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Organic dust in glasshouse horticulture - a problem for the working environment?

Recent studies have shown that there are high concentrations of organic dust in Danish tomato and cucumber greenhouses. It is known that occupational exposure to organic dust can have health consequences for employees in the form of respiratory and allergy problems.

Knowledge of exposure to different microbial components of organic dust is a prerequisite for risk assessment and for identifying work processes with high risk of exposure. Furthermore, there is a strong need to develop and test ways to reduce exposure, and to disseminate information about this to the industry and employer organizations.

The overall objective of this project is to investigate the exposure to organic dust in workers in greenhouses and to develop and test preventive measures.

The project builds on the following assumptions:

1.      The exposure to organic dust in greenhouses is a result of few well-defined working processes with very high exposure levels.

2.      Work processes with high exposure to organic dust are associated with increased reaction in the airways.

The practical implementation of the project involves exposure measurements as well as medical studies focused on critical work processes in greenhouses. The project runs for three seasons.  

  • 1st season the scientists identifies high-risk work processes based on exposure measurements and medical examinations in the airways of the employees.
  • 2nd and 3rd season the scientists develop and test technical and / or organisational interventions to reduce the exposure.

Project results are expected to provide essential new knowledge that can be used in the practical prevention of exposure to organic dust at work processes in greenhouses.

For further information about the project please contact Senior Researcher Anne Mette Madsen, phone +45 4632 5242,

Contact: Anne Mette Madsen

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