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Scientific articles are listed by registration date.
20-12-2011 Perceived psychological pressure at work, social class, and risk of stroke. A 30-year follow-up in Copenhagen male study
20-12-2011 Mobning - en traumatisk oplevelse?
16-12-2011 Effort reward imbalance, and salivary cortisol in the morning
03-12-2011 Why do workers work safely? Development of safety motivation questionnaire scales
03-12-2011 Long, needle-like carbon nanotubes and asbestos activate the NLRP3 inflammasome through a similar mechanism
03-12-2011 N-Acetyltransferase 2 polymorphisms, tobacco smoking, and breast cancer risk in the breast and prostate cancer cohort consortium
29-11-2011 Genetic variations in multiple myeloma II: association with effect of treatment
24-11-2011 The impact of work-related psychosocial stressors on the onset of musculoskeletal disorders in specific body regions: A review and meta-analysis of 54 longitudinal studies
24-11-2011 Advanced Reach Tool (ART): Overview of version 1.0 and research needs
22-11-2011 Job demands, job resources and meaning at work
22-11-2011 Effects on musculoskeletal pain, work ability and sickness absence in a 1-year randomised controlled trial among cleaners
17-11-2011 Epigenetic impact of long-term shiftwork: Pilot evidence from circadian genes and whole-genome methylation analysis
17-11-2011 Exposure to airborne noroviruses and other bioaerosol components at a wastewater treatment plant in Denmark
17-11-2011 Effect of individualized worksite exercise training on aerobic capacity and muscle strength among construction workers - a randomized controlled intervention study
15-11-2011 Sensitisation to common allergens and respiratory symptoms in endotoxin exposed workers: a pooled analysis
15-11-2011 Deadlines at work and sleep quality. Cross-sectional and longitudinal findings among Danish knowledge workers
15-11-2011 Does muscle strength predict future musculoskeletal disorders and sickness absence?
15-11-2011 A nationwide prospective cohort study on return to gainful occupation after stroke in Denmark 1996-2006
15-11-2011 A prospective cohort study on musculoskeletal risk factors for long-term sickness absence among healthcare workers in eldercare
15-11-2011 Factors affecting vegetable growers' exposure to fungal bioaerosols and airborne dust
15-11-2011 Collegial support and community with trust in Swedish and Danish dentistry
15-11-2011 Realistic evaluation as a new way to design and evaluate occupational safety interventions
15-11-2011 Exposure of pregnant mice to carbon black by intratracheal instillation: toxicogenomic effects in dams and offspring
14-11-2011 Inflammatory and genotoxic effects of nanoparticles designed for inclusion in paints and lacquers
14-11-2011 Assessment of heterogeneity between European populations: a Baltic and Danish replication casecontrol study of SNPs from a recent European ulcerative colitis genome wide association study
14-11-2011 Trust relations in management of change
14-11-2011 Modest effect on plaque progression and vasodilatory function in atherosclerosis-prone mice exposed to nanosized TiO2
14-11-2011 Inflammatory and genotoxic effects of sanding dust generated from nanoparticle-containing paints and laquers
08-11-2011 Influence of serum on in situ proliferation and genotoxicity in A549 human lung cells exposed to nanomaterials
03-11-2011 A germline variant in the TP53 polyadenylation signal confers cancer susceptibility
31-10-2011 Meta-synthesis of qualitative research on return to work among employees with common mental disorders
28-10-2011 When health and safety interventions meet real-life challenges
27-10-2011 Advanced Reach Tool (ART): Development of the mechanistic model
27-10-2011 Implementation of neck/shoulder exercises for pain relief among industrial workers: A randomized controlled trial
13-10-2011 Frit valg som aflastning og belastning - selvvalgt arbejdstid i døgnbemandet arbejde
13-10-2011 Globalisering af offentlig service - restruktureringsprocesser i Europa set i et arbejdsmiljøperspektiv
13-10-2011 Acute airway irritation of methyl formate in mice
13-10-2011 A randomized controlled trial among cleaners - Effects on strength, balance and kinesiophobia
13-10-2011 The relationship between performance-based self-esteem and self-reported work and health behaviors among Danish knowledge workers
06-10-2011 Cortisol, sleep, and recovery - some gender differences but no straight associations
04-10-2011 Nordic Safety Climate Questionnaire (NOSACQ-50): A new tool for diagnosing occupational safety climate
04-10-2011 Does shared and differentiated transformationl leadership predict followers' working conditions and well-being?
27-09-2011 Mediating the effects of work-life conflict between transformational leadership and health-care workers' job satisfaction and psychological wellbeing
23-09-2011 Classification of occupational activities for assessment of inhalation exposure
22-09-2011 Physical work demands and physical fitness in low social classes - 30-year ischemic heart disease and all-cause mortality in The Copenhagen Male Study
22-09-2011 The association of polymorphisms in 5-fluorouracil metabolism gens with outcome in adjuvant treatment of colorectal cancer
16-09-2011 Effects of intensive physical rehabilitation on neuromuscular adaptations in adults with poststroke hemiparesis
16-09-2011 Neck pain and postural balance among workers with high postural demands - a cross-sectional study
15-09-2011 Genome-wide association study identifies new prostate cancer susceptibility loci
15-09-2011 Prevalence and anatomical location of muscle tenderness in adults with nonspecific neck/shoulder pain
15-09-2011 Single nucleotide polymorphisms in the promotor region of the IL1B gene influence outcome in multiple myeloma patients treated with high-dose chemotherapy independently of relapse treatment with thali
06-09-2011 Cancer as the cause of changes in work situation (a NOCWO study)
02-09-2011 Exploring the relationship between leadership style and safety climate in a large scale Danish cross-sectional study
02-09-2011 Diet, physical exercise and cognitive behavioral training as a combined workplace based intervention to reduce body weight and increase physical capacity in health care workers. A randomized controlle
02-09-2011 Determinants of noise annoyance in teachers from schools with different classroom reverberation times
02-09-2011 Single-nucleotide polymorphisms (5p15.33, 15q25.1, 6p22.1, 6q27 and 7p15.3) and lung cancer survival in the European prospective investigation into cancer and nutrition (EPIC)
02-09-2011 Construction workers' perception and use of assistive devices in regards to musculoskeletal deterioration: a qualitative study
25-08-2011 Client-related work tasks and meaning of work: results from a longitudinal study among eldercare workers in Denmark
23-08-2011 Participation of Danish and immigrant cleaners in a 1-year worksite intervention preventing physical deterioration
19-08-2011 The association between psychosocial work environment, attitudes towards older workers (ageism) and planned retirement
18-08-2011 Measurement of social support, community and trust in dentistry
18-08-2011 Return to work among employees with long-term sickness absence in eldercare: a prospective analysis of resgister-based outcomes
18-08-2011 Safety matters have become too important for management to leave it up to the workers - The Nordic OSH model between implicit and explicit frameworks
16-08-2011 The NFKB1 ATTG ins/del polymorphism and risk of coronary heart disease in three independent populations
12-08-2011 Development and evaluation of a liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry method for simultaneous determination of salivary melatonin, cortisol and testosterone
12-08-2011 The effect of work-time influence on health and well-being: A quasi-experimental intervention study among eldercare workers
12-08-2011 Pressure pain sensitivity maps, self-reported musculoskeletal disorders and sickness absence among cleaners
12-08-2011 Work environment as predictor of long-term sickness absence: Linkage of self-reported DWECS data with the DREAM register
11-08-2011 Prenatal exposure to carbon black (Printex 90): Effects on sexual development and neurofunction
11-08-2011 Occupation, morbidity, and hospital admission
11-08-2011 HapMap-based study of a region encompassing ERCC1 and ERCC2 related to lung cancer susceptibility in a chinese population
11-08-2011 Acts of offensive behaviour and risk of long-term sickness adsence in the Danish elder-care services: a prospective analysis of register-based outcomes
11-08-2011 Job demands, job resources and long-term sickness absence in the Danish eldercare services: a prospective analysis of register-based outcomes
11-08-2011 Mindfuldhedstræning som middel til at reducere personrettet arbejdspladsaggression
11-08-2011 Are risk estimates biased in follow-up studies of psychosocial factors with low base-line participation?
07-07-2011 Physical fitness and perceived psychological pressure at work. 30-year ischemic heart disease and all-cause mortality in The Copenhagen Male Study
30-06-2011 Hvad er meningen? - arbejdspraksis og mening i arbejdet i den danske ældrepleje
27-06-2011 Physical exercise, body mass index, and risk of chronic pain in the low back and neck/shoulders: longitudinal data from the Nord-Trøndelag health study
27-06-2011 Occupational physical activity and mortality among Danish workers
24-06-2011 Protocol for shoulder function training reducing musculoskeletal pain in shoulder and neck a randomized controlled trial
24-06-2011 Mutagenicity of carbon nanomaterials
23-06-2011 Vocational training courses as an intervention on change of work practice among immigrant cleaners
23-06-2011 Does outdoor work during the winter season protect against depression and mood difficulties?
23-06-2011 The norepinephrine transporter gene is a candidate gene for panic disorder
23-06-2011 Bullying and employee turnover among healthcare workers: a three-wave prospective study
21-06-2011 Genetic variation in the hTAS2R38 taste receptor and brassica vegetable intake
21-06-2011 Direct and indirect effects in a survival context
17-06-2011 One-year prospective study on the effect of workplace bullying on long-term sickness absence
17-06-2011 Does collective efficacy moderate the associations between physical work load and intention to leave or sickness absence?
17-06-2011 Assessing the factor structure of a role functioning item bank
17-06-2011 Enterprise size and risk of hospital treated injuries among manual construction workers in Denmark: a study protocol
10-06-2011 Testing the association between psychosocial job strain and adverse birth outcomes - design and methods
10-06-2011 Pulmonary exposure to carbon black by inhalation or instillation in pregnant mice: Effects on liver DNA strand breaks in dams and offspring
07-06-2011 Effect of brief daily exercise on headache among adults - secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trial
07-06-2011 Combinations of polymorphisms in genes involved in the 5-fluorouracil metabolism pathway are associated with gastrointestinal toxicity in chemotherapy-trated colorectal cancer patients
07-06-2011 Distribution of silver in rats following 28 days of repeated oral exosure to silver nanoparticles or silver acetate
30-05-2011 Germline mutation rates in mice following inutero exposure to diesel exhaust particles by maternal inhalation
27-05-2011 Can the job content questionnaire be used to assess structural and organizational properties of the work environment?
27-05-2011 The importance of a sub-region on chromosome 19q13.3 for prognosis of multiple myeloma patients after high-dose treatment and stem cell support: a linkage disequilibrium mapping in RAI and CD3EAP
27-05-2011 Meningitis, septis and endocarditis among workers occupationally exposed to pigs
27-05-2011 Psychosocial work environment among immigrant and Danish cleaners
10-05-2011 Nitrogen dioxide: no influence on allergic sensitization in an intranasal mouse model with ovalbumin and diesel exhaust particles
10-05-2011 Comparison of two systems for long-term heart rate variability monitoring in free-living conditions - a pilot study
10-05-2011 Sickness absence associated with shared and open-plan offices - a national cross sectional questionnaire survey
10-05-2011 The health paradox of occupational and leisure-time physical activity
05-05-2011 Acute and subchronic airway inflammation after intratracheal instillation of quartz and titanium dioxide agglomerates in mice
02-05-2011 Cortisol variability and self-reports in the measurement of work-related stress
29-04-2011 Exposure to the widely used fungicide mancozeb causes thyroid hormone disruption in rat dams but no behavioral effects in the offspring
14-04-2011 Gestational chronic mild stress: Effects on acoustic startle in male offspring of rats
14-04-2011 Under which conditions do middle managers exhibit transformational leadership behaviors? - An experience sampling method study on the predictors of transformational leadership behaviors
05-04-2011 The attribution of work environment in explaining gender differences in long-term sickness absence: results from the prospective DREAM study
05-04-2011 Making work environment auditable - A 'critical case' study of certified occupational health and safety management systems in Denmark
01-04-2011 Changes in the spatio-temporal organization of the trapezius muscle activity in response to eccentric concentrations
01-04-2011 Nebulization ionization and desorption ionization analysis of reactive organo-functionalized silanes in nanofilm products
24-03-2011 Cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) polymorphisms and risk of inflammatory bowel disease in a Scottish and Danish case-control study
15-03-2011 Conceptual model for assessment of inhalation exposure to manufactured nanopaticles
15-03-2011 Oxidative stress, DNA damage, and inflammation induced by ambient air and wood smoke particulate matter in human A549 and THP-1 cell lines
08-03-2011 Polymorphisms in NF-kB, PXR, LXR, PPARg and risk of inflammatory bowel disease
08-03-2011 Heme oxygenase-1 polymorphism is not associated with risk of colorectal cancer: a Danish prospective study
07-03-2011 Organisational learning and continuous improvement of health and safety in certified manufacturers
07-03-2011 The search for legitimacy and organizational change: The agency of subordinated actors
07-03-2011 The relation between neuromuscular control and pain intensity in fibromyalgia
07-03-2011 Do lifestyle factors and general health predict dropout among recently qualified eldercare workers? A two-year follow-up study
01-03-2011 Comprehensive analysis of hormone and genetic variation in 36 genes related to steroid hormone metabolism in pre- and postmenopausal women from the breast and prostate cancer cohort consortium (BPC3)
07-02-2011 Pulmonary response to surface-coated nanotitanium dioxide particles includes induction of acute phase response genes, inflammatory cascades, and changes in microRNAs: A toxicogenomic study
07-02-2011 Industrial differences in female fertility treatment rates - A new approach to assess differences related to occupation?
01-02-2011 Influence of psychosocial work environment on adherence to workplace exercise
24-01-2011 Occupational exposure to microorganisms used as biocontrol agents in plant production
18-01-2011 Heart rate variability changes in physicians working on night call
18-01-2011 Influence of diurnal phase on startle response in adult rats exposed to dexamethasone in utero
16-01-2011 Acute fatigue impairs neuromuscular activity of anterior cruciate ligament-agonist muscles in female team handball players
16-01-2011 The effect of delayed onset of muscle soreness on habitual trapezius activity
16-01-2011 Distribution of myogenic progenitor cells and myonuclei is altered in women with vs. those without chronically painful trapezius muscle
16-01-2011 Health disparities between immigrant and Danish cleaners
16-01-2011 8-Oxoguanine DNA-glycosylase repair activity and expression: A comparison between cryopreserved isolated lymphocytes and EBV-derived lymphoblastoid cell lines
16-01-2011 Fishbonemetoden - hvilke ben er der i den?
14-01-2011 Social class and body management. A qualitative exploration of differences in perceptions and practices related to health and personal body weight
14-01-2011 Job strain and the risk of depression: is reporting biased?
14-01-2011 Job stress and the use of antidepressant medicine: a 3.5-year follow-up study among Danish employees
13-01-2011 Study protocol to a nationwide prospective cohort on return to gainful occupation after stroke in Denmark 1996 - 2006
13-01-2011 Effects of psychosocial work factors on lifestyle changes. A cohort study
13-01-2011 Shiftwork and changes in health behaviors
10-01-2011 The effect of recreational soccer training and running on postural balance in untrained men
06-01-2011 Effectiveness of small daily amounts of progressive resistance training for frequent neck/shoulder pain: Randomised controlled trial
06-01-2011 Do positive psychosocial work factors protect against 2-year incidence of long-term sickness absence among employees with and those without depressive symptoms? A prospective study
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