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Scientific articles are listed by registration date.
01-12-2005 Efficiency in reducing lost-time injuries of a nurse-based and a first-aid-based on-site medical facility
01-12-2005 Mortality and morbidity among bridge and tunnel construction workers who worked long hours and long days constructing the Great Belt Fixed Link
01-12-2005 Work-related stressors, depression and quality of life in Danish managers
01-12-2005 Polymorphisms of DNA repair genes: ERCC1 G19007A and ERCC2/XPD C22541A in a Northeastern Chinese population
01-12-2005 Determinants of airborne fiber size in the glass fiber production industry
01-12-2005 Airborne particle deposition onto the ocular surface
01-12-2005 Workplace levels of psychosocial factors as prospective predictors of registered sickness absence
01-12-2005 Physical workload, work intensification, and prevalence of pain in low wage workers: results from a participatory research project with hotel room cleaners in Las Vegas
01-11-2005 Muscle strength and aerobic capacity in a representative sample of employees with and without repetitive monotonous work
01-11-2005 Smoking and height as risk factors for prevalence and 5-year incidence of hearing loss. A questionnaire-based follow-up study of employees in Denmark aged 18-59 years exposed and unexposed to noise.
01-11-2005 Prolonged standing at work and hospitalisation due to varicose veins: a 12 year prospective study of the Danish population
01-11-2005 A 5-year follow-up study of aggression at work and psychological health
01-11-2005 IgE-mediated sensitisation, rhinitis and asthma from occupational exposures. Smoking as a model for airborne adjuvants?
01-11-2005 GPX Pro198Leu and OGG1 Ser326Cys polymorphisms and risk of development of colorectal adenomas and colorectal cancer
01-10-2005 Comparison of the electromyographic activity in the upper trapezius and biceps brachii muscle in subjects with muscular disorders: a pilot study
01-10-2005 A systematic review of longitudinal studies of nonfatal workplace violence
01-10-2005 Psychological distress, fatigue and long-term sickness absence: prospective results from the Maastricht Cohort Study
01-10-2005 Is sense of coherence a mediator or moderator of relationships between violence at work and stress reactions?
01-10-2005 Occurrence and significance of Bacillus cereus and Bacillus thuringiensis in ready-to-eat food
01-10-2005 Conjugative plasmid pAW63 brings new insights into the genesis of the Bacillus anthracis virulence plasmid pXO2 and of the Bacillus thuringiensis plasmid pBT9727
01-10-2005 Comparative assessment of study groups of elderly female computer users from four European countries: questionnaires used in the NEW study
01-09-2005 Long-term stability of salivary cortisol
01-09-2005 Implementation of an occupational skin disease prevention programme in Danish cheese dairies
01-08-2005 A randomised controlled intervention study on prevention of work related skin problems among gut cleaners in swine slaughterhouses
01-08-2005 Polymorphisms in RAI and in genes of nucleotide and base excision repair are not associated with risk of testicular cancer
01-08-2005 Lumbar position sense acuity during an electrical shock stressor
01-08-2005 The cereulide genetic determinants of emetic Bacilluscereus are plasmid-borne
01-08-2005 Preservatives in registered chemical products
01-08-2005 Danish work environment cohort study 2005: from idea to sampling design
01-08-2005 Dust and fibers as a cause of indoor environment problems
01-06-2005 Hospitalized injuries among bridge and tunnel construction workers
01-06-2005 Short latency stretch reflex in human lumbar paraspinal muscles
01-06-2005 Effect of polymorphisms in XPD, RAI, ASE-1 and ERCC1 on the risk of basal cell carcinoma among Caucasians after age 50
01-06-2005 Mechanisms of acute inhalation effects of (+) and (-)-a-pinene in BALB/c mice
01-06-2005 Disability retirement among former employees at the construction of the Great Belt Link.
01-06-2005 Double blind placebo controlled exposure to molds: exposure system and clinical results
01-05-2005 Work-related pain and injury and barriers to workers' compensation among Las Vegas hotel room cleaners
01-05-2005 The DNA repair gene ERCC2/XPD polymorphism Arg 156Arg (A22541C) and risk of lung cancer in a Chinese population
01-05-2005 Job strain, iso-strain, and the incidence of low back and neck injuries. A 7.5-year prospective study of San Francisco transit operators
01-05-2005 Integrating qualitative research into occupational health: a case study among hospital workers
01-04-2005 Hospitalisations among seafarers on merchant ships
01-04-2005 Intramuscular pressure and tissue oxygenation during low-force static contraction do not underlie muscle fatigue
01-04-2005 Uraninite recrystallization and Pb loss in the Oklo and Bangombé natural fission reactors, Gabon
01-04-2005 Combinations of polymorphisms in XPD, XPC and XPA in relation to risk of lung cancer
01-04-2005 SNP genotyping using microsphere-linked PNA and flow cytometric detection
01-04-2005 Tumor necrosis factor is not required for particle-induced genotoxicity and pulmonary inflammation
01-04-2005 Transfer and expression of the mosquitocidal plasmid pBtoxis in Bacillus cereus group strains
01-03-2005 Self-reported workplace related ergonomic conditions as prognostic factors for musculoskeletal symptoms: the "BIT" follow up study on office workers
01-03-2005 Eye complaints in the office environment: precorneal tear film integrity influenced by eye blinking efficiency
01-03-2005 The effect on human eye blink frequency of exposure to limonene oxidation products and methacrolein
01-03-2005 Effects of prenatal exposure to chronic mild stress and toluene in rats
01-03-2005 Phthalates potentiate the response of allergic effector cells
01-03-2005 Emission cells and comparison to small chambers for materials emissions testing
01-03-2005 The possibility of discriminating within the Bacillus cereus group using gyrB sequencing and PCR-RFLP
01-02-2005 Voluntary low-force contraction elicits prolonged low-frequency fatigue and changes in surface electromyography and mechanomyography
01-02-2005 Perceived work demands, felt stress, and musculoskeletal neck/shoulder symptoms among elderly female computer users. The NEW study
01-02-2005 The effect of delayed-onset muscle soreness on stretch reflexes in human low back muscles
01-02-2005 Movement of the upper body and muscle activity patterns following a rapidly applied load: the influence of pre-load alterations
01-02-2005 Industrial differences in disability retirement rates in Denmark 1996-2000
01-02-2005 The role of back muscle endurance, maximum force, balance and trunk rotation control regarding lifting capacity
01-01-2005 Physiological profile and activity pattern of young soccer players during match play
01-01-2005 Experimental systemic contact dermatitis from nickel: a dose-response study
01-01-2005 Training can modify back muscle response to sudden trunk loading
01-01-2005 Intra-abdominal pressure and activation of abdominal muscles in highly trained participants during sudden heavy trunk loadings
01-01-2005 Activity patterns of wrist extensor muscles during wrist extensions and deviations
01-01-2005 Sympathetic outflow enhances the stretch reflex response in the relaxed soleus muscle in humans
01-01-2005 The distinction between work pace and working hours in the measurement of quantitative demands at work.
01-01-2005 Impact of the psychosocial work environment on registered absence from work: a two-year longitudinal study using the IPAW cohort
01-01-2005 Understanding work related musculoskeletal pain: does repetitive work cause stress symptoms?
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