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DAVID – Centre for Research in Production, Management and Work Environment in Small Enterprises

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The purpose of the Centre-project is to obtain new knowledge about small enterprises and their relation to society in order to make effectively preventive work environment initiatives.

In order to accomplish this goal, the Centre cooperation must find answers to the following research questions:

  • How is small enterprises’ understanding of the work environment affected by their relation to society? 
  • How can external (work environment) players organise and attain a cost effective contact with small enterprises which can lead to improved work environment initiatives?


To obtain this knowledge, three empirical projects are conducted. They investigate various external players’ possibilities of affecting work environment initiatives.

In these sub-projects, emphasis is put on the players’ efforts which take place as part of their own sustainable activities and therefore they can not be financed by the Centre. The projects are directed toward the labour market organisations, e.g. through sector working environment councils, developers’ work environment requirements and accountants’ possibilities of affecting the work environment initiatives.

Centre Activities

These three projects and three other associated projects about work environment in small enterprises – all financed by The Danish Health and Safety Research Fund – cooperate on a joint project in a centre which lay down the framework for knowledge sharing and communication. This centre optimises the utilisation of the empiri of the project. Furthermore, the Centre will work on concept and theory development which is especially needed in relation to small enterprises. Most of the research has been empirical with only few generalisations.

The most important Centre activities are three two-day seminars where papers are presented. The first seminar is in English and international researcher within this specific field will participate. Furthermore, a conference will be arranged at the end of the project where the Centre will present its research results.


During the project, relevant results and problems will be communicated to the relevant authorities, the organisations and other key persons. Each project is also responsible for communicating information to the target groups that are affected by the projects.


The Centre is managed by a board consisting of the project managers from each sub-project and the project manager from the National Research Centre for the Working Environment (NRCWE) is chairman of the board. The project secretariat is placed at the NRCWE.

External cooperation

A number of organisations have signed an agreement that they will contribute to the project, first and foremost by providing access to data and help recruiting enterprises to the project. The organisations include The Sector Working Environment Council for the Building and Construction Sector, the Work Environment Committee for the Machine and Metal Industry, local divisions of Rotary and The Confederation of Danish Industry, The Institute of State Authorized Public Accountants in Denmark and access to internal COWI customers.

The project is financially supported by The Danish Health and Safety Research Fund and it runs from 2006 to 2009.

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