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Scientific articles are listed by registration date.
31-12-2000 Association between plasma testosterone and work-related neck and shoulder disorders among female workers.
31-12-2000 Use of a national hospitalization register to identify industrial sectors carrying high risk of severe injuries: a three-year cohort study of more than 900,000 Danish men
31-12-2000 Mortality among persons with a history as psychiatric in patients with functional psychosis
31-12-2000 Repeated exposures to cobalt and chromate on the hands of patients with hand eczema and contact allergy to that metal
31-12-2000 Study of adjuvant effect of model surfactants from the groups of alkyl sulfates, alkylbenzene sulfonates, alcohol ethoxylates and soaps
31-12-2000 Dermal exposure assessment
31-12-2000 Seasonal and biological variation of blood concentrations of total cholesterol, dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate, hemoglobin A1C, 1gA, prolactin, and free testosterone in healthy women.
31-12-2000 House dust in seven Danish offices
31-12-2000 Practical implications of item response theory and computerized adaptive testing. A brief summary of ongoing studies of widely used headache impact scales.
31-12-2000 Poster session I. Particle release from indoor surces. Measuring the release of particles from indoor surfaces
31-12-2000 Chromosome aberrations in pesticide-exposed greenhouse workers
31-12-2000 Fatigue in the Danish general population. Influence of sociodemographic factors and disease
31-12-2000 Inflammatory potential of dust from waste handling facilities measured as IL-8 secretion from lung epithelial cells In vitro
31-12-2000 Effects of R-(+)- and S-(-)-limonene on the respiratory tract in mice
31-12-2000 Four weeks inhalation exposure of long evans rats to 4-tert-Butyltoluene: effect on evoked potentials, behaviour, and brain neurochemistry
31-12-2000 Sensitivity to nitrogen mustard relates to the ability of processing DNA damage in Chinese hamster ovary cells
30-09-2000 Standing at work and varicose veins
30-09-2000 Social class and self-rated health: can the gradient be explained by differences in life style or work environment?
30-09-2000 Rats exposed to toluene and noise may develop loss of auditory sensitivity due to synergistic interaction
30-06-2000 The importance of the work/rest pattern as a risk factor in repetitive monotonous work
30-06-2000 Outsourcing and stress: physiological effects on bus drivers.
30-06-2000 The dust holding capacity of porous plastic foam used in particle size-selective sampling
30-06-2000 Effects of methacrolein on the respiratory tract in mice
30-06-2000 Volatile metabolites from mold growth on building materials and synthetic media
30-06-2000 Social and occupational differences in chronic obstructive lung disease in Denmark 1981-1993
30-06-2000 Formation of strong airway irritants in terpene/ozone mixtures
30-06-2000 Item bias in indices measuring psychosocial work environment and health
30-06-2000 A strong genotoxic effect in mouse skin of a single painting of coal tar in hairless mice and in Muta TMMouse
30-06-2000 DNA repair capacity: inconsistency between effect of over-expression of five NER genes and the correlation to mRNA levels in primary lymphocytes.
30-06-2000 The role of muscle activity and mental load in the development of pain and degenerative processes at the muscle cell level during computer work
30-03-2000 Psoriasis patients with basal cell carcinoma have more repair-mediated DNA strand-breaks after UVC damage in lymphocytes than psoriasis patients without basal cell carcinoma.
30-03-2000 Biological monitoring for exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOCs). (IUPAC Recommendations 2000).
30-03-2000 Seasonal variation in bioaerosol exposure during biowaste collection and measurements of leaked percolate
30-03-2000 A molecular pathway for UV-induced CC to TT mutations
30-03-2000 Volatile sesquiterpenes from stachybotrys chartarum: indicators for trichothecene producing mold species?
30-03-2000 Determination of nickel in fingernails and forearm skin (stratum corneum)
30-03-2000 Kinetics and energetics during uphill and downhill carrying of different weights
30-03-2000 Work environment and changes in self-rated health: a five year follow-up study.
30-03-2000 High-risk occupations for cardiovascular disease
30-03-2000 Validation of a radioimmunoassay for the determination of total corticosterone in rat plasma.
30-03-2000 Workplace intervention studies
30-03-2000 Chromosomal aberrations in lymphocytes predict human cancer independently of exposure to carcinogens
30-03-2000 Agricultural work and the risk of Parkinson's disease in Denmark, 1981-1993
30-03-2000 The comet assay as a rapid test in biomonitoring occupational exposure to DNA-damaging agents and effect of confounding factors
30-03-2000 Validation of an competitive ELISA for the determination of serum keratan sulphate
30-03-2000 Detergents in the indoor environment - what is the evidence for an allergy promoting effect? Known and postulated mechanisms
08-01-2000 Interpreting parameters in the logistic regression model with random effects
05-01-2000 Genotoxic hazards of azo pigments and other colorants related to 1-phenylazo-2-hydroxynaphthalene
05-01-2000 Double discharges in human EDC muscle during double clicking of computer mouse
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