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Scientific articles are listed by registration date.
01-12-2003 Case studies of occupational falls from heights: cognition and behaviour in context
01-12-2003 The Bacillus cereus bceT enterotoxin sequence reappraised
01-12-2003 Applications of computerized adaptive testing (CAT) to the assessment of headache impact
01-12-2003 The feasibility of applying item response theory to measures of migraine impact: a re-analysis of three clinical studies
01-12-2003 The responsiveness of headache impact scales scored using "classical" and "modern" psychometric methods: a re-analysis of three clinical trials
01-12-2003 A six-item short-form survey for measuring headache impact: the HIT-6TM
01-12-2003 Calibration of an item pool for assessing the burden of headaches: an application of item response theory to the Headache Impact Test (HITtm)
01-12-2003 Using item response theory to calibrate the Headache Impact Test (HITtm) to the metric of traditional headache scales
01-12-2003 The shape of the force-elbow angle relationship for maximal voluntary contractions and sub-maximal electrically induced contractions in human elbow flexors
01-12-2003 Effects of firm size on risks and reporting of elevation fall injury in construction trades
01-12-2003 Dietary elevated sucrose modulation of diesel-induced genotoxicity in the colon and liver of Big Blue rats
01-12-2003 Oxygen isotopic composition of nano-scale uraninite at the Oklo-Okélobondo natural fission reactors, Gabon
01-11-2003 Risk factors in the onset of neck/shoulder pain in a prospective study of workers in industrial and service companies
01-11-2003 NAGase activity in airborne biomass dust and relationship between NAGase concentrations and fungal spores
01-11-2003 No effect of 600 grams fruit and vegetables per day on oxidative DNA damage and repair in healthy nonsmokers
01-11-2003 Work-related violence as a predictor of fatigue: a 5-year follow-up of the Danish work environment cohort study
01-11-2003 Oxidative DNA damage and defence gene expression in the mouse lung after short-term exposure to diesel exhaust particles by inhalation
01-11-2003 DNA adduct formation and oxidative stress in colon and liver of Big BlueR rats after dietary exposure to diesel particles
01-11-2003 Evaluation ärztlich betreuter reisen für herzkranke ("Herzreisen"). Zufriedenheit der reiseteilnehmer und langfristige auswirkungen auf die gesundheitsbezogene lebensqualität.
01-11-2003 The guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement approach for estimating uncertainty: an appraisal
01-11-2003 De samfundsøkonomiske omkostninger ved astma i Danmark i 2000
01-11-2003 Socioeconomic status, occupation, and risk of hospitalisation due to coxarthrosis in Denmark 1981-99
01-11-2003 Risk factors in health, work environment, smoking status and organizational context for work disability
01-11-2003 The effect of work environment and heavy smoking on the social inequalities in smoking cessation,
01-11-2003 Regulatory actions to prevent work-related musculoskeletal disorders - the use of research-based exposure limits
01-11-2003 Prognosis of shoulder tendonitis in repetitive work: a follow up study in a cohort of Danish industrial and service workers
01-10-2003 The influence of production systems on self-reported arousal, sleepiness, physical exertion and fatigue-consequences of increasing mechanization
01-10-2003 X-ray-induced oxidative stress: DNA damage and gene expression of HO-1, ERCC1 and OGG1 in mouse lung
01-10-2003 Effect of increased intake of dietary animal fat and fat energy on oxidative damage, mutation frequency, DNA adduct level and DNA repair in rat colon and liver
01-10-2003 Testing unidimensionality in polytomous rasch models
01-10-2003 Evaluation of a radioimmunoassay and establishment of a reference interval for salivary cortisol in healthy subjects in Denmark
01-09-2003 Sensory evaluation of emissions from selected building products exposed to ozone
01-09-2003 Volatile metabolites from indoor molds grown on media containing wood constituents
01-09-2003 Evidence of long term muscle fatigue following prolonged intermittent contractions based on mechano- and electromyograms
01-09-2003 Measures of low back function: a review of reproducibility studies
01-08-2003 A validation of information on occupation - data from a nested case-control study
01-08-2003 Opfølgende undersøgelse af danske rustfrit stål-svejsere, tidligere undersøgt i 1987
01-08-2003 Development of neck and hand-wrist symptoms in relation to duration of computer use at work
01-08-2003 The hidden lifestyles of Bacillus cereus and relatives
01-08-2003 pGIL01, a linear tectiviral plasmid prophage originating from Bacillus thuringiensis serovar israelensis
01-08-2003 Trends in the Danish work environment in 1990-2000 and their associations with labor-force changes
01-07-2003 Factors contributing to the differences in work related injury rates between Danish and Swedish construction workers
01-07-2003 Patterns of volatile metabolites and nonvolatile trichothecenes - Produced by isolates of stachybotrys, fusarium, trichoderma, trichothecium and memnoniella
01-07-2003 Upper airway irritation of terpene/ozone oxidation products (TOPS). Dependence on reaction time, relative humidity and initial ozone concentration
01-07-2003 Incidence of injury and physical performance adaptations during military training
01-07-2003 The patchwork nature of rolling-circle plasmids: comparison of six plasmids from two distinct Bacillus thuringiensis serotypes
01-07-2003 Determination of fungal spore release from wet building materials
01-07-2003 A specific haplotype of single nucleotide polymorphisms on chromosome 19q13.2-3 encompassing the gene RAI is indicative of post-menopausal breast cancer before age 55
01-07-2003 No association between the DNA repair gene XRCC3 T241M polymorphism and risk of skin cancer and breast cancer
01-07-2003 Dietary low-dose sucrose modulation of IQ-induced genotoxicity in the colon and liver of Big BlueTM rats
01-07-2003 REE mobility in groundwater proximate to the natural fission reactor at Bangombé (Gabon)
01-07-2003 Trends in Europe to reduce the indoor air pollution of VOCs
01-07-2003 Work schedules and fatigue: a prospective cohort study
01-07-2003 Antecedents and consequences of work-family conflict: a prospective cohort study
01-07-2003 Toluene depresses plasma corticosterone in pregnant rats
01-07-2003 As intervencões em estresse organizacional: consideracões teóricas, metodológicas e práticas
01-06-2003 Biomechanical model predicting electromyographic activity in three shoulder muscles from 3D kinematics and external forces during cleaning work
01-06-2003 Muscle performance following fatigue induced by isotonic and quasi-isometric contractions of rat extensor digitorum longus and soleus muscles in vitro
01-05-2003 Muscle activity during computer-based office work in relation to self-reported job demands and gender
01-05-2003 Biomechanical analysis of the effect of changing patient-handling techinque
01-05-2003 Lung and bladder cancer among Danish urban bus drivers and tramway employees: a nested case-control study
01-05-2003 Hvor længe holder en medicinsk sandhed?
01-05-2003 Characterisation of particle emissions from the driving car fleet and the contribution to ambient and indoor particle concentrations
01-04-2003 Sektorforskningsinstitutternes rolle i forskningen
01-03-2003 Oxidative DNA damage in vitamin C-supplemented guinea pigs after intratracheal instillation of diesel exhaust particles
01-03-2003 Twelve single nucleotide polymorphisms on chromosome 19q13.2-13.3: linkage disequilibria and associations with basal cell carcinoma in Danish psoriatic patients
01-03-2003 Investigation of the adjuvant and immuno-suppressive effects of benzyl butyl phthalate, phthalic acid and benzyl alcohol in a murine injection model
01-03-2003 No association between OGGI Ser326Cys polymorphism and breast cancer risk
01-03-2003 "EUROPART". Airborne particles in the indoor environment. A European interdisciplinary review of scientific evidence on associations between exposure to particles in buildings and health effects.
01-03-2003 Retrospective exposure assessment and quality control in an international multi-centre case-control study
01-03-2003 Personal exposure to PM2.5 and biomarkers of DNA damage
01-03-2003 Risk factors predicting hip pain in a 5-year prospective cohort study
01-02-2003 An inter-laboratory comparison for determination of cortisol in saliva
01-01-2003 Comparison of procedures for evaluating laboratory performance in external quality assessment schemes for lead in blood and aluminum in serum demonstrates the need for common quality specifications
01-01-2003 Using mouse and keyboard under time pressure: preference, strategies and learning
01-01-2003 Improving exposure assessment requires measurements and modeling
01-01-2003 The Intervention Project on Absence and Well-being (IPAW): design and results from the baseline of a 5-year study
01-01-2003 Determination of cortisol in human saliva using liquid chromatography-electrospray tandem mass spectrometry
01-01-2003 Simultaneous extraction of di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate and nonionic surfactants from house dust. Concentrations in floor dust from 15 Danish schools
01-01-2003 Development of sensitisation or tolerance following repeated OVA inhalation in BALB/cJ mice. Dose-dependency and modulation by the Al(OH)3 adjuvant
01-01-2003 Noisechem: an European commission research project on the effects of exposure to noise and industrial chemicals on hearing and balance
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