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Scientific articles are listed by registration date.


31-12-1998 Erhverv og kronisk inflammatorisk tarmsygdom i Danmark
31-12-1998 Cervical diskusprolaps hos erhvervschauffører, 1981-1990
31-12-1998 Prevalence proportion ratios: estimation and hypothesis testing.
31-12-1998 Hudsymptomer på hænderne blandt kvindelige rengøringsassistenter.
31-12-1998 Selvvurderet helbred som prædiktor for udvikling af iskæmisk hjertesygdom.
31-12-1998 Structure-activity relationships of volatile organic chemicals as sensory irritants
31-12-1998 The Danish SF-36 Health Survey: Translation and preliminary validity studies
31-12-1998 Dietary structured triacylglycerols containing docosahexaenoic acid given from birth affect visual and auditory performance and tissue fatty acid profiles of rats.
31-12-1998 Criteria for the identification of insulation woll fibres by microscopic evaluation of filter examples
31-12-1998 Cancer predictive value of cytogenetic markers used in occupational health surveillance programs.
31-12-1998 Cancer predictive value of cytogenetic markers used in occupational health surveillance programs: a report from an ongoing study by the European Study Group on cytogenetic biomarkers and health.
31-12-1998 Development of a method for the determination of low contents of asbestos fibres in bulk material
31-12-1998 Cancer incidence in urban bus drivers and tramway employees: a retrospective cohort study.
31-12-1998 Expressin of caveolin-1 and polarized formation of invaginated caveolae in Caco-2 and MDCK II cells
31-12-1998 Characterization of emissions from building products. Long-term chemical evaluation. The impact of air velocity, temperature, humidity, and air on long term VOC emissions from building products
31-12-1998 Speciation measurements by HPLC-HGAAS of dimethylarsinic acid and arsenobetaine in three candidate lyophilized urine reference materials.
30-09-1998 Indoor Air guideline level for Phenol and Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT)
30-09-1998 Indoor Air guideline levels for Formic, Acetic, Propionic and Butyrid Acid
30-09-1998 Indoor Air guideline levels for 2-ethoxyethanol, 2-(2-ethoxyethoxy)ethanol, 2-(2-butoxyethoxy)ethanol and 1-methoxy-2-propanol
30-09-1998 Job strain and cardiovascular risk factors among members of the Danish parliament
30-09-1998 Special issue on health, work, and the workplace - Introduction
30-09-1998 Conjugation in Gram-positive bacteria and kinetics of plasmid transfer
30-09-1998 Traceability and uncertainty in analytical measurements.
30-09-1998 Toxicity of the styrene metabolite, phenylglyoxylic acid, in rats after three months oral dosing.
30-09-1998 Particle deposition onto a human head: Influence of electrostatic and wind Fields
30-09-1998 Effect of Age and Height on Vibrotactile Treshold Among 1,663 U.S Workers
30-09-1998 Respiratory effects in mice exposed to airborne emissions from Stachybotrys chartarum and implications for risk assessment
30-06-1998 DEQAS - The Danish external quality assessment scheme.
30-06-1998 Gas chromatographic analysis of free fatty acids and fatty acid salts extracted with neutral and acidfied dichloromethane from office floor dust
30-06-1998 Injuries among domestic waste collectors
30-06-1998 Adduct formation, mutagenesis and nucleotide excision repair of DNA damage produced by reactive oxygen species and lipid peroxidation product.
30-06-1998 DNA damage in isolated rat hepatocytes exposed to C.I. Pigment Orange 5 and C.I. Pigment Yellow 12 by the alkaline comet assay,
30-06-1998 Proficient deoxyribonucleic acid repair of methylation damage in hamster ERCC-gene mutants
30-06-1998 Microorganisms and endotoxin in stored biowaste percolate and aerosols
30-06-1998 Laser ablation inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry in combination with gel electrophoresis: a new strategy for speciation of metal binding serum proteins.
30-06-1998 Risk in cleaning: chemical and physical exposure
30-06-1998 Angina pectoris, job strain and social status: A cross-sectional study of employed urban citizens.
30-03-1998 Kinetics of conjugative transfer: A study of plasmid pXO16 from Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis
30-03-1998 Trends in quality assurance of metal determination in clinical chemistry.
30-03-1998 An intervention study of the effect of improved cleaning methods on the concentration and composition of dust
30-03-1998 Seasonal variation of DNA damage and repair in patients with non-melanoma skin cancer and referents with and without psoriasis.
30-03-1998 K-ras mutations in sinonasal adenocarcinomas in patients occupationally exposed to wood or leather dust.
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