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Nordic working environment perspectives – meaning, control and collaboration

The purpose of the project is to develop a theoretical framework that focuses on the productive core of work – in particular meaning, influence, and collaboration – within a Nordic working environment tradition. It is our intention that the development of the theoretical framework is performed in a joint project between Nordic research groups and that this collaborative project will strengthen Nordic research networks and lead to a common review report and to the formulation of a joint project description of a Nordic multicenter research application.

The traditional working environment concept has been under pressure for a long period. Dominant work forms has been transformed from agriculture and industry to service and knowledge work. This has changed the working environment and challenged the related legislation. It has become clear that the interaction between person and environment is increasingly complex, and the perception of problems and opportunities by individuals and collectives have an increased importance.

Since the formulation of the socio-technical frame, the Nordic working environment research tradition has been internationally known for its ability to incorporate perspec­ti­ves of collaboration, involvement and meaning in the development of new working pro­cesses e.g. through action research and socio-technical job design. The Nordic perspec­tive has been supported by and has influenced Nordic working environment legislation - a legislation that has a highly reflexive element and a democratic approach to employee involvement.

The vision is to develop a theoretical frame that describes and increases the understanding of working environment issues in modern service and knowledge work. The outset of the frame is the services created through working processes that constitute the organizations reason d’être. It is the belief that the Nordic tradition has a valuable contribution to such a theoretical frame.

Please contact Senior Researcher Ole H. Sørensen for further information about the project.

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