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The strain on the shoulder and neck muscles during letter sorting

Jørgensen K, Fallentin N, Sidenius B. The strain on the shoulder and neck muscles during letter sorting. Int J Ind Erg 1989;3(3):243-8.
Date: 1989
Scientific Article
Shoulder muscle strain was tudied during letter sorting in 10 healthy, experienced male mail carriers. Muscular load on the deltoid, trapezius and infraspinatus muscles was evaluated during a normal working day at the post office by vocational electromyography. To asses electromyographic indications of muscle fatigue the letter sorting was interrupted by a series of test contractions in six of the subjects. The study revealed an unacceptable static work load on the muscles during letter sorting. Electromyographic indications of muscle fatigue were present in the trapezius and infraspinatus muscles in three of the six subjects probably caused by sustained, elevated arm work. Recommendations for an improvement of the work place design are finally given.
Updated  01.01.1989
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