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This page lists the most recent registrations of scientific articles by researchers at NRCWE.

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16-11-2017 Worklife expectancy in a cohort of Danish employees aged 55GÇô65-áyears - comparing a multi-state Cox proportional hazard approach with conventional multi-state life tables
14-11-2017 Identifying a practice-based implementation framework for sustainable interventions for improving the evolving working environment: Hitting the Moving Target Framework
14-11-2017 Time course of neck-shoulder pain among workers: A longitudinal latent class growth analysis [Epub ahead of print]
14-11-2017 Effects of 12 months aerobic exercise intervention on work ability, need for recovery, productivity and rating of exertion among cleaners: a worksite RCT [Epub ahead of print]
14-11-2017 Is organizational justice climate at the workplace associated with individual-level quality of care and organizational affective commitment? A multi-level, cross-sectional study on dentistry in Sweden
14-11-2017 Zoonotic helminth exposure and risk of allergic diseases: a study of two generations in Norway [Epub ahead of print]
07-11-2017 Identifying knowledge gaps between practice and research for implementation components of sustainable interventions to improve the working environment - A rapid review
06-11-2017 Effectiveness of a participatory physical and psychosocial intervention to balance the demands and resources of industrial workers: A cluster-randomized controlled trial [Epub ahead of print]
03-11-2017 Managerial quality and risk of depressive disorders among Danish eldercare workers: A multi-level cohort study [Epub ahead of print]
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