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Research-based ministerial counselling

NRCWE is the primary counsellor of the government and its ministries and agencies when research based knowledge is required on issues related to the working environment. The Director General of the NRCWE takes part in weekly meetings of the management of the Ministry of Employment. These meetings are chaired by the Permanent Secretary and are an optimal platform for coordination with all parts of the ministry and involvement in OSH-related initiatives in other ministries.

The primary users of research based knowledge in the Ministry of Employment are the Working Environment Authority (Arbejdstilsynet) and the National Board of Industrial Injuries (Arbejdsskadestyrelsen) with whom the NRCWE meets four times a year at director level in order to coordinate, discuss and decide on matters of mutual interest.

Examples of counselling by the NRCWE of national authorities within the last few years: 

  • The Government’s National Working Environment Strategy 2005, 2010
  • The Working Environment Authority’s annual surveillance reports
  • The Mercury Case, 2006
  • The Asbestos Case, 2006
  • The Government’s Public Sector Quality Reform, 2007
  • White Paper on Sickness Absence and Musculoskeletal Disorder, 2008
  • The Government’s Action Plan on Sickness Absence, 2008
  • The Government’s Commission on Prevention, 2008-2009
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