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Scientific articles are listed by registration date.


31-12-2014 Surveillance of hospital contacts among Danish seafarers and fishermen with focus on skin and infectious diseases - A population-based cohort study
31-12-2014 Does aerobic exercise improve or impair cardiorespiratory fitness and health among cleaners? A cluster randomized controlled trial
31-12-2014 Does workplace health promotion reach shift workers?
31-12-2014 Characterization of exposure to carbon nanotubes in an industrial setting
31-12-2014 Prevalence of work-related musculoskeletal symptoms of the neck and upper extremity among dentists in China
31-12-2014 Anxiety and depression are more prevalent in patients with graves' disease than in patients with nodular goitre
31-12-2014 Reduced ex vivo stimulated IL-6 response in infants randomized to fish oil from 9 to 18 months, especially among PPARG2 and COX2 wild types
31-12-2014 Putting context into organizational intervention design: Using tailored questionnaires to measure initiatives for worker well-being
31-12-2014 Difficulties in using Material Safety Data Sheets to analyse occupational exposures to contact allergens
31-12-2014 Risk of congenital malformations among children of construction painters in Denmark: a nationwide cohort study
31-12-2014 Atherogenic risk factors and hearing thresholds
31-12-2014 Polymorphisms in the heparanase gene in multiple myeloma association with bone morbidity and survival
31-12-2014 Effect of individually tailored biopsychosocial workplace interventions on chronic musculoskeletal pain, stress and work ability among laboratory technicians: randomized controlled trial protocol
31-12-2014 Multisite musculoskeletal pain predicts medically certified disability retirement among Finns
31-12-2014 Prediction of future labour market outcome in a cohort of long-term sick-listed Danes
31-12-2014 The appraisal of chronic stress and the development of the metabolic syndrome: a systematic review of prospective cohort studies
31-12-2014 Self-reported fatigue and physical function in late mid-life
31-12-2014 Neuroendocrine recovery after 2-week 12-h day and night shifts: an 11-day follow-up
31-12-2014 Copenhagen Aging and Midlife Biobank (CAMB): an introduction
31-12-2014 Transcriptional profiling identifies physicochemical properties of nanomaterials that are determinants of the in vivo pulmonary response
31-12-2014 Job strain and COPD exacerbations: an individual-participant meta-analysis
31-12-2014 Impaired sleep and allostatic load: cross-sectional results from the Danish Copenhagen Aging and Midlife Biobank
31-12-2014 In vivo toxicity of cationic micelles and liposomes
31-12-2014 Determinants of house dust, endotoxin, and beta-(1-->3)-d-glucan in homes of Danish children
31-12-2014 The aggression observation short form identified episodes not reported on the Staff Observation Aggression Scale-Revised
31-12-2014 Postural control and shoulder steadiness in F-16 pilots: a randomized controlled study
31-12-2014 Process evaluation of workplace interventions with physical exercise to reduce musculoskeletal disorders
31-12-2014 Dimensional comparability of psychosocial working conditions as covered in European monitoring questionnaires
31-12-2014 Algogenic substances and metabolic status in work-related Trapezius Myalgia: a multivariate explorative study
19-12-2014 Effects of the workplace health promotion activities soccer and zumba on muscle pain, work ability and perceived physical exertion among female hospital employees
19-12-2014 Occupational irritant contact dermatitis diagnosed by analysis of contact irritants and allergens in the work environment
19-12-2014 Translation and cross-cultural adaptation of the Nordic Occupational Skin Questionnaire (NOSQ-2002) to German
15-12-2014 Exposure to workplace bullying and risk of depression
15-12-2014 Sensitivity and specificity of the Brøset Violence Checklist as predictor of violence in forensic psychiatry
15-12-2014 Are forward bending of the trunk and low back pain associated among Danish blue-collar workers? A cross-sectional field study based on objective measures
15-12-2014 Testing the near field/far field model performance for prediction of particulate matter emissions in a paint factory
27-11-2014 Heart rate variability analysis using robust period detection
24-11-2014 Ozone-initiated terpene reaction products in five European offices: replacement of a floor cleaning agent
18-11-2014 High throughput sample processing and automated scoring
17-11-2014 Characterization of genotoxic response to 15 multiwalled carbon nanotubes with variable physicochemical properties including surface functionalizations in the FE1-Muta(TM) mouse lung epithelial cell l
17-11-2014 Dust, endotoxin, fungi, and bacteria exposure as determined by work task, season, and type of plant in a flower greenhouse
17-11-2014 Motivational factors influencing small construction and auto repair enterprises to participate in occupational health and safety programmes
13-11-2014 Musculoskeletal health and work ability in physically demanding occupations: study protocol for a prospective field study on construction and health care workers
13-11-2014 When intervention meets organisation, a qualitative study of motivation and barriers to physical exercise at the workplace
11-11-2014 Socio-economic status and incident diabetes mellitus among employees in Denmark: a prospective analysis with 10-year follow-up
11-11-2014 Influence of lifestyle factors on long-term sickness absence among female healthcare workers: a prospective cohort study
07-11-2014 Struggling at work - a qualitative study of working Danes with depressive symptoms
30-10-2014 Change in airway inflammatory markers in Danish energy plant workers during a working week
30-10-2014 High occupational physical activity and risk of ischaemic heart disease in women: The interplay with physical activity during leisure time
30-10-2014 Exploring the experiences of people with hypo- and hyperthyroidism
28-10-2014 Self-rostering and psychosocial work factors - A mixed methods intervention study
28-10-2014 Acute effect of topical menthol on chronic pain in slaughterhouse workers with carpal tunnel syndrome: triple-blind, randomized placebo-controlled trial
20-10-2014 Confirmatory factor analysis of the thyroid-related quality of life questionnaire ThyPRO
10-10-2014 Long working hours, socioeconomic status, and the risk of incident type 2 diabetes: a meta-analysis of published and unpublished data from 222 120 individuals
06-10-2014 Exercise and ankle sprain injuries: a comprehensive review
30-09-2014 Lasting effects of workplace strength training for neck/shoulder/arm pain among laboratory technicians: natural experiment with 3-year follow-up
30-09-2014 Variability in particle size determination by nanoparticle tracking analysis
30-09-2014 An interlaboratory comparison between similar methods for determination of melatonin, cortisol and testosterone in saliva
30-09-2014 Effect of strength training in addition to general exercise in patients on sick leave due to non-specific neck pain. A randomized clinical trial
29-09-2014 Long working hours and subsequent use of psychotropic medicine: a study protocol
22-09-2014 Role of oxidative stress in carbon nanotube-generated health effects
22-09-2014 Cardiovascular and lung function in relation to outdoor and indoor exposure to fine and ultrafine particulate matter in middle-aged subjects
19-09-2014 Measurement of oxidative damage to DNA in nanomaterial exposed cells and animals
15-09-2014 Unnecessary work tasks and mental health: a prospective analysis of Danish human service workers
11-09-2014 Soccer and zumba as health-promoting activities among female hospital employees: a 40-weeks cluster randomised intervention study
09-09-2014 Muscle activation during push-ups with different suspension training systems
05-09-2014 Intestinal PTGS2 mRNA Levels, PTGS2 gene polymorphisms, and colorectal carcinogenesis
05-09-2014 Heavy lifting at work and risk of ischemic heart disease: protocol for a register-based prospective cohort study
05-09-2014 Exposure to psychosocial job strain during pregnancy and odds of asthma and atopic dermatitis among 7-year old children - a prospective cohort study
05-09-2014 Exercise performance and cardiovascular health variables in 70-year-old male soccer players compared to endurance-trained, strength-trained and untrained age-matched men
29-08-2014 Job strain and the risk of severe asthma exacerbations: a meta-analysis of individual-participant data from 100 000 European men and women
28-08-2014 Evaluation of elastic bands for lower extremity resistance training in adults with and without musculo-skeletal pain
28-08-2014 Real-life use of vitamin D3-fortified bread and milk during a winter season: the effects of CYP2R1 and GC genes on 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentrations in Danish families, the VitmaD study
28-08-2014 Diabetes and ischemic heart disease: double jeopardy with regard to depressive mood and reduced quality of life
25-08-2014 Association of physical workload and leisure time physical activity with incident mobility limitations: a follow-up study
25-08-2014 Tissue distribution and elimination after oral and intravenous administration of different titanium dioxide nanoparticles in rats
25-08-2014 Effect of football or strength training on functional ability and physical performance in untrained old men
25-08-2014 Systematic review: interactions between aspirin, and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and polymorphisms in relation to colorectal cancer
25-08-2014 Individual and work-unit measures of psychological demands and decision latitude and the use of antihypertensive medication
25-08-2014 Is the association between high strain work and depressive symptoms modified by private life social support: a cohort study of 1,074 Danish employees?
18-08-2014 Job strain as a risk factor for type 2 diabetes: a pooled analysis of 124,808 men and women
18-08-2014 Bench press and push-up at comparable levels of muscle activity results in similar strength gains
18-08-2014 FADS single-nucleotide polymorphisms are associated with behavioral outcomes in children, and the effect varies between sexes and is dependent on PPAR genotype
18-08-2014 Update on work-related psychosocial factors and the development of ischemic heart disease. a systematic review
18-08-2014 Advanced REACH Tool: a Bayesian model for occupational exposure assessment
15-08-2014 Psychosocial factors at work and the development of mobility limitations among adults in Denmark
15-08-2014 Imputation and subset-based association analysis across different cancer types identifies multiple independent risk loci in the TERT-CLPTM1L region on chromosome 5p15.33 [Epub ahead of print]
12-08-2014 Work, diabetes and obesity: a seven year follow-up study among Danish health care workers
12-08-2014 Do colleagues influence our lifestyle: the matter of smoking, body mass index and leisure-time physical activity?
12-08-2014 Hours lying down per day and mortality from all-causes and cardiovascular disease: the HUNT Study, Norway
12-08-2014 Comparison of dust release from epoxy and paint nanocomposites and conventional products during sanding and sawing
07-08-2014 DNA damage following pulmonary exposure by instillation to low doses of carbon black (Printex 90) nanoparticles in mice
07-08-2014 Does rare use of assistive devices during patient handling increase the risk of low back pain? A prospective cohort study among female healthcare workers
07-08-2014 High injury incidence in adolescent female soccer
07-08-2014 Correlation between relative rates of hospital treatment or death due to ischaemic heart disease (IHD) and of IHD-related medication among socio-occupational and economic activities groups in Denmark,
03-07-2014 Pulmonary toxicity following exposure to a tile coating product containing alkylsiloxanes. A clinical and toxicological evaluation
03-07-2014 Development and implementation of PROgmatic: A clinical trial management system for pragmatic multi-centre trials, optimised for electronic data capture and patient-reported outcomes
30-06-2014 Polymorphisms in the inflammatory pathway genes TLR2, TLR4, TLR9, LY96, NFKBIA, NFKB1, TNFA, TNFRSF1A, IL6R, IL10, IL23R, PTPN22, and PPARG are associated with susceptibility of inflammatory bowel dis
30-06-2014 Anti-TNF treatment response in rheumatoid arthritis patients is associated with genetic variation in the NLRP3-inflammasome
27-06-2014 Isothiazolinones in commercial products at Danish workplaces
26-06-2014 Can architectural design alter the physiological reaction to psychosocial stress? A virtual TSST experiment
26-06-2014 Increased risk of long-term sickness absence, lower rate of return to work, and higher risk of unemployment and disability pensioning for thyroid patients: a Danish register-based cohort study
16-06-2014 Particle-induced pulmonary acute phase response may be the causal link between particle inhalation and cardiovascular disease
16-06-2014 Is sickness presenteeism a risk factor for depression? A Danish 2-year follow-up study
13-06-2014 Adoption of workplaces and reach of employees for a multi-faceted intervention targeting low back pain among nurses' aides
03-06-2014 Exposure and preventive measure to reduce high and daily exposure to Bacillus thuringiensis in potted plant production
03-06-2014 The effects of high-intensity versus low-intensity resistance training on leg extensor power and recovery of knee function after ACL-econstruction
03-06-2014 Mechanism of action of lung damage caused by a nanofilm spray product
03-06-2014 The interactions between pain, pain-related fear of movement and productivity
03-06-2014 The chronic autoimmune thyroiditis quality of life selenium trial (CATALYST): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial
03-06-2014 The association between changes in pressure pain sensitivity and changes in cardiovascular physiological factors associated with persistent stress
03-06-2014 Socio-occupational class, region of birth and maternal age: influence on time to detection of cryptorchidism (undescended testes): a Danish nationwide register study
03-06-2014 ITS-NANO - Prioritising nanosafety research to develop a stakeholder driven intelligent testing strategy
03-06-2014 Face validity of the single work ability item: comparison with objectively measured heart rate reserve over several days
03-06-2014 Range-finding risk assessment of inhalation exposure to nanodiamonds in a laboratory environment
03-06-2014 The effect of daily self-measurement of pressure pain sensitivity followed by acupressure on depression and quality of life versus treatment as usual in ischemic heart disease: a randomized clinical t
22-05-2014 Association between neck/shoulder pain and trapezius muscle tenderness in office workers
22-05-2014 Ozone-initiated VOC and particle emissions from a cleaning agent and an air freshener: risk assessment of acute airway effects
22-05-2014 Associations between functional polymorphisms in the NFkappaB signaling pathway and response to anti-TNF treatment in Danish patients with inflammatory bowel disease
22-05-2014 Effect of video-based versus personalized instruction on errors during elastic tubing exercises for musculoskeletal pain: a randomized controlled trial
22-05-2014 Effect of workplace- versus home-based physical exercise on pain in healthcare workers: study protocol for a single blinded cluster randomized controlled trial
22-05-2014 Month-to-month variation in sleep among healthy, Scandinavian daytime workers
22-04-2014 Reliability of a simple physical therapist screening tool to assess errors during resistance exercises for musculoskeletal pain
14-04-2014 Time-wise change in neck pain in response to rehabilitation with specific resistance training: implications for exercise prescription
11-04-2014 Genetic variants and multiple myeloma risk: IMMEnSE validation of the best reported associations - an extensive replication of the associations from the candidate gene era
10-04-2014 The PROMIS Physical Function item bank was calibrated to a standardized metric and shown to improve measurement efficiency
10-04-2014 High-intensity strength training improves function of chronically painful muscles: case-control and RCT studies
08-04-2014 Effect of two contrasting interventions on upper limb chronic pain and disability: a randomized controlled trial
08-04-2014 Vascular effects of multiwalled carbon nanotubes in dyslipidemic ApoE-/- mice and cultured endothelial cells
04-04-2014 Lumbar motion changes in chronic low back pain patients
01-04-2014 Specific and cross over effects of massage for muscle soreness: randomized controlled trial
01-04-2014 Roller massager improves range of motion of plantar flexor muscles without subsequent decreases in force parameters
27-03-2014 Effects on metabolic markers are modified by PPARG2 and COX2 polymorphisms in infants randomized to fish oil
27-03-2014 Occurrence of delayed-onset post-traumatic stress disorder: a systematic review and meta-analysis of prospective studies
27-03-2014 Demand-specific work ability, poor health and working conditions in middle-aged full-time employees
27-03-2014 Effect of training supervision on effectiveness of strength training for reducing neck/shoulder pain and headache in office workers: cluster randomized controlled trial
20-03-2014 Do psychosocial work conditions predict risk of disability pensioning? An analysis of register-based outcomes using pooled data on 40,554 observations
17-03-2014 Particles influence allergic responses in mice-role of gender and particle size
13-03-2014 Can morning rise in salivary cortisol be a biological parameter in an occupational rehabilitation clinic? A feasibility study
13-03-2014 Does affective organizational commitment and experience of meaning at work predict risk of disability pensioning? An analysis of register-based outcomes using pooled data on 40,554 observations in fou
13-03-2014 Psychosocial job strain and risk of congenital malformations in offspring-a Danish National cohort study
11-03-2014 Chronic high-fat diet increases acute neuroendocrine stress response independently of prenatal dexamethasone treatment in male rats
11-03-2014 Associations between serum phthalates and biomarkers of reproductive function in 589 adult men
11-03-2014 A multisite randomized controlled trial on time to self-support among sickness absence beneficiaries. The Danish national return-to-work programme
04-03-2014 Social gradient in allostatic load among Danish men and women in late midlife
04-03-2014 Social class differences in physical functions in middle-aged men and women
04-03-2014 "Making up" workers in an inclusive organisation: inclusion and diversity in Danish parking patrol
03-03-2014 Does good leadership buffer effects of high emotional demands at work on risk of antidepressant treatment? A prospective study from two Nordic countries
03-03-2014 Job strain and the risk of inflammatory bowel diseases: individual-participant meta-analysis of 95 000 men and women
03-03-2014 Workplace strength training prevents deterioration of work ability among workers with chronic pain and work disability: a randomized controlled trial
03-03-2014 How do workers with common mental disorders experience a multidisciplinary return-to-work intervention? A qualitative study
03-03-2014 Common variants in CYP2R1 and GC genes predict vitamin D concentrations in healthy Danish children and adults
03-03-2014 Sick leave patterns as predictors of disability pension or long-term sick leave: a 6.75-year follow-up study in municipal eldercare workers
25-02-2014 Do psychosocial job demands and job resources predict long-term sickness absence? An analysis of register-based outcomes using pooled data on 39,408 individuals in four occupational groups
18-02-2014 Does affective organizational commitment and experience of meaning at work predict long-term sickness absence? An analysis of register-based outcomes using pooled data on 61,302 observations in four o
18-02-2014 High intensity physical exercise and pain in the neck and upper limb among slaughterhouse workers: Cross-sectional study
18-02-2014 Salivary cortisol and depression in public sector employees: Cross-sectional and short term follow-up findings
04-02-2014 Process evaluation of a problem solving intervention to prevent recurrent sickness absence in workers with common mental disorders
03-02-2014 A study of classroom acoustics and school teachers' noise exposure, voice load and speaking time during teaching, and the effects on vocal and mental fatigue
03-02-2014 FIB-SEM imaging of carbon nanotubes in mouse lung tissue
20-01-2014 Effectiveness of hamstring knee rehabilitation exercise performed in training machine vs. elastic resistance: Electromyography evaluation study
20-01-2014 Free radical scavenging and formation by multi-walled carbon nanotubes in cell free conditions and in human bronchial epithelial cells
16-01-2014 Germline sequence variants in TGM3 and RGS22 confer risk of basal cell carcinoma
16-01-2014 Does retirement reduce the risk of myocardial infarction? A prospective registry linkage study of 617 511 Danish workers
10-01-2014 Recent and long-term occupational noise exposure and salivary cortisol level
10-01-2014 Validity of the Acti4 software using ActiGraph GT3X+accelerometer for recording of arm and upper body inclination in simulated work tasks
09-01-2014 Biodistribution of rhodamine B fluorescence-labeled cationic nanoparticles in rats
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