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Scientific articles are listed by registration date.
01-12-2002 Linear alkylbenzene sulfonates in indoor floor dust
01-12-2002 Quantifying catecholamines using multi-way kinetic modelling
01-12-2002 U6+ phases in the weathering zone of the Bangombé U-deposit: observed and predicted mineralogy
01-12-2002 Uraninite and fullerene in atmospheric particulates
01-12-2002 The effect of different surfaces on biomechanical loading of shoulder and lumbar spine during pushing and pulling of two-wheeled containers
01-11-2002 Changes in markers of oxidative stress and membrane properties in synaptosomes from rats exposed prenatally to toluene
01-11-2002 Physical capacity influences the response of insulin-like growth factor and its binding proteins to training
01-11-2002 Adjuvant effect of di-n-Butyl-, di-n-Octyl-, di-iso-Nonyl- and di-iso-Decyl phthalate in an subcutaneous injection model using BALB/c mice
01-11-2002 Multiple single nucleotide polymorphisms on human chromosome 19q13.2-3 associate with risk of basal cell carcinoma
01-11-2002 Uncertainty is just repeated measurements
01-11-2002 Bacillus thuringiensis in fecal samples from greenhouse workers after exposure to B.thuringiensis-based pesticides
01-11-2002 Cotinine excretion (tobacco smoke biomarker) of smokers and non-smokers: comparision of GC/MS and RIA results
01-10-2002 Physical workload during manual and mechanical deboning of poultry
01-10-2002 Musculoskeletal symptoms and duration of computer and mouse use
01-10-2002 Degradation of the adsorbent tenax TA by nitrogen oxides, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, OH radical, and limonene oxidation products
01-10-2002 Socioeconomic status and psychosocial work environment: results from a Danish national study
01-10-2002 Muscle fibre type, efficiency, and mechanical optima affect freely chosen pedal rate during cycling
01-10-2002 Micro-fibre and ultra-micro-fibre cloths, their physical characteristics, cleaning effect, abrasion on surfaces, friction, and wear resistance
01-10-2002 Hospitalizations among teachers in Denmark 1981-1997
01-10-2002 Crank inertial load affects freely chosen pedal rate during cycling
01-10-2002 Exposure of Danish workers to trichloroethylene, 1947-1989
01-09-2002 Evaluation of accuracy and uncertainty of ELISA assays for the determination of interleukin-4, interleukin-5, interferon-g and tumor necrosis factor-a
01-09-2002 Measures of low back function: a review of reproducibility studies
01-09-2002 Effect of mental and physical demands on muscular activity during the use of a computer mouse and a keyboard
01-09-2002 Effects of mental and physical demands on heart rate variability during computer work
01-09-2002 Work-related psychosocial, physical and individual factors associated with musculoskeletal symptoms in computer users
01-09-2002 Detection of enterotoxin genes in mosquito-larvicidal Bacillus species
01-09-2002 Increase in spinal stability obtained at levels of intra-abdominal pressure and back muscle activity realistic to work situations
01-09-2002 Mutagenicity of 2-amino-3-methylimidazo[4,5-f]quinoline in colon and liver of Big Blue rats: role of DNA adducts, strand breaks, DNA repair and oxidative stress
01-09-2002 Volatile metabolites from actinomycetes
01-09-2002 Hospitalizations among employees in the Danish hotel and restaurant industry
01-09-2002 Experimental generation of organic dust from compostable household waste
01-09-2002 Second inter-laboratory study comparing endotoxin assay results from cotton dust
01-09-2002 A dynamic 3D biomechanical evaluation of the load on the low back during different patient-handling tasks
01-09-2002 Intra-abdominal pressure increases during exhausting back extension in humans
01-09-2002 Association of chromosome 19q13.2-3 haplotypes with basal cell carcinoma: tentative delineation of an involved region using data for single nucleotide polymorphisms in two cohorts
01-09-2002 Inter-individual variation, seasonal variation and close correlation of OGG1 and ERCC1 mRNA levels in full blood from healthy volunteers
01-09-2002 Construction workers' falls through roofs: fatal versus serious injuries
01-09-2002 Upper airway and pulmonary effects of oxidation products of (+)-a-pinene d-limonene, and isoprene in Balb/c mice
01-09-2002 A sucrose-rich diet induces mutations in the rat colon
01-09-2002 Risk factors for neck-shoulder and wrist-hand symptoms in a 5-year follow-up study of 3,990 employees in Denmark
01-09-2002 Inhalation of ozone induces DNA strand breaks and inflammation in mice
01-09-2002 NoiseChem: an European Commission research project on the effects of exposure to noise and industrial chemicals on hearing and balance
01-09-2002 Musculoskeletal problems as a result of work organization, work tasks and stress during computer work
01-09-2002 Detection of indoor PCB contamination by thermal desorption of dust - A rapid screening method?
01-09-2002 Prevention of work related skin problems: an intervention study in wet work employees
01-09-2002 Demand and control in human service work in relation to selfrated oral health
01-06-2002 Vibrotactile sense and mechanical functional state of the arm and hand among computer users compared with a control group
01-06-2002 IgE-Mediated asthma and rhinitis I: a role of allergen exposure?
01-05-2002 Assessment of postexercise muscle soreness by electromyography and mechanomyography
01-05-2002 Interleukin-8 secretion from monocytic cell lines for evaluation of the inflammatory potential of organic dust
01-05-2002 Development of muscle fatigue as assessed by electromyography and mechanomyography during continuous and intermittent low-force contractions: effect of the feedback mode
01-04-2002 Passive sampler used for simultaneous measurement of breathing zone size distribution, inhalable dust concentration and other size fractions involving large particles
01-04-2002 Validation of a job-exposure matrix for assessment of utility worker exposure to magnetic fields
01-04-2002 Physical, psychosocial, and individual risk factors for neck/shoulder pain with pressure tenderness in the muscles among workers performing monotonous, repetitive work
01-03-2002 Muscle activity and cardiovascular response during computer-mouse work with and without memory demands
01-03-2002 The construction of the Øresund link between Denmark and Sweden: the effect of a multi-faceted safety campaign
01-03-2002 Exposure assessment of upper limb repetitive movements: a consensus document developed by the Technical Committee on Musculoskeletal Disorders of International Ergonomics Association (IEA) endorsed by
01-03-2002 Detection of ciliostatic activity in fungal growth on building materials
01-02-2002 Risk of shoulder tendinitis in relation to shoulder loads in monotonous repetitive work
01-02-2002 Hospitalizations among female home-helpers in Denmark, 1981-1997
01-02-2002 Multidisciplinary in-depth investigations of head-on and left-turn road collisions
01-01-2002 Dynamic loads on the upper extremities during two different floor cleaning methods
01-01-2002 Mechanomyography and electromyography force relationships during concentric, isometric and eccentric contractions
01-01-2002 Physical exposure assessment in monotonous repetitive work - the PRIM study
01-01-2002 Motor unit activity during stereotyped finger tasks and computer mouse work
01-01-2002 Cortisol in urine and saliva: relations to the intima media thickness, IMT
01-01-2002 Sunlight-induced DNA damage in human mononuclear cells
01-01-2002 Coping with bullying in the workplace
01-01-2002 Motor-unit recruitment and firing patterns, and their role in development of chronic muscular pain: analysis methods, mechanisms and models
01-01-2002 Analytical methods for determining urinary catecholamines in healthy subjects
01-01-2002 Occupational injury risk assessment using injury severity odds ratios: male falls from heights in the Danish construction industry, 1993-1999
01-01-2002 Isolation and characterization of Bacillus cereus-like bacteria from faecal samples from greenhouse workers who are using Bacillus thuringiensis-based insecticides
01-01-2002 Di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate possesses an adjuvant effect in a subcutaneous injection model with BALB/c mice
01-01-2002 Investigation of the adjuvant effect of polyethylene glycol (PEG) 400 in BALB/c mice
01-01-2002 Adjuvant and immuno-suppressive effect of six monophthalates in a subcutaneous injection model with BALB/c mice
01-01-2002 Risk assessment for occupational exposure to chemicals. A review of current methodology (IUPAC technical report)
01-01-2002 Reliability of isometric muscle strength tests for the trunk, hands and shoulders
01-01-2002 An analysis of motor unit firing pattern during sustained low force contraction in fatigued muscle
01-01-2002 Doublets in motor unit activity of human forearm muscle during simulated computer work
01-01-2002 The Danish psychosocial work environment and symptoms of stress: the main, mediating and moderating role of sense of coherence
01-01-2002 Diffusion coefficients in cold sulfuric acid solution
01-01-2002 An extension of relational methods in mortality estimation
01-01-2002 Broadening the view of exposure assessment
01-01-2002 Social determinants of dietary habits in Denmark
01-01-2002 Evaluation of physical workload standards and guidelines from a Nordic perspective
01-01-2002 Udviklingen i kostvaner i Danmark og Sverige siden 1960'erne
01-01-2002 Behavioural effects in rats after prenatal exposure to dearomatized white spirit
01-01-2002 Description of a generally applicable model for the evaluation of uncertainty of measurement in clinical chemistry
01-01-2002 Blood flow and oxygen uptake increase with total power during five different knee-extension contraction rates
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