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Scientific papers



23-05-2016 Improvements in health-related quality of life with liraglutide 3.0 mg compared with placebo in weight management [Epub ahead of print]
10-05-2016 Method for a homogeneous distribution of pollens in an environmental exposure chamber [Epub ahead of print]
03-05-2016 Take a stand!-a multi-component intervention aimed at reducing sitting time among office workers-a cluster randomized trial [Epub ahead of print]
26-04-2016 Prediction of objectively measured physical activity and sedentariness among blue-collar work using survey questionnaires [Epub ahead of print]
11-04-2016 Effect of a participatory organizational-level occupational health intervention on short-term sickness absence: a cluster randomized controlled trial [Epub ahead of print]
11-04-2016 Psychosocial work environment and retirement age: a prospective study of 1876 senior employees [Epub ahead of print]
05-04-2016 Long working hours and use of psychotropic medicine: a follow-up study with register linkage
04-03-2016 Fra arbejdsmiljøindsats til daglig praksis i små virksomheder
29-02-2016 Linking data on work, health and lifestyle to explain socio-occupational inequality in Danish register-based incidence of diabetes [Epub ahead of print]
25-02-2016 Effect of rheumatoid arthritis on longterm sickness absence in 1994-2011: A Danish cohort study[Epub ahead of print]
09-02-2016 Effects on muscle strength, maximal jump height, flexibility and postural sway after soccer and Zumba exercise among female hospital employees: a 9-month randomised controlled trial [Epub ahead of pri
02-02-2016 Validation of the eating pattern inventory for children in a general population sample of 11- to 12-year-old children [Epub ahead of print]
01-02-2016 School education, physical performance in late midlife and allostatic load: a retrospective cohort study [Epub ahead of print]


31-12-2015 The urban-rural gradient In asthma: A population-based study in Northern Europe
05-11-2015 Student performance in Pisa 2012 (mathematics) explained by gender, immigrant background, index of economic, social and cultural status for students and schools
07-09-2015 Medically unexplained symptoms and the risk of loss of labor market participation - a prospective study in the Danish population
14-08-2015 Is intelligence in early adulthood associated with midlife physical performance among Danish males?
13-08-2015 Cohort Profile: The Copenhagen Aging and Midlife Biobank (CAMB) [Epub ahead of print]
16-03-2015 Risk of breast cancer in relation to combined effects of hormone therapy, body mass index, and alcohol use, by hormone-receptor status
19-02-2015 A prospective study of occupational status and disability retirement among employees with diabetes in Denmark


31-12-2014 Surveillance of hospital contacts among Danish seafarers and fishermen with focus on skin and infectious diseases - A population-based cohort study
31-12-2014 Prediction of future labour market outcome in a cohort of long-term sick-listed Danes
31-12-2014 The aggression observation short form identified episodes not reported on the Staff Observation Aggression Scale-Revised
31-12-2014 Dimensional comparability of psychosocial working conditions as covered in European monitoring questionnaires
27-11-2014 Heart rate variability analysis using robust period detection
11-11-2014 Socio-economic status and incident diabetes mellitus among employees in Denmark: a prospective analysis with 10-year follow-up
07-08-2014 Correlation between relative rates of hospital treatment or death due to ischaemic heart disease (IHD) and of IHD-related medication among socio-occupational and economic activities groups in Denmark,
03-07-2014 Development and implementation of PROgmatic: A clinical trial management system for pragmatic multi-centre trials, optimised for electronic data capture and patient-reported outcomes
10-04-2014 The PROMIS Physical Function item bank was calibrated to a standardized metric and shown to improve measurement efficiency
20-03-2014 Do psychosocial work conditions predict risk of disability pensioning? An analysis of register-based outcomes using pooled data on 40,554 observations
13-03-2014 Does affective organizational commitment and experience of meaning at work predict risk of disability pensioning? An analysis of register-based outcomes using pooled data on 40,554 observations in fou
25-02-2014 Do psychosocial job demands and job resources predict long-term sickness absence? An analysis of register-based outcomes using pooled data on 39,408 individuals in four occupational groups
18-02-2014 Does affective organizational commitment and experience of meaning at work predict long-term sickness absence? An analysis of register-based outcomes using pooled data on 61,302 observations in four o


31-12-2013 Study protocol for examining job strain as a risk factor for severe unipolar depression in an individual participant meta-analysis of 14 European cohorts
31-12-2013 Few items in the thyroid-related quality of life instrument ThyPRO exhibited differential item functioning
31-12-2013 Benchmarks for interpretation of score differences on the SF-36 health survey for patients with diabetes
31-12-2013 Visualizing transitions between multiple states? Illustrated by analysis of social transfer payments
19-12-2013 Development and evaluation of a crosswalk between the SF-36 physical functioning scale and Health Assessment Questionnaire disability index in rheumatoid arthritis
19-12-2013 Difference in method of administration did not significantly impact item response: an IRT-based analysis from the Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS) initiative
19-12-2013 A comparison of health-related quality of life (health utility) between insulin degludec and insulin glargine: a meta-analysis of phase 3 trials
17-12-2013 Health-related quality of life (HRQL) for individuals with self-reported chronic physical and/or mental health conditions: panel survey of an adult sample in the United States
12-12-2013 Labour market transitions of young workers in Nordic and southern European countries: the role of flexicurity
03-12-2013 Method of administration of PROMIS scales did not significantly impact score level, reliability, or validity
26-11-2013 A multi-wave study of organizational justice at work and long-term sickness absence among employees with depressive symptoms
12-11-2013 Associations of job strain and lifestyle risk factors with risk of coronary artery disease: a meta-analysis of individual participant data
01-11-2013 The predictive value of mental health for long-term sickness absence: the Major Depression Inventory (MDI) and the Mental Health Inventory (MHI-5) compared
30-09-2013 Job strain and cardiovascular disease risk factors: meta-analysis of individual-participant data from 47,000 men and women
19-08-2013 Social relations and smoking abstinence among ever-smokers: a report from two large population-based Danish cohort studies
19-08-2013 Perceived job insecurity as a risk factor for incident coronary heart disease: systematic review and meta-analysis
16-08-2013 Evaluation of a role functioning computer adaptive test (RF-CAT)
08-08-2013 Does workplace health promotion in Denmark reach relevant target groups?
05-08-2013 Selenium supplementation for patients with Graves' hyperthyroidism (the GRASS trial): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial
21-06-2013 Association of sleep disturbances with reduced semen quality: a cross-sectional study among 953 healthy young Danish men
30-05-2013 Effort-reward imbalance at work and risk of long-term sickness absence in the Danish workforce
01-03-2013 Chronic lower respiratory diseases among demolition and cement workers: a population-based register study
22-01-2013 Distribution of subjective health complaints, and their association with register based sickness absence in the Danish working population
21-01-2013 Sleep disturbances and fatigue: Independent predictors of sickness absence? A prospective study among 6538 employees
21-01-2013 Antidepressant use and associations with psychosocial work characteristics. A comparative study of Swedish an Danish gainfully employed
18-01-2013 Job strain as a risk factor for leisure-time physical inactivity: An individual-participant meta-analysis of up to 170,000 men and women


31-12-2012 Short and precise patient self-assessment of heart failure symptoms using a computerized adaptive test
22-11-2012 Health inequality - determinants and policies
02-10-2012 Exposure to disturbing noise and risk of long-term sickness absence among office workers: A prospective analysis of register-based outcomes
02-10-2012 A one-item workability measure mediates work demands, individual resources and health in the prediction of sickness absence
17-09-2012 Job strain as a risk factor for coronary heart disease: A collaborative meta-analysis of individual participant data
04-09-2012 Job strain and tobacco smoking: An individual-participant data meta-analysis of 166 130 adults in 15 European studies
04-09-2012 Job strain and alcohol intake: A collaborative meta-analysis of individual-participant data from 140000 men and women
28-06-2012 Computerized adaptive testing - ready for ambulatory monitoring?
11-06-2012 Enterprise size and return to work after stroke
08-05-2012 Time trend analysis of return to work after stroke in Denmark 1996-2006
29-03-2012 Jobs encompassing prolonged sitting in cramped positions and risk of venous thromboembolism: Cohort study
19-01-2012 Job strain in relation to body mass index: pooled analysis of 160 000 adults from 13 cohort studies
05-01-2012 Work-related violence and incident use of psychotropics


15-11-2011 Does muscle strength predict future musculoskeletal disorders and sickness absence?
15-11-2011 A nationwide prospective cohort study on return to gainful occupation after stroke in Denmark 1996-2006
19-08-2011 The association between psychosocial work environment, attitudes towards older workers (ageism) and planned retirement
18-08-2011 Measurement of social support, community and trust in dentistry
12-08-2011 Work environment as predictor of long-term sickness absence: Linkage of self-reported DWECS data with the DREAM register
11-08-2011 Occupation, morbidity, and hospital admission
27-06-2011 Occupational physical activity and mortality among Danish workers
21-06-2011 Direct and indirect effects in a survival context
17-06-2011 Enterprise size and risk of hospital treated injuries among manual construction workers in Denmark: a study protocol
27-05-2011 Meningitis, septis and endocarditis among workers occupationally exposed to pigs
10-05-2011 Sickness absence associated with shared and open-plan offices - a national cross sectional questionnaire survey
10-05-2011 The health paradox of occupational and leisure-time physical activity
07-02-2011 Industrial differences in female fertility treatment rates - A new approach to assess differences related to occupation?
13-01-2011 Study protocol to a nationwide prospective cohort on return to gainful occupation after stroke in Denmark 1996 - 2006
06-01-2011 Do positive psychosocial work factors protect against 2-year incidence of long-term sickness absence among employees with and those without depressive symptoms? A prospective study


16-11-2010 A prospective cohort study on severe pain as a risk factor for long-term sickness absence in blue- and white-collar workers
16-11-2010 Impaired health-related quality of life in patients treated for Wegener's granulomatosis
13-08-2010 Reliability of the Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire
18-06-2010 Industry and injury hospital contacts: a follow-up study on injuries among working men in Denmark
14-06-2010 The impact of self-reported exposure to whole-body-vibrations on the risk of disability pension among men: a 15 year prospective study.
08-06-2010 Person-related work and incident use of antidepressants: relations and mediating factors from the Danish work environment cohort study
04-02-2010 Health and role functioning: the use of focus groups in the development of an item bank


10-12-2009 Prognostic factors for long-term sickness absence among employees with neck-shoulder and low-back pain
23-10-2009 Differences in sickness absence in Sweden and Denmark: the cross national HAKNAK study
09-10-2009 Hospitalization for lifestyle related diseases in long haul drivers compared with other truck drivers and the working population at large
15-09-2009 Distribution of effort-reward imbalance in Denmark and its prospective association with a decline in self-rated health
26-05-2009 Work-relatedness of mood disorders in Denmark
28-04-2009 Predicting long-term sickness absence and early retirement pension from self-reported work ability
24-04-2009 Work injuries and disability
03-04-2009 Increased incidence of infertility treatment among women working in the plastics industry
03-03-2009 A nationwide population study of severe head injury and Parkinson's diseases
13-01-2009 Effort-reward imbalance at work and risk of sleep disturbances. Cross-sectional and prospective results from the Danish Work Environment Cohort Study


19-12-2008 The causal relation between lead and lag indicators
01-12-2008 Infertility among women working in horticulture. A follow-up study in the Danish Occupational Hospitalization Register
01-12-2008 Does evening work predict sickness absence among female carers for the elderly?
01-10-2008 An evaluation of patient-reported outcomes found computerized adaptive testing was efficient in assessing stress perception
01-09-2008 The relation between work-related psychosocial factors and the development of depression
01-09-2008 The impact of psychosocial work environment factors on the risk of disability pension in Denmark
01-09-2008 Workplace restructurings in intervention studies - a challenge for design, analysis and interpretation
01-08-2008 How to measure trends in the work environment - a workshop at the International NAM-NIVA Summer School
01-04-2008 Hospital contacts for noise-related hearing loss among Danish seafares and fishermen - a population-based cohort study
01-01-2008 Tools for regulatory assessment of occupational exposure: development and challenges


01-11-2007 Working in small enterprises - Is there a special risk?
01-10-2007 Locomotor diseases among male long-haul truck drivers and other professional drivers
01-09-2007 A randomized trial of mailed questionnaires versus telephone interviews: response patterns in a survey
01-08-2007 The fraction of long-term sickness absence attributable to work environmental factors: prospective results from the Danish Work Environment Cohort Study
01-06-2007 Hospital contacts for chronic diseases among Danish seafarers and fishermen: a population-based cohort study
01-04-2007 Prioritizing occupational injury prevention in the construction industry: injury severity or absence?
01-03-2007 Prospective analysis of disability retirement as a consequence of injuries in a labour force population


01-12-2006 Quantifying inequality in health in the absence of a natural reference group
01-12-2006 The risk of infertility among hairdressers. Five-year follow-up of female hairdressers in a Danish national registry
01-12-2006 Industrial sectors with high risk of women's hospital-treated injuries
01-06-2006 Stroke among male professional drivers in Denmark, 1994-2003
01-06-2006 A 12 year prospective study of circulatory disease among Danish shift workers


01-12-2005 Mortality and morbidity among bridge and tunnel construction workers who worked long hours and long days constructing the Great Belt Fixed Link
01-11-2005 Smoking and height as risk factors for prevalence and 5-year incidence of hearing loss. A questionnaire-based follow-up study of employees in Denmark aged 18-59 years exposed and unexposed to noise.
01-11-2005 Prolonged standing at work and hospitalisation due to varicose veins: a 12 year prospective study of the Danish population
01-08-2005 Danish work environment cohort study 2005: from idea to sampling design
01-04-2005 Hospitalisations among seafarers on merchant ships
01-02-2005 Industrial differences in disability retirement rates in Denmark 1996-2000
01-01-2005 The distinction between work pace and working hours in the measurement of quantitative demands at work.


01-12-2004 Occupational factors and 5-year weight change among men in a Danish national cohort
01-11-2004 The psychosocial work environment and musculoskeletal disorders: design of a comprehensive interviewer-administered questionnaire
01-11-2004 Do factors in the psychosocial work environment mediate the effect of socioeconomic position on the risk of myocardial infarction? Study from the Copenhagen Centre for Prospective Population Studies
01-10-2004 Occupational exposure to air pollution and cancer risk among Danish urban mail carriers
01-08-2004 Work environment and somatic hospital admissions in Denmark 1994-1999
01-08-2004 Referral bias in hospital register studies of geographical and industrial differences in health
01-05-2004 Semen quality and sedentary work position
01-04-2004 Building camps and work related injuries


01-11-2003 Socioeconomic status, occupation, and risk of hospitalisation due to coxarthrosis in Denmark 1981-99
01-11-2003 The effect of work environment and heavy smoking on the social inequalities in smoking cessation,
01-08-2003 A validation of information on occupation - data from a nested case-control study
01-08-2003 Opfølgende undersøgelse af danske rustfrit stål-svejsere, tidligere undersøgt i 1987
01-08-2003 Trends in the Danish work environment in 1990-2000 and their associations with labor-force changes
01-03-2003 Risk factors predicting hip pain in a 5-year prospective cohort study


01-10-2002 Hospitalizations among teachers in Denmark 1981-1997
01-09-2002 Hospitalizations among employees in the Danish hotel and restaurant industry
01-02-2002 Hospitalizations among female home-helpers in Denmark, 1981-1997
01-01-2002 An extension of relational methods in mortality estimation
01-01-2002 Behavioural effects in rats after prenatal exposure to dearomatized white spirit


01-11-2001 Life expectancies among survivors of acute cerebrovascular disease
01-11-2001 Presentation and derivation of a five-parameter survival function intended to model mortality in modern female populations
01-10-2001 Life expectancies for individuals with psychiatric diagnoses
01-08-2001 Manhood trials and the law of mortality
01-05-2001 Hospital admissions among male drivers in Denmark
01-05-2001 Work environment of Danish shift and day workers
01-05-2001 Arbejdsbelastninger, køn og alder blandt personer med anmeldte pludselige løfteskader, 1998


31-12-2000 Use of a national hospitalization register to identify industrial sectors carrying high risk of severe injuries: a three-year cohort study of more than 900,000 Danish men
31-12-2000 Practical implications of item response theory and computerized adaptive testing. A brief summary of ongoing studies of widely used headache impact scales.
31-12-2000 Fatigue in the Danish general population. Influence of sociodemographic factors and disease
30-06-2000 Social and occupational differences in chronic obstructive lung disease in Denmark 1981-1993
30-06-2000 Item bias in indices measuring psychosocial work environment and health
30-03-2000 High-risk occupations for cardiovascular disease
30-03-2000 Agricultural work and the risk of Parkinson's disease in Denmark, 1981-1993
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