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20-05-2016 No cytotoxicity or genotoxicity of graphene and graphene oxide in murine lung epithelial FE1 cells in vitro [Epub ahead of print]
12-05-2016 Meta-analysis of transcriptomic responses as a means to identify pulmonary disease outcomes for engineered nanomaterials
28-04-2016 Control banding tools for occupational exposure assessment of nanomaterials - Ready for use in a regulatory context? [Epub ahead of print]
07-04-2016 A multilaboratory toxicological assessment of a panel of 10 engineered nanomaterials to human health-ENPRA Project - The highlights, limitations, and current and future challenges
05-04-2016 Atherosclerosis and vasomotor dysfunction in arteries of animals after exposure to combustion-derived particulate matter or nanomaterials
29-03-2016 Nano-risk Science: Application of toxicogenomics in an adverse outcome pathway framework for risk assessment of multi-walled carbon nanotubes
29-02-2016 Demonstration of a modelling-based multi-criteria decision analysis procedure for prioritization of occupational risks from manufactured nanomaterials [Epub ahead of print]
25-02-2016 Impact of serum as a dispersion agent for in vitro and in vivo toxicological assessments of TiO nanoparticles [Epub ahead of print]


31-12-2015 Nanomaterial translocation-the biokinetics, tissue accumulation, toxicity and fate of materials in secondary organs - A review
31-12-2015 In vitro and in vivo genotoxic effects of straight versus tangled multi-walled carbon nanotubes [Epub ahead of print]
31-12-2015 Size-resolved characterization of particles and fibers released during abrasion of fiber-reinforced composite in a workplace influenced by ambient background sources
17-11-2015 Carbon black nanoparticles induce biphasic gene expression changes associated with inflammatory responses in the lungs of C57BL/6 mice following a single intratracheal instillation
17-11-2015 Can we trust real time measurements of lung deposited surface area concentrations in dust from powder nanomaterials? [Epub ahead of print]
10-11-2015 A proposed in vitro method to assess effects of inhaled particles on lung surfactant function
05-11-2015 The murine lung microbiome changes during lung inflammation and intranasal vancomycin treatment
23-10-2015 Exposure assessment of particulate matter from abrasive treatment of carbon and glass fibre-reinforced epoxy-composites - Two case studies
28-09-2015 Techniques and protocols for dispersing nanoparticle powders in aqueous media-is there a rationale for harmonization?
22-09-2015 Reproductive and developmental toxicity of carbon-based nanomaterials: A literature review
27-08-2015 Acute and subacute pulmonary toxicity and mortality in mice after intratracheal instillation of ZnO nanoparticles in three laboratories
20-08-2015 Visualization of nanofibrillar cellulose in biological tissues using a biotinylated carbohydrate binding module of beta-1,4-glycanase
14-08-2015 Influence of relative humidity and physical load during storage on dustiness of inorganic nanomaterials: implications for testing and risk assessment
03-07-2015 Limitations in the use of unipolar charging for electrical mobility sizing instruments: A study of the fast mobility particle sizer
29-06-2015 A perspective on the developmental toxicity of inhaled nanoparticles
22-06-2015 Monocyte adhesion induced by multi-walled carbon nanotubes and palmitic acid in endothelial cells and alveolar-endothelial co-cultures
26-05-2015 Intratracheally instilled titanium dioxide nanoparticles translocate to heart and liver and activate complement cascade in the heart of C57BL/6 mice
18-05-2015 Comparative hazard identification by a single dose lung exposure of zinc oxide and silver nanomaterials in mice
18-05-2015 Carbon black nanoparticles and other problematic constituents of black ink and their potential to harm tattooed humans
06-05-2015 Interactions between nanoparticles and lung surfactant investigated by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry
13-04-2015 Worker exposure and high time-resolution analyses of process-related submicrometre particle concentrations at mixing stations in two paint factories
13-04-2015 Exposure to airborne particles and volatile organic compounds from polyurethane molding, spray painting, lacquering, and gluing in a workshop
10-04-2015 Workplace performance of a loose-fitting powered air purifying respirator during nanoparticle synthesis
10-04-2015 DNA strand breaks, acute phase response and inflammation following pulmonary exposure by instillation to the diesel exhaust particle NIST1650b in mice
17-02-2015 An in vitro method for predicting inhalation toxicity of impregnation spray products
27-01-2015 Time-dependent subcellular distribution and effects of carbon nanotubes in lungs of mice


31-12-2014 Characterization of exposure to carbon nanotubes in an industrial setting
31-12-2014 Transcriptional profiling identifies physicochemical properties of nanomaterials that are determinants of the in vivo pulmonary response
31-12-2014 In vivo toxicity of cationic micelles and liposomes
15-12-2014 Testing the near field/far field model performance for prediction of particulate matter emissions in a paint factory
18-11-2014 High throughput sample processing and automated scoring
17-11-2014 Characterization of genotoxic response to 15 multiwalled carbon nanotubes with variable physicochemical properties including surface functionalizations in the FE1-Muta(TM) mouse lung epithelial cell l
30-09-2014 Variability in particle size determination by nanoparticle tracking analysis
22-09-2014 Role of oxidative stress in carbon nanotube-generated health effects
19-09-2014 Measurement of oxidative damage to DNA in nanomaterial exposed cells and animals
25-08-2014 Tissue distribution and elimination after oral and intravenous administration of different titanium dioxide nanoparticles in rats
12-08-2014 Comparison of dust release from epoxy and paint nanocomposites and conventional products during sanding and sawing
07-08-2014 DNA damage following pulmonary exposure by instillation to low doses of carbon black (Printex 90) nanoparticles in mice
16-06-2014 Particle-induced pulmonary acute phase response may be the causal link between particle inhalation and cardiovascular disease
03-06-2014 Mechanism of action of lung damage caused by a nanofilm spray product
03-06-2014 ITS-NANO - Prioritising nanosafety research to develop a stakeholder driven intelligent testing strategy
03-06-2014 Range-finding risk assessment of inhalation exposure to nanodiamonds in a laboratory environment
08-04-2014 Vascular effects of multiwalled carbon nanotubes in dyslipidemic ApoE-/- mice and cultured endothelial cells
03-02-2014 FIB-SEM imaging of carbon nanotubes in mouse lung tissue
20-01-2014 Free radical scavenging and formation by multi-walled carbon nanotubes in cell free conditions and in human bronchial epithelial cells
09-01-2014 Biodistribution of rhodamine B fluorescence-labeled cationic nanoparticles in rats


31-12-2013 NanoRiskCat: a conceptual tool for categorization and communication of exposure potentials and hazards of nanomaterials in consumer products [Epub ahead of print]
19-12-2013 Carbon black nanoparticle intratracheal instillation does not alter cardiac gene expression
09-12-2013 Characterization of volcanic ash from the 2011 Grimsvotn eruption by means of single-particle analysis
26-11-2013 Transcriptomic analysis reveals novel mechanistic insight into murine biological responses to multi-walled carbon nanotubes in lungs and cultured lung epithelial cells
22-11-2013 Genotoxicity evaluation of nanosized titanium dioxide, synthetic amorphous silica and multi-walled carbon nanotubes in human lymphocytes
05-11-2013 Micro- and nanostructural characteristics of particles before and after an exhaust gas recirculation system scrubber
01-11-2013 Exposure assessment of four pharmaceutical powders based on dustiness and evaluation of damaged HEPA filters
25-10-2013 Assessing lung inflammation after nanoparticle inhalation using 2-deoxy-2-[F]fluoro-D-glucose positron emission tomography imaging
25-10-2013 Pulmonary toxicity of perfluorinated silane-based nanofilm spray products: solvent-dependency
24-10-2013 Validation of freezing tissues and cells for analysis of DNA strand break levels by comet assay
30-09-2013 Particle-induced pulmonary acute phase response correlates with neutrophil influx linking inhaled particles and cardiovascular risk
24-09-2013 Bioaccumulation and ecotoxicity of carbon nanotubes
20-08-2013 In utero exposure to nanosized carbon black (Printex90) does not induce tandem repeat mutations in female murine germ cells
16-08-2013 Black tattoo inks induce reactive oxygen species production correlating with aggregation of pigment nanoparticles and product brand but not with the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon content
20-06-2013 Effects of lung exposure to carbon nanotubes on female fertility and pregnancy. A study in mice
20-06-2013 Study of ozone-initiated limonene reaction products by low temperature plasma ionization mass spectrometry
09-04-2013 Pulmonary instillation of low doses of titanium dioxide nanoparticles in mice leads to particle retention and gene expression changes in the absence of inflammation
24-01-2013 Maternal inhalation of surface-coated nanosized titanium dioxide (UV-Titan) in C57BL/6 mice: effects in prenatally exposed offspring on hepatic DNA damage and gene expression
22-01-2013 In vitro assessment of engineered nanomaterials using a hepatocyte cell line: Cytotoxicity, pro-inflammatory cytokines and functional markers
22-01-2013 Gene expression profiling to identify potentially relevant disease outcomes and support human health risk assessment for carbon black nanoparticle exposure
22-01-2013 Engineered nanomaterial risk. Lessons learnt from completed nanotoxicology studies: potential solutions to current and future challenges
21-01-2013 Genotoxicity of polyvinylpyrrolidone-coated silver nanoparticles in BEAS 2B cells
15-01-2013 Daily sperm production: application in studies of prenatal exposure to nanoparticles in mice
07-01-2013 Gas chromatography interfaced with atmospheric pressure ionization-quadrupole time-of-flight-mass spectrometry by low-temperature plasma ionization


02-11-2012 Ambient mass spectrometry imaging: A comparison of desorption ionization by sonic spray and electrospray
05-07-2012 Carbon black nanoparticle intratracheal installation results in large and sustained changes in the expression of miR-135b in mouse lung
11-06-2012 NanoTI02 (UV-Titan) does not induce ESTR mutations in the germline of prenatally exposed female mice
11-05-2012 Nano-silver induces dose-response effects on the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans
23-03-2012 Subacute oral toxicity investigation of nanoparticulate and ionic silver in rats
05-03-2012 Carbon black nanoparticle instillation induces sustained inflammation and genotoxicity in mouse lung and liver
05-03-2012 Nanotitanium dioxide toxicity in mouse lung is reduced in sanding dust from paint
27-01-2012 Cytotoxicity, oxidative stress and expression of adhesion molecules in human umbilical vein endothelial cells exposed to dust from paints with or without nanoparticles
09-01-2012 Hepatic and pulmonary toxicogenomic profiles in mice intratracheally instilled with carbon black nanoparticles reveal pulmonary inflammation, acute phase response, and alterations in lipid homeostasis


03-12-2011 Long, needle-like carbon nanotubes and asbestos activate the NLRP3 inflammasome through a similar mechanism
15-11-2011 Exposure of pregnant mice to carbon black by intratracheal instillation: toxicogenomic effects in dams and offspring
14-11-2011 Inflammatory and genotoxic effects of nanoparticles designed for inclusion in paints and lacquers
14-11-2011 Modest effect on plaque progression and vasodilatory function in atherosclerosis-prone mice exposed to nanosized TiO2
14-11-2011 Inflammatory and genotoxic effects of sanding dust generated from nanoparticle-containing paints and laquers
08-11-2011 Influence of serum on in situ proliferation and genotoxicity in A549 human lung cells exposed to nanomaterials
11-08-2011 Prenatal exposure to carbon black (Printex 90): Effects on sexual development and neurofunction
24-06-2011 Mutagenicity of carbon nanomaterials
21-06-2011 Genetic variation in the hTAS2R38 taste receptor and brassica vegetable intake
10-06-2011 Pulmonary exposure to carbon black by inhalation or instillation in pregnant mice: Effects on liver DNA strand breaks in dams and offspring
07-06-2011 Combinations of polymorphisms in genes involved in the 5-fluorouracil metabolism pathway are associated with gastrointestinal toxicity in chemotherapy-trated colorectal cancer patients
07-06-2011 Distribution of silver in rats following 28 days of repeated oral exosure to silver nanoparticles or silver acetate
30-05-2011 Germline mutation rates in mice following inutero exposure to diesel exhaust particles by maternal inhalation
01-04-2011 Nebulization ionization and desorption ionization analysis of reactive organo-functionalized silanes in nanofilm products
15-03-2011 Conceptual model for assessment of inhalation exposure to manufactured nanopaticles
07-02-2011 Pulmonary response to surface-coated nanotitanium dioxide particles includes induction of acute phase response genes, inflammatory cascades, and changes in microRNAs: A toxicogenomic study
16-01-2011 8-Oxoguanine DNA-glycosylase repair activity and expression: A comparison between cryopreserved isolated lymphocytes and EBV-derived lymphoblastoid cell lines


16-12-2010 Pulmonary exposure to carbon black nanoparticles and vascular effects
13-12-2010 Does the use of biofuels affect respiratory health among male Danish energy plant workers?
02-11-2010 Real-time monitoring of the progress of polymerization reactions directly on surfaces at open atmosphere by ambient mass spectrometry
26-10-2010 Mutation spectrum in FE1-mutaTM mouse lung epithelial cells exposed to nanoparticulate carbon black
07-10-2010 Polymorphisms in NFkB, PXR, LXR and risk of colorectal cancer in a prospective study of Danes
07-10-2010 Sub-chronic lung inflammation after airway exposures to Bacillus thuringiensis biopesticides in mice
01-10-2010 Oxidative stress, inflammation and DNA damage in rats after intratracheal instillation or oral exposure to ambient air and wood smoke particulate matter
30-09-2010 Physical-chemical and microbiological characterization, and mutagenic activity of airborne PM sampled in a biomass-fueled electrical production facility
16-09-2010 Characterization of nanofilm spray products by mass spectrometry
26-08-2010 Exposure to bioaerosols during the growth season of tomatoes in an organic greenhouse using supresivit (Trichoderma harzianum) and Mycostop (Streptomyces griseoviridis)
24-08-2010 (1 -> 3)-b-D-glucan in different background environments and seasons
19-08-2010 No influence of the polymorphisms CYP2C19 and CYP2D6 on the efficacy of cyclophosphamide, thalidomide, and bortezomib in patients with Multiple Myeloma
17-08-2010 Effects of prenatal exposure to surface-coated nanosized titanium dioxide (UV-Titan). A study in mice
13-08-2010 The polymorphism rs3024505 proximal to IL-10 is associated with risk of ulcerative colitis and Crohns disease in a Danish case-control study
13-08-2010 Low translocation of Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis to inner organs in mice after pulmonary exposure to commercial biopesticide
24-06-2010 Lung damage in mice after inhalation of nanofilm spray products: The role of perfluorination and free hydroxyl groups
24-06-2010 Genotoxicity of unmodified and organo-modified montmorillonite
31-05-2010 Mutations in TP53 tumor suppressor gene in wood dust-related sinonasal cancer
20-05-2010 Comparison of dust released from sanding conventional and nanoparticle-doped wall and wood coatings
23-04-2010 Profile of TP53 gene mutations in sinonasal cancer
19-04-2010 Airborne endotoxin associated with particles of different sizes and affected by water content in handled straw
19-04-2010 Time-response relationship of nano and micro particle induced lung inflammation. Quartz as reference compound
09-04-2010 Occupational exposure to airborne Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki HD1 and other bacteria in greenhouses and vegetable fields


21-12-2009 Variation in the measurements of DNA damage by comet assay measured by the ECVAG inter-laboratory validation trial
18-12-2009 Role of oxidative damage in toxicity of particulates
15-12-2009 Airway exposure to silica coated TIO2 nanoparticles induces pulmonary neutrophilia in mice
10-12-2009 Protracted elimination of gold nanoparticles from mouse liver
08-12-2009 Biodistribution of gold nanoparticles in mouse lung following intratracheal instillation
08-12-2009 Sanding dust from nanoparticle-containing paints: physical characterisation
03-12-2009 Nano titanium dioxide particles promote allergic sensitization and lung inflammation in mice
30-10-2009 Release of VOCs and particles during use of nanofilm spray products
25-09-2009 Evaluating the use of 3'-(p-Aminophenyl) fluorescein for determining the formation of highly reactive oxygen species in particle suspensions
15-09-2009 Airborne fungal and bacterial components in PM1 dust from biofuel plants
01-09-2009 Prenatal exposure to diesel exhaust particles and effect on the male reproductive system in mice
27-08-2009 Comparison of fluorescence-based techniques for the quantification of particle-induced hydroxyl radicals
20-08-2009 Relevance of aerosol dynamics and dustiness for personal exposure to manufactured nanoparticles
09-06-2009 Diesel exhaust particles: effects on neurofunction in female mice
26-05-2009 Single-walled and multi-walled carbon nanotubes promote allergic immune responses in mice
28-04-2009 Lack of acute phase response in the livers of mice exposed to diesel exhaust particles or carbon black by inhalation
27-04-2009 Oxidatively damaged DNA in rats exposed by oral gavage to C60 fullerenes and single-walled carbon nanotubes
27-04-2009 Modest vasomotor dysfunction induced by low doses of C60 fullerenes in apolipoprotein E knockout mice with different degree of atherosclerosis
20-01-2009 In vivo biology and toxicology of fullerenes and their derivatives
15-01-2009 Lung inflammation and genotoxicity following pulmonary exposure to nanoparticles in ApoE-/- mice
09-01-2009 Role of occupational hygiene research in the control of occupational health risks from engineered nanoparticles


01-12-2008 Polyhydroxylated C60 fullerene (Fullerenol) attenuates neutrophilic lung inflammation in mice
01-12-2008 Exposure to dust and endotoxin of employees in cucumber and tomato nurseries
01-11-2008 Use of thermal desorption gas chromatography-olfactometry/mass spectrometry for the comparison of identified and unidentified odor active compounds emitted from building products containing linseed oi
01-10-2008 Inflammation but no DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) damage in mice exposed to airborne dust from a biofuel plant
01-10-2008 Environment driven cereulide production by emetic strains of Bacillus cereus
01-10-2008 Conceptual model for assessment of inhalation exposure: defining modifying factors
01-09-2008 Genotoxicity, cytotoxicity and reactive oxygen species induced by single-walled carbon nanotubes and C60 fullerenes in the FE1-MutaTMMouse lung epithelial cells
01-08-2008 Effects of C60 fullerene nanoparticles on soil bacteria and protozoans
01-06-2008 Diesel exhaust particles are mutagenic in FE1-MutaTM mouse lung epithelial cells
01-05-2008 Sampling of high amounts of bioaerosols using a high-volume electrostatic field sampler
01-05-2008 Detection of large plasmids from the Bacillus cereus group
01-05-2008 Resolving indoor-air problems
01-05-2008 K-ras mutations in sinonasal cancers in relation to wood dust exposure
01-04-2008 Effects of prenatal exposure to diesel exhaust particles on postnatal development, behavior, genotoxicity and inflammation in mice


01-12-2007 Dietary exposure to diesel exhaust particles and oxidatively damaged DNA in young oxoguanine DNA glycosylase 1 deficient mice
01-12-2007 Germination and conjugation of Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis in the intestine of gnotobiotic rats
01-12-2007 Combined single-drop and rotating drum dustiness test of fine to nanosize powders using a small drum
01-12-2007 Building-related symptoms and inflammatory potency of dust from office buildings
01-11-2007 Kupffer cells are central in the removal of nanoparticles from the organism
01-09-2007 Genotoxicity, inflammation and physico-chemical properties of fine particle samples from an incineration energy plant and urban air
01-08-2007 Inflammatory response and genotoxicity of seven wood dusts in the human epithelial cell line A549
01-08-2007 Human exposure to airborne fungi from genera used as biocontrol agents in plant production
01-08-2007 Increased mutant frequency by carbon black, but not quartz, in the lacZ and cII transgenes of muta(trade mark)mouse lung epithelial cells
01-04-2007 Repeated inhalations of diesel exhaust particles and oxidatively damaged DNA in young oxoguanine DNA glycosylase (OGG1) deficient mice
01-04-2007 The impact of information on perceived air quality - 'organic' vs. 'synthetic' building materials
01-01-2007 High volume electrostatic field-sampler for collection of fine particle bulk samples


01-12-2006 Inflammatory potency of dust from the indoor environment and correlation to content of NAGase and fungi
01-08-2006 Assessment of microbial exposure risks from handling of biofuel wood chips and straw - effect of outdoor storage
01-08-2006 Airborne endotoxin in different background environments and seasons
01-08-2006 Exposure to airborne microbial components in autumn and spring during work at Danish biofuel plants
01-03-2006 Cytokine expression in mice exposed to diesel exhaust particles by inhalation. Role of tumor necrosis factor
01-01-2006 Characterization of microbial particle release from biomass and building material surfaces for inhalation exposure risk assessment


01-12-2005 Airborne particle deposition onto the ocular surface
01-10-2005 Occurrence and significance of Bacillus cereus and Bacillus thuringiensis in ready-to-eat food
01-10-2005 Conjugative plasmid pAW63 brings new insights into the genesis of the Bacillus anthracis virulence plasmid pXO2 and of the Bacillus thuringiensis plasmid pBT9727
01-08-2005 The cereulide genetic determinants of emetic Bacilluscereus are plasmid-borne
01-08-2005 Dust and fibers as a cause of indoor environment problems
01-04-2005 Tumor necrosis factor is not required for particle-induced genotoxicity and pulmonary inflammation
01-04-2005 Transfer and expression of the mosquitocidal plasmid pBtoxis in Bacillus cereus group strains
01-03-2005 The possibility of discriminating within the Bacillus cereus group using gyrB sequencing and PCR-RFLP


01-12-2004 Prediction of indoor concentration of 0.5-4mm particles of outdoor origin in an uninhabited apartment
01-10-2004 Microbial dustiness and particle release of different biofuels
01-05-2004 Direct identification of trace metals in fine and ultrafine particles in the Detroit urban atmosphere
01-05-2004 DNA damage in lung after oral exposure to diesel exhaust particles in Big Blue® rats
01-04-2004 Inflammatory and genotoxic effects of diesel particles in vitro and in vivo


01-12-2003 The Bacillus cereus bceT enterotoxin sequence reappraised
01-11-2003 NAGase activity in airborne biomass dust and relationship between NAGase concentrations and fungal spores
01-08-2003 The hidden lifestyles of Bacillus cereus and relatives
01-08-2003 pGIL01, a linear tectiviral plasmid prophage originating from Bacillus thuringiensis serovar israelensis
01-07-2003 The patchwork nature of rolling-circle plasmids: comparison of six plasmids from two distinct Bacillus thuringiensis serotypes
01-07-2003 Determination of fungal spore release from wet building materials


01-11-2002 Bacillus thuringiensis in fecal samples from greenhouse workers after exposure to B.thuringiensis-based pesticides
01-01-2002 Isolation and characterization of Bacillus cereus-like bacteria from faecal samples from greenhouse workers who are using Bacillus thuringiensis-based insecticides


01-11-2001 Detection of enterotoxin genes in Bacillus thuringiensis by PCR
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