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31-12-2016 Factors affecting pain relief in response to physical exercise interventions among healthcare workers
31-12-2016 Mass spectrometry imaging of biomarker lipids for phagocytosis and signalling during focal cerebral ischaemia
31-12-2016 Participatory organizational intervention for improved use of assistive devices for patient transfer: study protocol for a single-blinded cluster randomized controlled trial
31-12-2016 Job insecurity and risk of diabetes: a meta-analysis of individual participant data
31-12-2016 Short-term effects of night shift work on breast cancer risk: a cohort study of payroll data
31-12-2016 The experience and practice of social support during major organizational changes: The case of the bank collapse in Iceland in 2008
31-12-2016 Prediction of ground reaction forces and moments during sports-related movements
31-12-2016 Randomised controlled pilot trial of high-velocity, low-amplitude manipulation on cervical and upper thoracic spine levels in asymptomatic subjects
31-12-2016 Fibrillar vs crystalline nanocellulose pulmonary epithelial cell responses: Cytotoxicity or inflammation?
31-12-2016 Long-term consequences of workplace bullying on sickness absence
31-12-2016 Intelligence in early adulthood and midlife physical performance in men: The mediating roles of education and physical activity
31-12-2016 Is prolonged sitting at work associated with the time course of neck-shoulder pain? A prospective study in Danish blue-collar workers
20-12-2016 Shift workers have similar leisure-time physical activity levels as day workers but are more sedentary at work
20-12-2016 Neurocognitive performance and physical function do not change with physical-cognitive-mindfulness training in female laboratory technicians with chronic musculoskeletal pain: Randomized controlled tr
20-12-2016 Occupational noise exposure, psychosocial working conditions and the risk of tinnitus
19-12-2016 In vitro toxicity evaluation of lignin-(un)coated cellulose based nanomaterials on human A549 and THP-1 cells
19-12-2016 Effects of high-intensity physical training on muscle fiber characteristics in post-stroke patients
19-12-2016 Transient risk factors of acute occupational injuries: a case-crossover study in two Danish emergency departments
12-12-2016 Prenatal exposure to maternal bereavement and offspring psoriasis: a Danish nationwide cohort study
12-12-2016 3D digital headform models of Australian cyclists
12-12-2016 A clear urban-rural gradient of allergic rhinitis in a population-based study in Northern Europe
12-12-2016 Aggression in psychiatric wards: Effect of the use of a structured risk assessment
08-12-2016 Effect of a participatory organizational-level occupational health intervention on job satisfaction, exhaustion and sleep disturbances: results of a cluster randomized controlled trial
06-12-2016 Effect of an aerobic exercise intervention on cardiac autonomic regulation: A worksite RCT among cleaners
28-11-2016 Cardiorespiratory fitness and death from cancer: a 42-year follow-up from the Copenhagen Male Study
24-11-2016 Zero Accident Vision based strategies in organisations: Innovative perspectives
22-11-2016 Development and validation of a prediction model for long-term sickness absence based on occupational health survey variables
22-11-2016 Assessment of indoor air quality in office buildings across Europe - The OFFICAIR study
21-11-2016 Biodistribution of carbon nanotubes in animal models
21-11-2016 First order risk assessment for nanoparticle inhalation exposure during injection molding of polypropylene composites and production of tungsten-carbide-cobalt fine powder based upon pulmonary inflamm
15-11-2016 Effects of a randomized controlled intervention trial on return to work and health care utilization after long-term sickness absence
15-11-2016 Strength training improves fatigue resistance and self-rated health in workers with chronic pain: A randomized controlled trial
15-11-2016 MR imaging of degenerative cartilage lesions of the knee joint in floor layers and graphic designers
07-11-2016 Low back pain patterns over one year among 842 workers in the DPhacto study and predictors for chronicity based on repetitive measurements
03-11-2016 Effects of 14-day oral low dose selenium nanoparticles and selenite in rat-as determined by metabolite pattern determination
27-10-2016 Trading health for money: agential struggles in the (re)configuration of subjectivity, the body and pain among construction workers
25-10-2016 Cardiovascular health effects of oral and pulmonary exposure to multi-walled carbon nanotubes in ApoE-deficient mice
25-10-2016 Confirmation of an IRAK3 polymorphism as a genetic marker predicting response to anti-TNF treatment in rheumatoid arthritis
14-10-2016 Identification of miRSNPs associated with the risk of multiple myeloma
11-10-2016 In field conditions, commercial pigment grade TiO2 was not harmful to terrestrial isopods but reduced leaf litter fragmentation
11-10-2016 Changes in the diurnal rhythms of cortisol, melatonin, and testosterone after 2, 4, and 7 consecutive night shifts in male police officers
10-10-2016 Effects of developmental exposure to silver in ionic and nanoparticle form: A study in rats
10-10-2016 How to measure the intervention process? An assessment of qualitative and quantitative approaches to data collection in the process evaluation of organizational interventions
07-10-2016 Amorphous silica nanoparticle-induced perturbation of cholesterol homeostasis as a function of surface area highlights safe-by-design implementation: an integrated multi-OMICS analysis
07-10-2016 Do personal dispositions affect the relationship between psychosocial working conditions and workplace bullying?
07-10-2016 Specifikke bronkiale og nasale provokationer for erhvervsallergener
30-09-2016 Vitamin D and allergic airway disease shape the murine lung microbiome in a sex-specific manner
29-09-2016 How does definition of minimum break length affect objective measures of sitting outcomes among office workers?
29-09-2016 The association between workplace bullying and depressive symptoms: the role of the perpetrator
29-09-2016 Surface modification does not influence the genotoxic and inflammatory effects of TiO2 nanoparticles after pulmonary exposure by instillation in mice
23-09-2016 The epidemiologic evidence linking prenatal and postnatal exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals with male reproductive disorders: a systematic review and meta-analysis
20-09-2016 The variability of the trunk forward bending in standing activities during work vs. leisure time
20-09-2016 Processes, barriers and facilitators to implementation of a participatory ergonomics program among eldercare workers
13-09-2016 Job strain and informal caregiving as predictors of long-term sickness absence: A longitudinal multi-cohort study
13-09-2016 Association between occupational lifting and day-to-day change in low-back pain intensity based on company records and text messages
13-09-2016 Does objectively measured daily duration of forward bending predict development and aggravation of low-back pain? A prospective study
12-09-2016 Safety climate and accidents at work: Cross-sectional study among 15,000 workers of the general working population
05-09-2016 Do psychosocial job resources buffer the relation between physical work demands and coronary heart disease? A prospective study among men
05-09-2016 Inflammation and vascular effects after repeated intratracheal instillations of carbon black and lipopolysaccharide
01-09-2016 Ten weeks of physical-cognitive-mindfulness training reduces fear-avoidance beliefs about work-related activity: Randomized controlled trial
01-09-2016 Regular use of medication for musculoskeletal pain and risk of long-term sickness absence: A prospective cohort study among the general working population
26-08-2016 Emotional demands at work and the risk of clinical depression: A longitudinal study in the Danish public sector
26-08-2016 Relationship between changes in workplace bullying status and the reporting of personality characteristics
26-08-2016 Long term effects on risk factors for cardiovascular disease after 12-months of aerobic exercise intervention - A worksite RCT among cleaners
26-08-2016 Effect of a long-term high-protein diet on survival, obesity development, and gut microbiota in mice
23-08-2016 Focusing on increasing velocity during heavy resistance knee flexion exercise boosts hamstring muscle activity in chronic stroke patients
22-08-2016 Exposure to negative acts and risk of turnover: a study of a register-based outcome among employees in three occupational groups
22-08-2016 Emotion work within eldercare and depressive symptoms: A cross-sectional multi-level study assessing the association between externally observed emotion work and self-reported depressive symptoms amon
19-08-2016 In vitro toxicity of cationic micelles and liposomes in cultured human hepatocyte (HepG2) and lung epithelial (A549) cell lines
11-08-2016 Systematic review: genetic biomarkers associated with anti-TNF treatment response in inflammatory bowel diseases
11-08-2016 Psychosocial work stress, leisure time physical exercise and the risk of chronic pain in the neck/shoulders: Longitudinal data from the Norwegian HUNT Study
11-08-2016 External eye symptoms in indoor environments
09-08-2016 Unwanted sexual attention at work and long-term sickness absence: a follow-up register-based study
09-08-2016 Screening instruments for predicting return to work in long-term sickness absence
05-08-2016 Genome-wide association study identifies multiple susceptibility loci for multiple myeloma
05-08-2016 A common variant within the HNF1B gene is associated with overall survival of multiple myeloma patients: Results from the IMMEnSE consortium and meta-analysis
05-08-2016 Limonene and its ozone-initiated reaction products attenuate allergic lung inflammation in mice
04-08-2016 Influence of physical and psychosocial work environment throughout life and physical and cognitive capacity in midlife on labor market attachment among older workers: study protocol for a prospective
04-08-2016 Effects of eHealth physical activity encouragement in adolescents with complex congenital heart disease: The PReVaiL randomized clinical trial
04-08-2016 Genotoxic and inflammatory effects of nanofibrillated cellulose in murine lungs
02-08-2016 Epoxy composite dusts with and without carbon nanotubes cause similar pulmonary responses, but differences in liver histology in mice following pulmonary deposition
30-06-2016 Airway irritation, inflammation and toxicity in mice following inhalation of metal oxide nanoparticles
30-06-2016 Ambient and at-the-ear occupational noise exposure and serum lipid levels
30-06-2016 Working time arrangements as potential risk factors for ischemic heart disease among workers in Denmark: A study protocol
28-06-2016 Risk of hypersensitivity pneumonitis and interstitial lung diseases among pigeon breeders
28-06-2016 Multi-walled carbon nanotube physicochemical properties predict pulmonary inflammation and genotoxicity
13-06-2016 A multi-faceted workplace intervention targeting low back pain was effective for physical work demands and maladaptive pain behaviours, but not for work ability and sickness absence: Stepped wedge clu
13-06-2016 Does employee participation in workplace health promotion depend on the working environment? A cross-sectional study of Danish workers
07-06-2016 The relationship between transformational leadership and follower sickness absence: the role of presenteeism
07-06-2016 Regular use of pain medication due to musculoskeletal disorders in the general working population: Cross-sectional study among 10,000 workers
07-06-2016 Feedback on measured dust concentrations reduces exposure levels among farmers
31-05-2016 Re-evaluation of the WHO (2010) formaldehyde indoor air quality guideline for cancer risk assessment
30-05-2016 Measurement of PCB emissions from building surfaces using a novel portable emission test cell
30-05-2016 Occupational exposure to bioaerosols in Norwegian crab processing plants
30-05-2016 Reducing physical risk factors in construction work through a participatory intervention: Protocol for a mixed-methods process evaluation
30-05-2016 How do women with lupus manage fatigue? A focus group study
30-05-2016 Joint association of sleep problems and psychosocial working conditions with registered long-term sickness absence. A Danish cohort study
30-05-2016 Specific strength training compared with interdisciplinary counseling for girls with tension-type headache: a randomized controlled trial
24-05-2016 Fine-mapping markers of lung cancer susceptibility in a sub-region of chromosome 19q13.3 among Chinese
23-05-2016 Improvements in health-related quality of life with liraglutide 3.0 mg compared with placebo in weight management
23-05-2016 What is the effect on obesity indicators from replacing prolonged sedentary time with brief sedentary bouts, standing and different types of physical activity during working days? A cross-sectional ac
23-05-2016 Validity and reliability of elastic resistance bands for measuring shoulder muscle strength
20-05-2016 Can psychosocial work conditions protect against age-related cognitive decline? Results from a systematic review
20-05-2016 No cytotoxicity or genotoxicity of graphene and graphene oxide in murine lung epithelial FE1 cells in vitro
20-05-2016 Too individualistic for safety culture? Non-traffic related work safety among heavy goods vehicle drivers
20-05-2016 Impact of mindfulness training on physiological measures of stress and objective measures of attention control in a military helicopter unit
12-05-2016 Meta-analysis of transcriptomic responses as a means to identify pulmonary disease outcomes for engineered nanomaterials
10-05-2016 Method for a homogeneous distribution of pollens in an environmental exposure chamber
09-05-2016 Pulmonary illness as a consequence of occupational exposure to shrimp shell powder
09-05-2016 Routinized killing of animals: Going beyond dirty work and prestige to understand the well-being of slaughterhouse workers 5
09-05-2016 Does perceived stress mediate the association between workplace bullying and long-term sickness absence?
09-05-2016 The role of poor sleep in the relation between workplace bullying/unwanted sexual attention and long-term sickness absence
03-05-2016 Occupational and leisure-time physical activity and workload among construction workers - a randomized control study
03-05-2016 Take a stand!-a multi-component intervention aimed at reducing sitting time among office workers-a cluster randomized trial
03-05-2016 How do different definitions of night shift affect the exposure assessment of night work?
02-05-2016 Alcohol-related breast cancer in postmenopausal women - effect of CYP19A1, PPARG and PPARGC1A polymorphisms on female sex-hormone levels and interaction with alcohol consumption and NSAID usage in a n
02-05-2016 Self-reported occupational physical activity and cardiorespiratory fitness: Importance for cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality
28-04-2016 Control banding tools for occupational exposure assessment of nanomaterials - Ready for use in a regulatory context?
28-04-2016 Waste workers' exposure to airborne fungal and bacterial species in the truck cab and during waste collection
26-04-2016 Prediction of objectively measured physical activity and sedentariness among blue-collar work using survey questionnaires
26-04-2016 Manual therapy for tension-type headache related to quality of work life and work presenteeism: Secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trial
26-04-2016 Health Effects of PCBs in Residences and Schools (HESPERUS): PCB - health Cohort Profile
19-04-2016 Positive effects of 1-year football and strength training on mechanical muscle function and functional capacity in elderly men
19-04-2016 Familial risk of chronic musculoskeletal pain and the importance of physical activity and Body Mass Index: Prospective data from the HUNT study, Norway
11-04-2016 Effect of a participatory organizational-level occupational health intervention on short-term sickness absence: a cluster randomized controlled trial
11-04-2016 Psychosocial work environment and retirement age: a prospective study of 1876 senior employees
07-04-2016 A multilaboratory toxicological assessment of a panel of 10 engineered nanomaterials to human health-ENPRA Project - The highlights, limitations, and current and future challenges
07-04-2016 Associations between delayed completion of high school and educational attainment and symptom levels of anxiety and depression in adulthood
05-04-2016 Atherosclerosis and vasomotor dysfunction in arteries of animals after exposure to combustion-derived particulate matter or nanomaterials
05-04-2016 Long working hours and use of psychotropic medicine: a follow-up study with register linkage
29-03-2016 Nano-risk Science: Application of toxicogenomics in an adverse outcome pathway framework for risk assessment of multi-walled carbon nanotubes
18-03-2016 Negative acts at work as potential bullying behavior and depression: Examining the direction of the association in a 2-year follow-up study
15-03-2016 Association of objectively measured occupational walking and standing still with low back pain: a cross-sectional study
15-03-2016 What is the preferred number of consecutive night shifts? results from a crossover intervention study among police officers in Denmark
15-03-2016 Residential ozone and lung function in the elderly
08-03-2016 A comparison of hamstring muscle activity during different screening tests for non-contact ACL injury
08-03-2016 Risk of depressive disorder following disasters and military deployment: systematic review with meta-analysis
08-03-2016 Temporal patterns of sitting at work are associated with neck-shoulder pain in blue-collar workers: a cross-sectional analysis of accelerometer data in the DPHACTO study
08-03-2016 Effort-reward imbalance at work and the risk of antidepressant treatment in the Danish workforce
04-03-2016 Generation and characterization of indoor fungal aerosols for inhalation studies
04-03-2016 The effect on work ability of a tailored ergonomic learning program
04-03-2016 Fra arbejdsmiljøindsats til daglig praksis i små virksomheder
01-03-2016 Associations between biopsychosocial factors and chronic upper limb pain among slaughterhouse workers: cross sectional study
29-02-2016 Are hypertensive women at additional risk of ischaemic heart disease from physically demanding work?
29-02-2016 Linking data on work, health and lifestyle to explain socio-occupational inequality in Danish register-based incidence of diabetes
29-02-2016 Influence of everyday activities and presence of people in common indoor environments on exposure to airborne fungi
29-02-2016 Demonstration of a modelling-based multi-criteria decision analysis procedure for prioritization of occupational risks from manufactured nanomaterials
29-02-2016 Long working hours and cancer risk: a multi-cohort study
25-02-2016 Effect of rheumatoid arthritis on longterm sickness absence in 1994-2011: A Danish cohort study
25-02-2016 Are temporal patterns of sitting associated with obesity among blue-collar workers? A cross sectional study using accelerometers
25-02-2016 Impact of serum as a dispersion agent for in vitro and in vivo toxicological assessments of TiO nanoparticles
09-02-2016 Effects on muscle strength, maximal jump height, flexibility and postural sway after soccer and Zumba exercise among female hospital employees: a 9-month randomised controlled trial
04-02-2016 Social support modifies association between forward bending of the trunk and low-back pain: Cross-sectional field study of blue-collar workers
02-02-2016 Validation of the eating pattern inventory for children in a general population sample of 11- to 12-year-old children
01-02-2016 High-intensity preoperative training improves physical and functional recovery in the early post-operative periods after total knee arthroplasty: a randomized controlled trial
01-02-2016 School education, physical performance in late midlife and allostatic load: a retrospective cohort study
01-02-2016 Predicting well-being and internalizing symptoms in late adolescence from trajectories of externalizing behavior starting in infancy
01-02-2016 Occupational exposure levels of bioaerosol components are associated with serum levels of the acute phase protein Serum Amyloid A in greenhouse workers
01-02-2016 Workplace social capital and risk of long-term sickness absence. Are associations modified by occupational grade?
15-01-2016 Physical workload and risk of long-term sickness absence in the general working population and among blue-collar workers: prospective cohort study with register follow-up
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