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Ph.d.-project: Thyroid disease and work ability

Thyroid diseases affect a large portion of the population in the working age. Few studies have looked into how thyroid disease affect function and work ability, but nevertheless these studies point to considerable work related consequences in sub-groups of people with a thyroid disease. This Ph.D. project investigates how thyroid disease affects work ability.

The first part of the project

In the first part of the project, a register study identifies risk factors for work disability: Sickness absence, unemployment and early retirement. The study compares a population of thyroid patients to a sample of the general population and then clarifies whether the severity and type of thyroid disease and the type of occupation enhances the risk of work disability. Registers are applied from: The Ministry of Occupation, Statistics Denmark, and The National Board of Health.

The second part of the project

In the second part of the project, a questionnaire about work ability and thyroid disease is developed based on knowledge generated from a qualitative study. Seventeen medically treated patients with thyroid diseases are strategically selected for semi-structured interviews from two main hospitals in Denmark. Interviews are concerned with how the patients experience their health, work, and daily life. Interviews are then analyzed applying Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis. The questionnaire is validated by testing it in a group of 1200 thyroid patients.

New knowledge

The project will generate new knowledge necessary for preventive work related interventions and develop a tool applicable in clinical and work related settings.

For more information about the project

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