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The board

Kjeld Møller Pedersen

Chairman of the NRCWE board

Kjeld Møller Pedersen, the chairman of the board of NRCWE, is professor of Health Economics and Health Policy at the Institute of Public Health, Department of Health Economics, University of Southern Denmark.
He is MA in economics, and in 1985 he became professor of Health Economics at Odense University. In 1987 he was appointed as the first CEO of County Health Service at Vejle County. Later he was appointed as Executive Corporate Vice President of LEGO A/S. Since 1999 he has been professor of Health Economics and Health Policy at the University of Southern Denmark.  

The NRCWE board

The board works out by-laws of NRCWE for approval by the Minister of Employment.

The board approves the strategy of NRCWE and oversees the general performance of NRCWE.

The board signs a four year performance contract with the Minister of Employment in which the requirements to research, dissemination of research results, councelling of the minister, contribution to further education, administration of NRCWE etc. are laid out. Furthermore, the board approves the annual budget and ensures that resources are allocated and used to maximum effect and benefit for the users and stakeholders of NRCWE. Also, the board approves the annual report and annual accounts of NRCWE.

The board initiates that international research evaluations are carried out regularly, just as it recommends follow-up actions to the Minister of Employment.

Finally, the board gives recommendations to the Minister of Employment about appointment and dismissal of the Director General.

Members of the board

Albin, Maria (Associate professor, University of Lund)

Andersen, Lars (Head of Department, The Danish Association of Managers and Executives) 

Andresen, Andy (Head of Department, FTF) 

Dyreborg, Johnny (Senior researcher, National Research Centre for the Working Environment)   

Hjortenberg, Thomas (Observer) (Head of Office, The Danish Working Environment Authority)

Hougaard, Karin Sørig (Senior researcher, National Research Centre for the Working Environment) 

Høgh, Annie (Academic representative) (Professor with special responsibilities, University of Copenhagen)

Jakobsen, Katrine Nordbo (Consultant, Local Government Denmark (LGDK))

Klaksvig, Karoline (Director of Occupational Health and Safety Policy, Danish Employers' Confederation) 

Lerche, Anette (Observer, The Danish Working Environment Authority) 

Loft, Steffen (Professor, University of Copenhagen) 

Pedersen, Kjeld Møller (chairman) (Professor, University of Southern Denmark) 

Sørensen, Niels (Consultant, LO - The Danish Confederation of Trade Unions)

Sigsgaard, Torben (Professor, University of Aarhus)

Svendsen, Winnie Edith (Lecturer, Technical University of Denmark)


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