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DUSTINANO - Dustiness of nanomaterials

Bulk nanomaterial powders are increasingly being used worldwide in many industrial or research applications, and the number of workers and researchers involved in their handling and transport is growing. The release of particles from bulk nanomaterial powders in surrounding air is an important consideration for worker exposure and the design and operation of many industrial or research processes. It is therefore important to obtain data about the propensity of bulk nanomaterial powders to be released as particles, the so called dustiness, allowing risks to be evaluated, controlled and minimized.

It is for these reasons that OECD considers that dustiness is one of the endpoints to take into account when testing nanomaterials for human health issues and that it contributes to a proper risk assessment of the nanomaterials.

The aim of the project is to develop a series of five European standards that specify a number of test methods for the reproducible release of particles from a bulk nanomaterial in powdered form under standard conditions, and the measurement of the amount of released airborne particles.

These five European standards will be applicable to powdered, granular or pelletized nanomaterials. The standards will not be applicable to determine the amount of particles released when solid nanomaterials are mechanically reduced (e.g. cut, crushed) or to evaluate the exposure levels when handling the nanomaterials.

The standards can be seen as an important complementary source of information on particle release processes and hence for possible exposure.

DUSTINANO is initiatied by a scientific team within PEROSH - Partnership for European Research on Occupational Safety and Health.

You can read more about DUSTINANO here on the website (see left side).


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