-04-2003 Sektorforskningsinstitutternes rolle i forskningen
01-01-2003 The Intervention Project on Absence and Well-being (IPAW): design and results from the baseline of a 5-year study


01-10-2002 Socioeconomic status and psychosocial work environment: results from a Danish national study
01-10-2002 Hospitalizations among teachers in Denmark 1981-1997
01-09-2002 Work-related psychosocial, physical and individual factors associated with musculoskeletal symptoms in computer users
01-09-2002 Demand and control in human service work in relation to selfrated oral health
01-04-2002 Physical, psychosocial, and individual risk factors for neck/shoulder pain with pressure tenderness in the muscles among workers performing monotonous, repetitive work
01-03-2002 Muscle activity and cardiovascular response during computer-mouse work with and without memory demands
01-01-2002 Coping with bullying in the workplace
01-01-2002 The Danish psychosocial work environment and symptoms of stress: the main, mediating and moderating role of sense of coherence
01-01-2002 Broadening the view of exposure assessment
01-01-2002 Social determinants of dietary habits in Denmark
01-01-2002 Udviklingen i kostvaner i Danmark og Sverige siden 1960'erne


01-11-2001 Stress markers in relation to job strain in human service organizations
01-10-2001 Work environment factors, health, lifestyle and marital status as predictors of job change and early retirement in physically heavy occupations
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