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Scientific articles are listed by registration date.
19-12-2008 Selective activation of neuromuscular compartments within the human trapezius muscle
19-12-2008 Effects of lifestyle factors on concentrations of salivary cortisol in healthy individuals
19-12-2008 The causal relation between lead and lag indicators
19-12-2008 Stress reactions to cognitively demanding tasks and open-plan office noise
19-12-2008 Small enterprise owners' accident causation attribution and prevention
01-12-2008 Health and sickness absence in Denmark. A study of elderly-care immigrant workers
01-12-2008 Polyhydroxylated C60 fullerene (Fullerenol) attenuates neutrophilic lung inflammation in mice
01-12-2008 Responses of algesic and metabolic substances to 8 h of repetitive manual work in myalgic human trapezius muscle
01-12-2008 Measurement of salivary cortisol - effects of replacing polyester with cotton and switching antibody
01-12-2008 Cognitive performance in patients with burnout, in relation to diurnal salivary cortisol
01-12-2008 Exposure to dust and endotoxin of employees in cucumber and tomato nurseries
01-12-2008 Biochemical alterations in the trapezius muscle of patients with chronic whiplash associated disorders (WAD) - A microdialysis study
01-12-2008 Bradykinin and kallidin levels in the trapezius muscle in patients with work-related trapezius myalgia, in patients with whiplash associated pain, and in healthy controls - A microdialysis study of wo
01-12-2008 Limitations in mobility: Experiences of visually impaired older people
01-12-2008 Infertility among women working in horticulture. A follow-up study in the Danish Occupational Hospitalization Register
01-12-2008 Building-related symptoms and stress indicators
01-12-2008 Does evening work predict sickness absence among female carers for the elderly?
01-12-2008 Effect of physical training on function of chronically painful muscles: a randomized controlled trial
01-12-2008 Rapid muscle activation and force capacity in conditions of chronic musculoskeletal pain
01-12-2008 Increased proportion of megafibers in chronically painful muscles
01-12-2008 Stress som krænkelse af selvet - illegitime stressorer eller legitim ledelsesret
01-11-2008 Physiological and psychological reactions to work in men and women with identical job tasks
01-11-2008 Seasonal variation in human salivary cortisol concentration
01-11-2008 Use of thermal desorption gas chromatography-olfactometry/mass spectrometry for the comparison of identified and unidentified odor active compounds emitted from building products containing linseed oi
01-10-2008 Inflammation but no DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) damage in mice exposed to airborne dust from a biofuel plant
01-10-2008 Perceived stress and cause-specific mortality among men and women: Results from a prospective cohort study.
01-10-2008 Sources of biological and methodological variation in salivary cortisol and their impact on measurement among healthy adults: A review
01-10-2008 Prevalence of workplace bullying and risk groups: a representative population study
01-10-2008 Prevalence, seriousness and reporting of work-related violence in the Danish elderly care
01-10-2008 Incidence and recurrent work-related violence towards healthcare workers and subsequent health effects. A one-year follow-up study
01-10-2008 Developmental neurotoxicity of Propylthiouracil (PTU) in rats: Relationship between transient hypothyroxinemia during development and long-lasting behavioural and functional changes
01-10-2008 Environment driven cereulide production by emetic strains of Bacillus cereus
01-10-2008 Conceptual model for assessment of inhalation exposure: defining modifying factors
01-10-2008 Conceptual framework of sickness absence and return to work, focusing on both the individual and the contextual level
01-10-2008 An evaluation of patient-reported outcomes found computerized adaptive testing was efficient in assessing stress perception
01-10-2008 User profiling and virtual agents: a case study on e-commerce services
01-09-2008 Genotoxicity, cytotoxicity and reactive oxygen species induced by single-walled carbon nanotubes and C60 fullerenes in the FE1-MutaTMMouse lung epithelial cells
01-09-2008 Hospital contacts due to injuries among male drivers working for road goods-transport contractors in Denmark
01-09-2008 The assessment of muscle strain with surface electromyograms during simulated mushroom picking
01-09-2008 The relation between work-related psychosocial factors and the development of depression
01-09-2008 The impact of psychosocial work environment factors on the risk of disability pension in Denmark
01-09-2008 Urinary 1-hydroxypyrene (1-HP) in environmental and occupational studies - A review
01-09-2008 Linkage disequilibrium mapping of a breast cancer susceptibility locus near RAI/PPPIRI3L/iASPP
01-09-2008 The influence of biofeedback training on trapezius activity and rest during occupational computer work: a randomized controlled trial
01-09-2008 Learning-centred public management education
01-09-2008 Control, flexibility and rhythms
01-09-2008 Workplace restructurings in intervention studies - a challenge for design, analysis and interpretation
01-08-2008 A two-week monitoring of self-reported arousal, worry and attribution among persons with annoyance attributed to electrical equipment and smells
01-08-2008 Shift work and sickness absence
01-08-2008 Effects of C60 fullerene nanoparticles on soil bacteria and protozoans
01-08-2008 Psychosocial working conditions and the risk of depression and anxiety disorders in the Danish workforce
01-08-2008 How to measure trends in the work environment - a workshop at the International NAM-NIVA Summer School
01-08-2008 Workhours and worklife balance
01-08-2008 Effects of alcohol consumption on the allergen-specific immune response in mice
01-08-2008 Muscle activation during selected strength exercises in women with chronic neck muscle pain
01-08-2008 Cardiovascular risk factors and primary selection into shift work
01-08-2008 Work organisation constructs and ergonomic outcomes among European forest machine operators
01-08-2008 An investigation into diabetes researcher's perceptions of the Journal Impact Factor - reconsidering evaluating research
01-08-2008 Occupation and participation in everyday life: Women's experiences of an Austrian refugee camp
01-08-2008 The importance of transformational leadership style for the well-being of employees working with older people
01-08-2008 Gender differences in workers with identical repetitive industrial tasks: exposure and musculoskeletal disorders
01-07-2008 Low back injury risk during repositioning of patients in bed: the influence of handling technique, patient weight and disability
01-07-2008 Resources and quality of care in services for the elderly
01-07-2008 Comparison of two self-reported measures of physical work demands in hospital personnel: A cross-sectional study
01-06-2008 Exhaustion measured by the SF-36 vitality scale is associated with a flattened diurnal cortisol profile.
01-06-2008 Virksomhedens sociale kapital - en ny indfaldsvinkel til det psykiske arbejdsmiljø?
01-06-2008 Haplotypes of nine single nucleotide polymorphisms on chromosome 19q13.2-3 associated with susceptibility of lung cancer in a Chinese population
01-06-2008 Diesel exhaust particles are mutagenic in FE1-MutaTM mouse lung epithelial cells
01-05-2008 Sampling of high amounts of bioaerosols using a high-volume electrostatic field sampler
01-05-2008 Detection of large plasmids from the Bacillus cereus group
01-05-2008 Hospital contacts for injuries and musculoskeletal diseases among seamen and fishermen - A population-based cohort study
01-05-2008 Hazards to hearing from combined exposure to toluene and noise in rats
01-05-2008 The risk of tinnitus following occupational noise exposure in workers with hearing loss or normal hearing
01-05-2008 A 15-year prospective study of shift work and disability pension
01-05-2008 Work injuries among drivers in the goods-transport branch in Denmark
01-05-2008 Resolving indoor-air problems
01-05-2008 COX-2 and p53 in human sinonasal cancer: COX-2 expression is associated with adenocarcinoma histology and wood-dust exposure
01-05-2008 A randomized controlled intervention trial to relieve and prevent neck/shoulder pain
01-05-2008 K-ras mutations in sinonasal cancers in relation to wood dust exposure
01-05-2008 Recall of occupational injuries: a comparison of questionnaire and diary data
01-05-2008 Are work-related stressors associated with diagnosis of more advanced stages of incident breast cancers?
01-04-2008 Associations between psychological demands, decision latitude, and job strain with smoking in female hotel room cleaners in Las Vegas
01-04-2008 Explaining the social gradient in long-term sickness absence: a prospective study of Danish employees
01-04-2008 Job insecurity, chances on the labour market and decline in self-rated health in a representative sample of the Danish workforce
01-04-2008 The effects of transformational leadership on followers' perceived work characteristics and psychological well-being: a longitudinal study
01-04-2008 Severe depressive symptoms as predictor of disability pension: a 10-year follow-up study in Denmark
01-04-2008 In the name of love: let's remember desire
01-04-2008 The role of physical fitness as risk indicator of increased low back pain intensity among people working with physically and mentally disabled persons
01-04-2008 Effects of prenatal exposure to diesel exhaust particles on postnatal development, behavior, genotoxicity and inflammation in mice
01-04-2008 Background, approaches and recent trends for setting health-based occupational exposure limits: A minireview
01-04-2008 Hospital contacts for noise-related hearing loss among Danish seafares and fishermen - a population-based cohort study
01-04-2008 "Healthy" eye in office-like environments
01-04-2008 Acute airway effects of ozone-initiated d-limonene chemistry: Importance of gaseous products
01-04-2008 Risk factors of occupational MSDs and potential solutions: past, present and future
01-04-2008 A search for risk factors of upper extremity disorders among forest machine operators: A comparison between France and Norway
01-03-2008 Polymorphisms in nucleotide excision repair genes, smoking and intake of fruit and vegetables in relation to lung cancer
01-03-2008 OGG1 expression and OGG1 Ser326Cys polymorphism and risk of lung cancer in a prospective study
01-03-2008 Polymorphisms in genes involved in the inflammatory response and interaction with NSAID use or smoking in relation to lung cancer risk in a prospective study
01-03-2008 Ocular surface area and human eye blink frequency during VDU work: the effect of monitor position and task
01-03-2008 Test-retest reliability of joint position and kinesthetic sense in the elbow of healthy subjects
01-03-2008 Secondary ozonides of substituted cyclohexenes: A new class of pollutants characterized by collision-induced dissociation mass spectrometry using negative chemical ionization
01-03-2008 Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug use and breast cancer risk: a Danish cohort study
01-03-2008 A halotype of polymorphisms in ASE-1, RAI and ERCC1 and the effects of tobacco smoking and alcohol consumption on risk of colorectal cancer: a danish prospective case-cohort study
01-02-2008 Perceived stress and risk of colorectal cancer in men and women: a prospective cohort study
01-02-2008 Predictive factors for self-reported occupational injuries at 3 manufacturing plants
01-01-2008 Psychometric properties of the Chinese version of Copenhagen Burnout Inventory among employees in two companies in Taiwan
01-01-2008 Self-rated health and semen quality among 3.457 young Danish men
01-01-2008 Who is at risk for long-term sickness absence? A prospective cohort study of Danish employees
01-01-2008 Changes in safety climate and accidents at two identical manufacturing plants
01-01-2008 Tools for regulatory assessment of occupational exposure: development and challenges
01-01-2008 Effect of two contrasting types of physical exercise on chronic neck muscle pain
01-01-2008 Sucrose, glucose and fructose have similar genotoxicity in the rat colon and affect the metabolism
01-01-2008 DNA damage in rats after a single oral exposure to diesel exhaust particles
01-01-2008 Stress nok til alle?
01-01-2008 Self-reported stress and risk of endometrial cancer: a prospective cohort study
01-01-2008 Occupational stress, coping and personality in the police: an SEM study
01-01-2008 Risk factors for hand-wrist disorders in repetitive work
01-01-2008 Sensory and chemical evaluation of odorous emissions from building products with and without linseed oil
01-01-2008 Gender differences in health-related quality of life following ST-elevation myocardial infarction: women and men do not benefit from primary percutaneous coronary intervention to the same degree.
01-01-2008 Using Item Response Theory (IRT) for developing and evaluating the Pain Impact Questionnaire (PIQ-6TM)
01-01-2008 Psychological distress and fatigue predicted recurrence and survival in primary breast cancer patients
01-01-2008 Sociodemographic status, stress, and risk of prostate cancer. A prospective cohort study
01-01-2008 Neuromuscular activation in conventional therapeutic exercises and heavy resistance exercises: Implications for rehabilitation
01-01-2008 Muscle size, neuromuscular activation, and rapid force characteristics in elderly men and women: effects of unilateral long-term disuse due to hip-osteoarthritis
01-01-2008 Torque-velocity characteristics and contractile rate of force development in elite badminton players
01-01-2008 Self-reported sickness absence as a risk marker of future disability pension. Prospective findings from the DWECS/DREAM study 1990-2004
01-01-2008 High cost-benefit of early team-based biomedical and cognitive-behaviour intervention for long-term pain-related sickness absence
01-01-2008 Torque-EMG-velocity relationship in female workers with chronic neck muscle pain
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