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Scientific articles are listed by registration date.
22-12-2009 Do psychosocial work environment factors measured with scales from the Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire predict register-based sickness absence of 3 weeks or more in Denmark?
22-12-2009 Determining minimally important score differences in scales of the Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire
22-12-2009 When workplace interventions lead to negative effects: Learning from failures
22-12-2009 Evaluating construct validity of the second version of the Copenhagen Psychosocial Qustionnaire through analysis of differential item functioning and diffential item effect
22-12-2009 Do dimensions from the Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire predict vitality and mental health over and above the job strain and effort-reward imbalance models?
22-12-2009 The effect of the work environment and performance-based self-esteem on cognitive stress symptoms among Danish knowledge workers
22-12-2009 Psychosocial work environment and its association with socioeconomic status. A comparison of Spain and Denmark
22-12-2009 The second version of the Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire
22-12-2009 Effects of load and contraction velocity during three-week biceps curls training on isometric and isokinetic performance
21-12-2009 Variation in the measurements of DNA damage by comet assay measured by the ECVAG inter-laboratory validation trial
18-12-2009 Introduction: Institutional change and labour market segmentation in European call centres
18-12-2009 Role of oxidative damage in toxicity of particulates
18-12-2009 Assessment of total inflammatory potential of bioaerosols using a granulocyte assay
15-12-2009 Muscle oxygenation and glycolysis in females with trapezius myalgia during stress and repetitive work using microdialysis and NIRS
15-12-2009 Airway exposure to silica coated TIO2 nanoparticles induces pulmonary neutrophilia in mice
10-12-2009 Protracted elimination of gold nanoparticles from mouse liver
10-12-2009 Pay and working conditions in finance and utility call centres in Denmark and Germany
10-12-2009 Prognostic factors for long-term sickness absence among employees with neck-shoulder and low-back pain
08-12-2009 Effect of contrasting physical exercise interventions on rapid force capacity of chronically painful muscles
08-12-2009 Biodistribution of gold nanoparticles in mouse lung following intratracheal instillation
08-12-2009 Exposure to the airborne mould botrytis and its health effects
08-12-2009 Sanding dust from nanoparticle-containing paints: physical characterisation
03-12-2009 Local NSAID infusion inhibits satellite cell proliferation in human skeletal muscle after eccentric exercise
03-12-2009 Desensitization of ovalbumin-sensitized mice by repeated co-administrations of di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate and ovalbumin
03-12-2009 Nano titanium dioxide particles promote allergic sensitization and lung inflammation in mice
23-11-2009 The impact of ergonomic work environment exposures on the risk of disability pension. Prospective results from DWECS/DREAM.
23-11-2009 Generating support from supervisors to their subordinates in organizations under external pressure: a multilevel, multisource study of support and reciprocation in Danish elder care
10-11-2009 Changes in physical performance among construction workers during extended workweeks with 12-hour workdays
10-11-2009 Polymorphisms in inflammation genes, tobacco smoke and furred pets and wheeze in children
03-11-2009 Local agreements as an instrument for improvement of management-employee collaboration on occupational health and safety
03-11-2009 Psychological well-being as a predictor of dropout among recently qualified Danish eldercare workers
30-10-2009 Small enterprises - Accountants as occupational health and safety intermediaries
30-10-2009 Early and late rate of force development: differential adaptive responses to resistance training?
30-10-2009 Release of VOCs and particles during use of nanofilm spray products
23-10-2009 Differences in sickness absence in Sweden and Denmark: the cross national HAKNAK study
23-10-2009 Multidimensional intervention and sickness absence in assistant nursing students
23-10-2009 The interplay between physical activity at work and during leisure time - risk of ischemic heart and all-cause mortality in middle-aged Caucasian men
09-10-2009 Hospitalization for lifestyle related diseases in long haul drivers compared with other truck drivers and the working population at large
09-10-2009 Effect of physical exercise interventions on musculoskeletal pain in all body regions among office workers: A one-year randomized controlled trial
09-10-2009 Physical activity, job demand-control, perceived stress-energy, and salivary cortisol in white-collar workers
09-10-2009 Associations between COX-2 polymorphisms, blood cholesterol and risk of acute coronary syndrome
02-10-2009 Identification of athletes at future risk of anterior cruciate ligament ruptures by neuromuscular screening
29-09-2009 A simple and objective marker for stress
28-09-2009 The predictive effect of fear-avoidance beliefs on low back pain among newly qualified health care workers with and without previous low back pain: a prospective cohort study
25-09-2009 Evaluating the use of 3'-(p-Aminophenyl) fluorescein for determining the formation of highly reactive oxygen species in particle suspensions
24-09-2009 Familial colorectal cancer, can it be identified by microsatellite instability and chromosomal instability? - A case-control study
22-09-2009 Comparing working conditions and physical and psychological health complaints in four occupational groups working in female-dominated workplaces
18-09-2009 Acute airway effects of diacetyl in mice
15-09-2009 Distribution of effort-reward imbalance in Denmark and its prospective association with a decline in self-rated health
15-09-2009 Airborne fungal and bacterial components in PM1 dust from biofuel plants
10-09-2009 The impact of job satisfaction on the risk of disability pension. A 15-year prospective study.
10-09-2009 Course, diagnosis, and treatment of depressive symptomatology in workers following a workplace injury: A prospective cohort study
08-09-2009 Formaldehyde en formaldehydedonoren. 1, Formaldehyde, een lastig contactallergeen
04-09-2009 PPARyPro12Ala polymorphism and risk of acute coronary syndrome in a prospective study of Danes
04-09-2009 The influence of employer support on employee management of chronic health conditions at work
01-09-2009 Principles and methodology for translation and cross-cultural adaptation of the Nordic occupational skin questionnaire (NOSQ-2002) to Spanish and Catalan
01-09-2009 Perceptions of possibilities of returning to work with chronic musculoskeletal disorders
01-09-2009 Formaldehyde releasers: relationship to formaldehyde contact allergy. Contact allergy to formaldehyde and inventory of formaldehyde-releasers
01-09-2009 In spite of everything. Professionalism as mass customised bureaucratic production in a Danish government call centre
01-09-2009 Prenatal exposure to diesel exhaust particles and effect on the male reproductive system in mice
01-09-2009 The effect of worksite physical activity intervention on physical capacity, health, and productivity: A 1-year randomized controlled trial
27-08-2009 Expression of prostasin and its inhibitors during colorectal cancer carcinogenesis
27-08-2009 The development of the psychosocial work environment in Denmark from 1997 to 2005
27-08-2009 Comparison of fluorescence-based techniques for the quantification of particle-induced hydroxyl radicals
27-08-2009 New directions: Where is the link between reactive indoor air chemistry and health effects?
27-08-2009 An injury risk model for large construction projects
27-08-2009 Cross-language differential item functioning of the job content questionnaire among European countries: The JACE study
20-08-2009 Voluntary activation of trapezius measured with twitch interpolation
20-08-2009 Managers' active support when implementing teams: The impact on employee well-being
20-08-2009 Does self-efficacy mediate the relationship between transformational leadership behaviours and healthcare workers' sleep quality? A longitudinal field study
20-08-2009 Duration of differential activations is functionally related to fatigue prevention during low-level contractions
20-08-2009 Effects of eccentric exercise on trapezius electromyography during computer work with active and passive pauses
20-08-2009 A review of the effect of the psychosocial working environment on physiological changes in blood and urine
20-08-2009 Hazard scenarios of truck drivers' occupational accidents on and around trucks during loading and unloading
20-08-2009 Relevance of aerosol dynamics and dustiness for personal exposure to manufactured nanoparticles
20-08-2009 Non-auditory health effects among air force crew chiefs exposed to high level sound
20-08-2009 Work design variation and outcomes in call centers. Strategic choice and institutional explanations
20-08-2009 Technology, selection, and training in call centers
09-06-2009 Personality trait scores among occupationally active bullied persons and witnesses to bullying
09-06-2009 A descriptive study on immigrant workers in the elderly care sector
09-06-2009 Diesel exhaust particles: effects on neurofunction in female mice
09-06-2009 Experimental pain leads to reorganisation of trapezius electromyography during computer work with active and passive pauses
26-05-2009 Work-relatedness of mood disorders in Denmark
26-05-2009 Socio-economic differences in the association between sickness absence and mortality: the prospective DREAM study of Danish private sector employees
26-05-2009 Single-walled and multi-walled carbon nanotubes promote allergic immune responses in mice
26-05-2009 Coordinated and tailored work rehabilitation: A randomized controlled trial with economic evaluation undertaken with workers on sick leave due to musculoskeletal disorders
26-05-2009 Reproducibility and seasonal variation of ambulatory short-term heart rate variability in healthy subjects during a self-selected rest period and during sleep
26-05-2009 GPX1 Pro198 Leu polymorphisms, erythrocyte GPX activity, interaction with alcohol consumption and smoking, and risk of colorectal cancer
26-05-2009 Differences between day and nonday workers in exposure to physical and psychosocial work factors in the Danish eldercare sector
26-05-2009 The development of five scales to measure employees' appraisals of organizational-level stress management interventions
12-05-2009 Sleep length and quality, sleepiness and urinary melatonin among healthy Danish nurses with shift work during work and leisure time
12-05-2009 The polymorphism IL-1ß T-31C is associated with a longer overall survival in patients with multiple myeloma undergoing Auto-SCT
30-04-2009 Effects on sleep-related problems and self-reported health after a change of shift schedule
30-04-2009 Low-risk factor profile, estrogen levels, and breast cancer risk among postmenopausal women
30-04-2009 Transformational leadership and depressive symptoms: A prospective study
28-04-2009 A cross-national study on the multidimensional characteristics of the five-item psychological demands scale of the job content questionnaire
28-04-2009 Lack of acute phase response in the livers of mice exposed to diesel exhaust particles or carbon black by inhalation
28-04-2009 Predicting long-term sickness absence and early retirement pension from self-reported work ability
28-04-2009 Interventions to improve occupational health in depressed people (review)
27-04-2009 The mediating effects of team and self-efficacy on the relationship between transformational leadership, and job satisfaction and psychological well-being in healthcare professionals: A cross-sectiona
27-04-2009 The incidence of anxiety and depression among employees - The role of psychosocial work characteristics
27-04-2009 Oxidatively damaged DNA in rats exposed by oral gavage to C60 fullerenes and single-walled carbon nanotubes
27-04-2009 Modest vasomotor dysfunction induced by low doses of C60 fullerenes in apolipoprotein E knockout mice with different degree of atherosclerosis
24-04-2009 Work injuries and disability
24-04-2009 What characterizes cleaners sustaining good musculoskeletal health after years with physically heavy work?
24-04-2009 Active pauses induce more variable electromyographic pattern of the trapezius muscle activity during computer work
23-04-2009 Psychosocial working conditions and depressive symptoms among Swedish employees
23-04-2009 Formation and stability of secondary ozonides from monoterpenes studied by mass spectrometry
23-04-2009 The use of EMG biofeedback for learning of selective activation of intra-muscular parts within the serratus anterior muscle. A novel approach for rehabilitation of scapular muscle imbalance
17-04-2009 A one-year randomized controlled trial with different physical-activity programs to reduce musculoskeletal symptoms in neck and shoulders among office workers
03-04-2009 Predicting residential exposure to phthalate plasticizer emitted from vinyl flooring: A mechanistic analysis
03-04-2009 Improving a newly developed patient-reported outcome for thyroid patients, using cognitive interviewing
03-04-2009 Establishing construct validity for the thyroid-specific patient reported outcome measure (ThyPRO): an initial examination
03-04-2009 Increased incidence of infertility treatment among women working in the plastics industry
20-03-2009 Arbejdsmiljø er for vigtig en sag at overlade til sikkerhedsorganisationen - virksomhedernes nye omverden og det sociale ansvar
03-03-2009 A nationwide population study of severe head injury and Parkinson's diseases
03-03-2009 S447X variant of the lipoprotein lipase gene, lipids, and risk of coronary heart disease in 3 prospective cohort studies
03-03-2009 Stratification for smoking in case-cohort studies of genetic polymorphisms and lung cancer
03-03-2009 Self-reported occupational skin contact with cleaning agents and the risk of disability pension
27-02-2009 Integrating ergonomics into production system development - the Volvo Powertrain case
20-01-2009 In vivo biology and toxicology of fullerenes and their derivatives
20-01-2009 The effects of neuromuscular training on knee joint motor control during sidecutting in female elite soccer and handball players
19-01-2009 Oplevelser af psykisk nedslidning blandt seniormedarbejdere i den danske ældrepleje
16-01-2009 Factors predicting dropout in student nursing assistants
15-01-2009 Lung inflammation and genotoxicity following pulmonary exposure to nanoparticles in ApoE-/- mice
13-01-2009 Effort-reward imbalance at work and risk of sleep disturbances. Cross-sectional and prospective results from the Danish Work Environment Cohort Study
13-01-2009 Misclassification and the use of register-based indicators for depression
13-01-2009 Self-reported noise exposure as a risk factor for long-term sickness absence
09-01-2009 Experiences with implementation of evidence-based prevention programs to prevent occupational skin diseases in different occupations
09-01-2009 Immanent philosophy: The consequences and concepts of human resource management
09-01-2009 Role of occupational hygiene research in the control of occupational health risks from engineered nanoparticles
09-01-2009 Comment to "Di-(2ethylhexyl) phthalate is without adjuvant effect in mice on ovalbumin"
09-01-2009 Structure-activity relationship of immunostimulatory effects of phthalates
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