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Muscle pain

New knowledge about muscle pain

A new study of muscle pain reveals that female patients who have performed physical monotonous work for on average 5.5 years show localised musculoskeletal changes. The study has recently been published in the recognised American journal PAIN. The women suffered from chronic shoulder-neck pain.

FMA=physical monotonous work

Pain in muscles and joints constitutes 47% of all reported occupational illnesses in Denmark. It is a troublesome illness for those who are affected by it. The pain usually occurs in the shoulder-neck muscles, and it is often employees with physically monotonous work who suffer from it. Moreover, chronic muscle pain is an important financial burden on society due to an increase in absence due to illness, health care expenses and early retirement, and it is very difficult to cure. It is only seldom possible to keep patients painless despite intensive treatments such as physiotherapy, acupuncture, pain relieving medicine and different complementary treatments.

You can read more about the PhD-thesis which examines the physiological effects of physical monotonous work on the human body. The thesis can also be downloaded.

Here you can download a fact sheet about muscle pain (in Danish).

Microdialysis has been used to examine the muscles in the studies - see here how microdialysis is performed.

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